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7 Common Social Media Mistakes | Bizzebee

7 Common Social Media Mistakes & How To Avoid Them!

  • January 22 , 2014

Afternoon Colony 🙂 Your resident Social Media Queen Bee is back in control of this post today, whilst trying to decide what to write today’s piece about so many things crossed my mind, but instead I’ve decided to focus on some REAL nuggets of information that will help you out a lot with your Social Media marketing.

“I’ve learned so much from my mistakes I’m thinking about making some more”

7 Common Social Media Mistakes & How To Avoid Them! | BizzeBee

For some traditional marketers out there, Social Media can seem a scary place to be – as some of these mistakes can actually turn into a Public Relations nightmare, but in today’s online, connected world we live in these things can happen, so the SMART thing to do would to actively be a part of the conversation, engage with people because it will be too late to try and build your network once a problem has arisen.

7 Common Social Media Mistakes …… And HOW to Avoid Them

1) A Lack of RESPECT towards others on social media platforms.  Who would have thought this, Social Media runs on the old fashioned ‘Good Manners’ …. It’s true, just like in those old mafia-esque films like The Godfather – the old fashioned values stick. Just because you work for a global brand / company does not mean those people in your social media networks will automatically listen to you. Think like a ‘customer/follower’ (if you’re involved in social media, you’ve been a customer, listening right?!) Remember they are thinking ‘WIIFM’ (What’s in it for me?) You might also want to note, that by just ‘tweeting’ them with special offers may not cause them to pay attention for any longer than making the purchase.

How do you avoid this – BY LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS / PROSPECTS AND WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ACROSS THE VARIOUS PLATFORMS. Be active in this, and where possible respond / engage where appropriate. It is VERY helpful to deliver some level of customer service to your clients via social media sites – so be prepared to build this into your social media activity.

2) Using ROBOTIC / TECHNICAL Corporate Jargon on social media platforms. PEOPLE BUY INTO PEOPLE, therefore social media requires a human presence. If people don’t believe there is a person behind the tweets / updates / pages then you are doing your business | product | service a severe injustice. Broadcasting messages only about your products / company repeatedly causes people to switch off.  Me, Me, Me constantly is how a lot of marketers miss the boat in the social media world.

How do you avoid this – Before you start pushing out your business orientated messages, spend some time LISTENING (oh look it’s that word again!) to the conversation your network of people are having. Realise that there are many dimensions to what things people talk about, and understand that they are talking about many different things all at once. Constant messages that would of only be interest to those inside your world / business will not generate interest from your followers and lack power across all the platforms. You MUST participate in the conversations happening around you, People buy into People so always be thinking ‘How can I help/ what can I give?’ It makes you sound Human (which is exactly what we all are at the end of the day!)

3) ‘Buy My Product, Buy My Product’ There is NOTHING WORSE than a pushy salesperson – we’ve all experienced this haven’t we?  It makes you want to walk quickly in the opposite direction. The exact same principle applies in social media, and infact it’s probably worse within social media, because your first encounter with someone isn’t a face to face one, it’s a virtual one. By pushing your sales message straight on people you’ve only just (virtually) met proves you do not understand how social media platforms work.

How do you avoid this – Change your tactics on social media platforms. You can opt for a ‘deal of the day’ or an ‘offer of the week’ or even a platform specific promotion –i.e. to get 25% off your first order just quote ‘Twitter25’ over the phone. And show these updates ONCE a day, and for every ONE self-promoting / company message you should make at least 10 messages to your prospects / customers offering help, advice & value.

4) Build a following for one campaign. Without fully understanding the time and effort involved to keep your social media going forwards, some marketers (or people in charge of social media within a company) may just build a following based on one campaign, without thinking about how to keep them active and interested once that is over. US Basketball player Lebron James did exactly this, built up a following / created interest around which team he was going to join in July 2010, and instead of providing fans and followers with reasons to support his decision, he seriously pi**ed them off.

