Author: Andi Leeman

Do You Know The Real Secret To Serious Wealth? – Multiple Sources Of Income.

Multiple Sources Of Income – How The Rich Get Richer If you have never heard of multiple sources of income – or MSIs as they are often referred to – then you are not alone. Most of the general working population have not heard of them. It is not something which is talked about at school, it’s not seen on TV much and most of your friends probably have no idea so they will not discuss it with you. With the majority of the working population working for a living doing a day job where they exchange time for...

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Why You Should Join A Mastermind Group For Support, Motivation And Learning

In many of the biggest self development books it is recommended that people who wish to become successful and wealth should join a mastermind group. Napoleon Hill in his famous Think And Grow Rich book talked about the mastermind group as being one of the most important things a person should do if they want to become successful. He cited that the mastermind group helped make people like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford a huge success. The mastermind group is like a battery, each individual mind is a powerful thought creating cell but when several come together they connect...

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Give Your Business A Boost With Our FREE Pre-Written Content PLR Package Giveaway

10 FREE Personal Development Articles. Get your hands on our 10 pre-written articles perfect for blog posts, web content, reports and email newsletters just in time for the new year. A New Year And A New You! These articles are written with personal development in mind and are perfect for the start of the new year. Whatever niche your website or business is in these articles will be a great accompaniment. Everybody needs good advice right? Helping people to improve themselves and better their results will always reap good rewards. These are Private Label Rights articles Once you have...

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Can You Generate An Income From Using Just A Laptop and a Webcam?

Online businesses have always fascinated me, some are so incredibly simple and easy to start that you cannot help but think that they simply couldn’t work…. but they often do. I am sure that I don’t need to ask if you know what a webcam is do I? For those of you who are unsure, a webcam is just a camera allowing you to record yourself for videos or to do live face to face conversations. Basically all laptops have a camera built into them as standard. These used to be pretty basic but they worked – today they...

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Make YOUR Social Media Profiles Profitable With

Did you know that there is a way to turn your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels into paid memberships? Yep, that’s right, there is a way for people to pay you to get more of the content that you share without having to build a dedicated website. With YouTube, you can earn from the adverts shown on your videos if you are a YouTube Partner enrolled into their AdSense system but this is not always as profitable as some people would hope. Unfortunately more and more people are using ad blocking software to block adverts from showing on...

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Give Your Business A Boost With Our FREE Pre-Written Content PLR Package
10 pre-written articles perfect for blog posts, web content, reports and email newsletters!
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