114 thoughts on “Get 100% Approved Adsense Account : 2013 Working Tricks

    1. If you have good video views then it wont be an issue at all. Google is always changing their policies and approval system. So it is sometime tough to get approved and sometime very easy. But the main thing is that you have to have good stuffs to get approved 🙂

  1. Excellent tips Mizan, This is always such a grey area for people – you’ve explained it exactly as it needs to be done – this will be a big help to people trying to activate their adsense accounts

  2. Hi Mizanur – If you already have an adsense account from another blog that is no longer up and running, can you transfer the account over? And if so, how?

    1. If you already have an Adsense account then you don’t need to open anohter one. It is against Adsense TOS and policies. If you have already approved Adsense account you can use it to any website that you own. Even if your site is not up and running your adsense account it still available to show ads on your other websites. I hope this clears everything. If you need more information feel free to comment. Keep visiting bizzebee

  3. Very good tips Mizanur. I was wondering how I can get one Adsense account as I was trying for long time. Here you go! YouTube to Adsense. Thank you for the share.

  4. hello i had no video in my channel but got adsense account approved for youtube but not for website is it bacause i have no videos plz tell

    1. Hello Ashwin,

      If you have adsense account approved with YouTube then you can use that one to your website also. Just play with the dashboard of Adsense you will figure out. if you need detailed help, please contact us using the contact form. We might walk you through with a nominal fee.

      I strongly suggest you to add some videos in your channel in order to keep yourself safe from adsense banning.

  5. amazing tips but brother i wants to know if i have one blog with adsense account and one without adsense means on other gmail account then can i use my adsense blog ad code for that blog and if that blog have low visits….thnx

  6. Is your country listed on the YouTube Monetization section? If not you won’t be eligible to monetize and get adsense using this method.And you don’t have enough content on your website to be Adsense approved. Increase unique content then re-apply. I hope you will get it soon .

  7. brother this trick is no longer working… :(.. i got adsense acc tru ytube but when i link it through blogger dashboard they tell that your acc is disapproved or pending….Bro plzz help

      1. Hi

        Can you give me the trick?

        how can I contact you? I have hosted adsense account and I want to get full approval for any website

        can you contact me at my email??

        Waiting for your response

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    1. Hi

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  12. hey i am having problem with getting adsense approve, can you help out and when i try to use youtube it say my country is not enabled

  13. Step 2: Isn’t that basically stealing other peoples work and saying its your own? Just because you are cutting pieces out of something, it doesn’t make it your work…Aren’t most videos copyrighted?

  14. Hello I have an adsense account and it is approved in first step but not in second step so some one help me to know how to approved it in second step

    1. I don’t think we need any tricks for it. Just apply for adsense after our website reach a nice alexa and pure content. I myself a premium adsense member from last 5 years.

  15. hello we know already this trick but it does nt works on all sites okey and if you have any another good tricks then share it .

    it is an best trick know then why dont you have an adsense ha.

  16. It will only work if you want ads on YouTube. You still have to submit a website or blog for Adsense’s approval if you want to display ads on a blog or website. YouTube approved accounts are only for having ads on a YouTube channel. New rules, so don’t be expecting to put ads on a blog without it being approved because you’ve applied for ads on YouTube

    1. This article is pointless. Because Adsense for YouTube won’t help our website to display ads. We need Approval as same as the new adsense account we start with our website itself. Adsense via YouTube only help to display ads on YouTube.

      1. That’s not true, once you get approved for AdSense , you can add your website too for monetization. It’s the best legal way to have a AdSense account

    1. It just happened from this month only. You can create hosted account using Youtube trick. but you can’t monetize your blog without having fully approved adsense account. Existing account working well. Hereafter it will not work.

  17. with this trick I get access to adsense account but my ads are not visible .. whenever i sign in to my account getting this notification .. “Your AdSense account is enabled only to show ads on YouTube. If you want to show ads on a different site, you’ll need to provide us with the URL of the site you want to monetise. You can do this via a one-time application form.

  18. adsense raffic exchange with what’s app free save no and send msg adsense trafic exchange 9173667071

  19. Hi! First of all nice tip
    But as a blogger we should remember that getting approved in adsense doesn really mean earning good amount of money! Firstly to earn some sufficient amount of money from Blog then we need traffic and most importantly original self written USEFUL contents! When we have those we have traffic ~ With traffic getting approved in adsense is a mins away

  20. This is a better way to get adsense account but it all depends on luck as if you have a good day then you might get a simple Adsense account or else you will get a hosted adsense acount on the bad day.
    I had gone through this 5 times 2 times got the simple Adsense account that work on the various blogs and 3 times got the hosted account that is not worth anything as I don’t upload video on You Tube.

  21. Great method except this has not yet been activated in Italy so it is still not possible to do this in some countries! So frustrating!

  22. Getting approved for YouTube Adsense accounts is easy.

    BUT you can only use AdSense on YouTube. Not on a blog or website.

    Not unless AdSense approves you for an account upgrade, which means you still need to get your blog or website approved.

    If your blog or website can’t be approved before you get a youtube account, it isn’t very likely adsense is going to approved the website afterwords.

    If you want ads for your website, then apply for an account with your website. YouTube approval only lets you use it on youtube, and then you still have to take yet another step to get it approved for site.

    Waste of time if what you really want is to use AdSense on a blog or website.

    People shouldn’t give out information like this unless they provide ALL the details.

  23. Indeed a great post about Google Adsense approval.

    Google Adsense is the best advertising network and people love to place adsense ads on their websites. I don’t find any other alternative which can replace Google Adsense.

    But It is also hard to get an approved Adsense account. and I don’t think that there would any exact method by following which we can get adsense approval.

    You wouldn’t believe that I got 2 Adsense account approval with a blog:

    1. Which is few days old.
    2. Having only 8-10 posts.
    3. 0 traffic on that blog.
    4. Not having any single important page like About, Contact or any other.

    Before these 2 approvals, I tried so many times with a blog having all the things like important pages, traffic etc etc But I never get approved with that blog.

    That’s why I believe that there is no any exact method by which we can get approved Adsense account.

    BTW I appreciate your efforts and Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article with us. 😀

    1. This method is still the easiest of all method to get an approved Adsense account. You just need to have content that are able to be monetized and has good views. As you already have Adsense account you don’t need another one. By the way, having two account on same name is against the TOS of Adsense. If anyone you know wants to have an account approved try the method I have described. It should work. Thank you for your appreciation.

  24. One of the most important things for a bloq is unique content.
    Besides the people who read you blog it is also important for google to see that you add new content.
    Thanks for the great tips, en keep up the good work.

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