How do you avoid this – Start by understanding the relationship nature of social media. Getting engagement for a one-time promotion = customers taking your deal and then leaving. Instead USE this promotion to build long standing relationships with your prospects. Create an action plan for on-going interaction/marketing with them, as this will be what turns prospects into paying customers.

5) Forgetting to incorporate your brand into your social media. Businesses work hard to establish and grow their brand right from the word go. Branding should therefore be an integral part of your social media interactions. Including pages, interactions, conversations and content. It runs much deeper than just a company logo avatar, and colour co-ordinating pages to match that of your business’s

How do you avoid this – EXAMINE your company from the inside out, think about how you will portray your company identity in your social media interactions. Social Media is about CONTENT and SHARING … A good idea is to look at case studies within your business and consider using those.

6) Employ a student who knows about Facebook. Naturally it can be attractive to hire someone who is young, enthusiastic and understands social media to handle this for your brand / company. BUT it kind of overlooks the importance you are placing on your company. Experience and maturity are required to really understand your business and most importantly the public. People take social media seriously, so you should be prepared to put your best foot forward.

How do you avoid this – To the people you want to reach you must show that your business is serious about social media, you do this by having employees that know your company / products/ business / branding running your social media activity. Provide them with the training that gives them the skillset to do so, create a social media policy which educates them how to represent your business correctly AND what to do as private citizens of these social media platforms.

7) Are you invisible in your social media activity? Social Media requires a level of ‘putting yourself out there’ this does not mean you need to divulge information on your competitive edge to others, nor does it mean you need to advertise your financial statements. But your target market and prospects will want to know where you stand and what you’re up to, so a level of transparency is very much needed.

How do you avoid this – BE TRANSPARENT (when required) don’t just open up a social media account and just hide in the shadows watching everything going on around you. Create a good profile that best represents your business and shows off your point of view. Make sure your representatives are trained in social media and that they understand your business, so that they can hang out on social media platforms engaging with your prospects with a level of transparency, without giving away all your corporate secrets.

Those are my 7 top tips there covered, we are all going to make mistakes when it comes to Social Media. It moves at such a vast pace and is constantly evolving; there is no way to guarantee (even with the best laid marketing plans) that you won’t face problems.

The important thing here is to be prepared to respond in the world that now seems to be running 24/7 and how to handle the communication publicly. For further information and online training, then we have “The Hive” which is our members only online learning portal for you to really understand all aspects of running your business online – which if you haven’t already done so, head on over and get your 30 day free trial!

Clair – aka Queen Bee 🙂

Where Do I Need To Be? | Bizzebee

Where Do I Need To Be?

  • January 17 , 2014

Hey Bees

Another week and another post from me. Social Media is really my area of expertise, so for the foreseeable future from me, I am going to really try and connect with you all and focus my blog posts on this one area.

An area that covers a multitude of sins however, there is absolutely LOADS that falls under the Social Media hat, which actually links really well with today’s post – something I spend a lot of time talking to people about.

Where Do I Need To Be?

Before I get into the swing of this post, I want to say, whilst this will only take a few minutes to read, the actual process itself can take a lot longer (in some cases 4-6 weeks isn’t unreasonable) knowing where you need to be on social media platforms is actually a lot more involved that you would initially think (most people’s kneejerk reaction is “everywhere”)

Believe me, there is absolutely NO point in just signing up to all the sites (off the top of my head) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, Bebo, MySpace, Foursquare, EBlogger, Google+, YouTube: Could youWhere Do I Need To Be? | Bizzebee imagine trying to successfully manage all those accounts AND get the most out of them?!

There is a process each and every one of us should go through to decide which is right for us. Let me explain this to you by talking you through how I started using social media to promote my business.

My offline (family) business is in Print & Graphic design and I wanted raise our brand awareness, show people the services we offer, our expertise on problems people might be having with design issues or just generally understanding the importance of printed marketing materials for their business.

