Author: Sam Mottram

Do What You Love or Do What Works?

This is one of the hardest decisions you need to make when it comes to starting an online business especially if you are thinking of going down the blogging route where you will need to create a lot of content. Content creation is hard at the best of times, and if you want to build up an authority site where you require a lot of content then it can get really tough going, but if you are not in the best mood, tired or just feeling a ‘bit bored’ creating content will be the last thing on your mind....

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Investing In A Website: A Better Return On Investment Than A Bank Account?

  Changing perspective can always make you see things differently, if I said that people should invest in a blog and spend a few years working on it most people would say that it wasn’t worth it. I however disagree, I believe starting a blog can be one of the wisest investments anyone can do. When you consider the cost of starting a traditional offline business on the high street of your town, you are usually in big debt before you have started your first day of trading. In many cases it can take years to make your money...

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