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How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

In the modern age mobile phones and tablets are quickly replacing regular desktop and laptop computers and this is something YouTube have noticed. Posting and sharing video clips online  using YouTube has just got a lot more simpler. YouTube, the popular Video sharing site, now lets us upload videos to their servers using email instead of their the web based video up-loader. YouTube has added a new feature to upload video using mobile phones, we will use this to upload videos to YouTube by email. The trick is to create a Mobile profile on Youtube and you receive the...

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Promote Old Blog Posts Automatically to Generate Traffic! – WordPress Solution

Some time somewhere in your blogging career you might feel the urge to promote your old blog posts which can be very helpful to your new readers. And in this way you can promote your ever green post more often to your readers and the search engines to have a great domain and page authority. But if you have to do it manually by changing the dates then it will be tiresome and in most case you will give up. Besides, if you choose to re-post then as duplicate content , even if it is on your own domain...

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The Easiest Ways To Make Money From Blogs!

If you are wondering how to earn some cash from your own blog, then here we are going to share with you some of the most effective and easiest ways to start making money from your blog. Join an Advertising Program There are many advertising programs available for bloggers to join.  One of the most popular online advertising programs and possibly the easiest to set up on any blog is Google AdSense. Google AdSense offers a variety of pay-per-click text, display, and video advertising banners which can easily be added to any blog by simply copy and pasting code into your blog. With a bit of effort, experimenting, and tweaking you can definitely make some money with Google AdSense. Though it does have some drawbacks, it takes a lot of traffic to make some decent money with Adsense or If you’re selling your own product or affiliate products then you want to see what is being sold in your Adsense ads, chances are it will be in direct competition with your own products. Also it takes traffic away from your site and you are rewarded with a few cents, some people wonder if it is really worth it however it is still one of the best and most popular advertising networks. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn money with your blog. Affiliate marketing means...

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