I started off by looking at where my market is by searching Google, Facebook, Twitter Search, YouTube and niche specific forums to discover and investigate my target audience, I was hanging out with people interested in print, who knew about print and more importantly who were buying print. LinkedIn also proved to be a great tool, as there were so many groups with active discussion boards in my niche, and there were a lot of geographically local groups I could join where people were connecting, offering services, talking about services.

I then studied what our competitors were doing – on their corporate websites and their social networks, this is a great tool as I got to see what was and wasn’t working for them. I was getting actively involved in the networks / circles they were a part of (because let’s face it, people in them were potential customers for me) and believe it or not, I even started to ask people questions (if you don’t ask you don’t get, right?!)

It was by doing these 2 simple tasks over a period of a few weeks, interacting with my target audience I was beginning to see EXACTLY what I needed to do in order to become a go-to person in the print and design area. The other really clear thing was that I didn’t need to be active on every single social networking site in existence.

By monitoring the above mentioned areas I started with you get a feel and quickly where your target market is most active. By a simple process of elimination with the Market research I’ve carried out I knew I needed to be active on:

Facebook: I needed to start a page, where I can upload content, showcase work, post of exclusive offers, run giveaway competitions and get my friends to help me with viral promotion. Invite questions, comments and post links to articles and blog posts related to print and design that other people would find of value

Twitter: For the sheer fact I could search in real-time incidentally enough Twitter is where I had my first ‘sale’ through social media marketing and I continue to this day in making connections and getting new clients just by conversing 140 characters at a time! Posting links, offering referrals, re-tweeting BEING HELPFUL!

LinkedIn: Because I can connect with industry professionals who can be of help to me, who have more expertise than me, who I can learn more from. And in turn I can build up a strong network of contacts with more detail than I can with twitter and Facebook. The power of the LinkedIn discussion boards is phenomenal. (I highly recommend you look at one in your subject area / niche – it’s like a load of experts in one place offering real inside information and opinions)

Now whilst I appreciate I’ve discussed an offline business here, I also carry out the exact same procedure with my online (this) business. There is so much expert help out there, and there are so many people who are in need of useful help and guidance that I am always carrying out on-going market research to make sure bizzebee are engaging with people in the best places online to carry on being of VALUE.

Whatever your niche / subject area, you can do exactly what I did above to make sure you connect with the right people on the right social networks! There may not be a ‘One Size Fits All’ strategy but believe me if you look hard enough you will find your unique way of sharing and connecting your content with your audience!

Our Bizzebee Hive is an excellent portal for those people who often sit there wondering “where do I need to be?” There are MANY guides and training materials to help you understand your online marketing journey, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Clair – aka Queen Bee 🙂

YouTube - Friend or Foe | Bizzebee

YouTube – Friend or Foe?

  • January 15 , 2014

Youtube is BIG business, and before I started working on this Bizzebee project, especially The Hive, YouTube actually scared me. My business is to educate people with Social Media, and for a VERY long time I avoided utilising Youtube like the plague, which is kind of my motivation for writing and sharing this post with you all today.

It has taken a LOT for me to get over the whole ‘how do I look, how do I sound’ scenario, which without a doubt is the single most common problem I think as humans we all face when putting ourselves on the internet in video format.  However, YouTube is SO  powerful for marketing yourself and products that anyone who is serious about taking their business online, can’t afford to not get involved.

As consumers we all love Youtube, how many times have you been sent a video clip of something funny via email? Or listened to a song that brings back memories of summer holidays? Or how many times have you shared a video on your Facebook timeline or your Twitter feed? And how often have you wanted to find out HOW to do something – that after a few minutes of watching a video, you’ve found the answer? EXACTLY ….. we all know and love YouTube!

Each and every one of us can use YouTube to market our businesses …. Yes that’s right I said OUR business’s (it’s not just for the big corporate, branded companies) We can all take advantage of this hugely powerful platform and incorporate video into our company marketing / branding strategies.

BUT you need a good video in order to draw traffic (people) to your website after they have finished watching. Don’t panic (I’m saying this because I was panicking when I realised this but had no idea how to make a GOOD video or what even constitutes a good video)

Creativity and Professionalism – these are probably the 2 most obvious, but there are some other factors should probable be taken into consideration also!

