6 Steps To Make Your Google+ Profile SEO Friendly

Joining Google+ is not optional if you’re serious about establiising a solid presence both socially and from a search engine perspective. The reason is simple. Google is throwing its weight behind its social media platform and is ranking websites with G+ pages highly. Your chances for appearing in top Google searches for any given keyword are exponentially higher if you have a Google+ page and have optimized it by taking the following steps:

How Google+ Works

Google offers customized search results these days. It knows your search history from your IP address and from your login, and will display  results on top which it thinks you are more interested in. If you have a Google+ page and one of your followers is searching for one of your products, Google will display your G+ result among the top results for that user (personalised search result). Google has merged its web search with its social media search, and the results have favoured  businesses which have a strong Google+ presence. Lets track competitor traffic of similar sites. 

google plus seo friendly

Optimize “About Me” Section

Google’s spiders work off keywords to track and rank content. When writing the “About Me” section of your Google+ page, make sure that you include  keywords which your customers are likely to be searching for. The keyword(s) should appear as early in your text as possible.

google plus keywords

Establish Google Authorship

An advice from organic search optimization experts says that if you haven’t claimed Google authorship yet, you probably should get started. Google authorship links all of the content that you produce across the web to your Google+ profile. What it means is that whenever someone searches for a piece of content you’ve created and sees the link on the search engine results page (SERP), your picture and name will be visible right beside the link to the content. The search results will also show the number of Google+ Circles that you are included in. This improves the clickability of this particular search result. Moreover, Google also recognises you as the author of this content and this builds towards your author rank but we’ll save the authorship and author rank discussion for a separate post.

example of google authorship

Use Circles to Build Relationships

There are other pages on Google+ that wield a lot of influence, basically because a huge number of people have them in their Circles. G+ Circles are like groups to which you can add people or pages. Similarly, other people can also add you and your page to their Circles. When you have made your Google+ page, the next thing you should do is look for highly influential pages in your category and add them to your Circles. Build your relationships with those pages by frequently sharing your updates with them but also sharing their content and engaging with them (not one way traffic). If they get to know you and share your updates, this could mean a lot of exposure for your brand. Also, there is the potential that Google will rank you higher based on your G+ influence, as your profile will have links from many influential G+ users.

Use Google+ for Immediate Indexing

Sharing your content on your G+ page ensures that it is indexed by Google crawlers more quickly. If you publish a post on your blog or website, Google can take weeks or even months before it displays your post among the search results. Sharing it on G+ is a surefire way to make the spiders notice it almost immediately.

Use Content SEO

All the rules of website FoogleSEO also apply to your G+ page. Use your keyword in your titles and posts and try to maintain a keyword density of 1-2% (as a basic rule of thumb). Your keyword should appear early in the text of your post. Use hashtags and title tags to increase your exposure. Here’s why hiring a legit search engine optimization company is so important to any business.

Get a +1 Button

Google also favors content that has been +1’ed by a lot of users. After creating a G+ page, the next thing you should do is to get a +1 button for your website, so that people can share and +1 your content to their Circles. I recently wrote a post on the new Google+ follow button which you can easily add to your site.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this summary of how Google+ can really catapult your website up the search rankings if you employ the right SEO byrå tactics to your G+ page. I’ll end this post by suggesting the golden rule to your G+ success is to engage, engage and keep engaging and not to continuously push your own content. Users will reward you by adding you to their circles but also approaching you for an opinion or seeking your advice which naturally turns you into an authority.

Good luck to your G+ success.

6 thoughts on “6 Steps To Make Your Google+ Profile SEO Friendly

  1. Hi Kapil,

    Google+ is arguably the most important social media site due to the strong link between it and Google search. Any way to improve your G+ profile to help SEO is a great thing to do, as you will get more traffic and exposure.

    Great tips here 🙂

    1. Spot on Matt – it really is a no brainer that you’ve got to have a presence on G+ whether it be for authorship, Local or interacting in communities to expand / share your knowledge.

  2. Kapil, echoing Matt’s comments on this post …. G+ is crucial for helping better SEO results, some excellent tips here that will do exactly that, and also better their social media results at the same time!

  3. Thanks Kapil for these 6 steps to improving one’s Google+ profile. I am working through them and implementing your advice – especially like the tip where you recommend adding your blog content to G+ and also to share and engage with other people’s content – useful advice explained clearly. Thank you.

    1. No worries moirajw – good to see you’ve taken some value out of this post. Always make it a point to share your content on G+ and it doesn’t hurt to add a hashtag (where relevant) to expand your reach.

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