Friend or Foe? Queen Bee’s Top 5 YouTube Tips For A Newbie

 1. Someone once said to me ‘It’s Better To Stand Out Than To Fit In’ and this saying has stuck with me for a LONG time because of how apt it is across life in general!  With all of the videos out there, yours needs to stand out in the crowd so don’t be afraid to be creative!!! Use fun music, great shots, and try to find an angle that hasn’t already been done. People generally turn on to You Tube to be entertained and your video needs to be able to do this.

2. Show off your knowledge! I know that nobody likes a show off, BUT people are searching for your product / service so it’s vitally important that you are giving out THE best knowledge, or wealth of your experience! Give some tips or solutions to common problems that are associated with your particular product, business, or services. This is an informative video and the audience will like the fact that they are learning something. Try to make the tips unique enough that most people can use them but haven’t necessarily heard of them before.

3. Make your video educational. People like to learn things when they watch a video. Your perfect You Tube marketing video doesn’t have to be all about how to find your website and what the cost of your product is, you do not need to over-sell (that’s what your website is for) you need one call to action from the video, and that is to get them to click on your website!

For example, if you are advertising your car mechanics business then why not give a demonstration on how to change a tire? Or Top up the oil?! People will watch your video, learn something, and then visit your website. These how-to videos are a lot less threatening than standard commercials or advertisement that you see on television. Plus, they are entertaining.

4. Make it REAL; try adding “behind the scenes” footage in your video. You can do this by introducing your staff, introducing some customers, or even giving the audience a “behind the scenes” tour of the office, factory, or place of work. People appreciate this and it gives your product or business some authenticity. I think this is a crucial element in the whole ‘Trust Building’ between prospects and businesses. Remember PEOPLE BUY INTO PEOPLE (I know I say this a lot, but it’s true, it’s like my mantra! Ha-ha) something like this element is what could turn a prospect into a customer. Seeing really is believing after all

5. Add closed-captions to your video. Keep in mind that not everyone is able to hear and that those audience members might be the very ones that want to order your product. It’s very thoughtful to keep the hearing impaired in mind when creating a video, even a marketing video, because most people rarely do, and the last thing you want to do is alienate any prospects.

I found YouTube extremely scary when I first starting looking at it from a business marketing perspective and stopped using it to watch funny clips and listen to music. But the reality is, it’s no scarier than anything else you’ve never used before! But it can be daunting with knowing where to start.

I’m still no YouTube guru or expert – well infact even if I was on the level of Casey Zeman, I still wouldn’t call myself an expert – however, I am learning more and more each day with it, and in the end I had to get over my own insecurities, have a little faith and take the plunge! 

The team here at Bizzebee have some VERY good video marketing experts in the team – so if you have any questions or just want to talk to someone to help you with your first steps, then I would suggest you drop us a line – because thats what we are here for!

Clair – aka Queen Bee 🙂

5 Benefits & Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

  • December 18 , 2013

Following on from my last post I wrote, I kinda wanted to continue with some Facebook talk, especially as I am helping Brentwood Golf Club with their Social Profile setting up.

Anyone that starts out with their Social Media marketing needs to be fully aware of all their options available in order to make a go of their social media success.

Facebook is still a key player in all of this, but they have moved the goal posts, and unless you want to part with some money, it can be quite hard to really crack that nut these days.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Facebook Ads
I know A Large Global Business, But Never A Better Example Of Getting Facebook Marketing Right!

We all know in business that we need to speculate to accumulate so it comes as no surprise that I am going to tell you that it is worth considering paid adverts if you are serious about Facebook, because there is only so far you can go for free.

Setting up your Facebook page is exciting, and you instantly think its going to be an overnight success – and sometimes when it lacks momentum it can be a little bit de-motivating when it doesn’t quite happen how you think, and often people want to give up!

Believe it or not, this is more common that you think – to be the next big ‘viral’ hit on Facebook (or ANY Social Networking site) will NOT happen overnight, we really have to work hard to get people to see this page (and realize why they need to come back and visit time and time again because its packed full of great content yeah?!)

This page needs a bit of a kick start right?  This is where FACEBOOK ADS come into play …..

A lot (well pretty much all) of the information that we want to  share with you is about driving traffic to your blog, website, page – and generating those all important ‘Likes’ and followers with free methods available, but make no mistake those methods really do take a lot of time and effort to work ….. They do work, but like I said with time and effort, and if you don’t have a lot of time to put in that type of effort then Facebook Ads facility might just be the key to helping you out here.

Aside from making the world a more connected place for everyone who signs up to the platform, Facebook is a business and a powerful, profitable one at that. So it makes a lot of sense that they have built a successful advertising business that allows individuals the opportunity to connect with their target market / niche.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

My Top 5 Benefits / Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

  1. Fast Results – Once you have set up your advertising account, you can create a Facebook Ad within minutes. The ad then goes over to be approved (usually approved within a few hours) and then literally in minutes you will start to get impressions, and (hopefully) subsequent LIKES and clicks on your website and facebook page.
  2. Targeted Advertising – This is a great feature! With over 845 million users now CHOOSING to share their likes, interests, hobbies, personal data (relationship status, age, location) etc, you have the ability now to be even more specific in selecting the details of you ideal ‘prospects’ and then get your product / service right in front of their eyes on their screen!
  3. User Friendly Display Ads – These Ads are SO easy to put together!!!  One eye catching image, 135 characters of compelling copy and a killer headline or your page name and you are good to go!
  4. Real-Time Statistics *Almost * – There is a 15 minute delay on numbers, but this means that in pretty much no time at all you will know if the ad is a winner or not.
  5. Cost Effective * if done correctly * – As previously mentioned a lot of the free strategies do often take some time to get going with momentum and the subsequent ‘Likes’ If you traded time for money however for as little as $10 per day, you could potentially gain anywhere between 20-50 new visitors to your business page per day.

The long and the short of this is, Facebook Ads are a pretty quick and easy process for marketing, but like anything there is a risk involved with how successful this can be for anyone using it.

There are a LOT of people using Facebook in the same way as you, so you are competing with every other business out there doing the same with Ads. Whilst the ads can make you money, they can also lose you money just as quick!

The trick is to set up the ads correctly and then managing your daily balance effectively.

If you want to know more about how to go about setting up your first Facebook Ads campaign then I highly recommend that you check out our Bizzebee HIVE – because there is a wealth of experience in there and we will even be hosting webinars, along with lots of video training and downloads that will really help you unlock the enigma of Facebook Adverts.

In conclusion, There is absolutely no rules to say you can only be successful with a Facebook page or building an online following by going down the road of paid advertising, just as much as there is no rule to say it only works if you make use of all the free tools available. Both are equally as successful and relevant if done correctly.

Any questions or you want to learn more, then check out our HIVE for all you online business learning needs.

Dual Admin For Your Facebook Page | Bizzebee

Dual Admin Control For Your Facebook Page

  • December 3 , 2013

Hello Bee’s, today’s post is something I’ve written about before in a few different places, but nothing I have shared before with our Bee colony. It’s a very important Social Media tip and I thought I should probably share it in this post.

So this week I’ve been really busy with my own Clair Trebes Online projects, working on a complete social media set up for a Golf Club in Essex, UK near where I live. Part of this set up is to create a Facebook page (it’s not finished yet!!!) for them, and this tip is in relation to Facebook Pages.

Dual Admin For Your Facebook Page | Bizzebee

Dual Admin For Your Facebook Page

Having a Facebook page is great for business – first and foremost its FREE … AND it has unlimited capability on numbers (unlike the 5000 friend limit on personal profiles) so you can potentially reach thousands (if not millions! – dream big remember) of ‘fans’.

Because of this capability and the power this can bring to your business, we are all working hard to make our pages ‘user friendly’ with content, helpful information, running promotions & generally connecting people, and any of us who are working smart with our pages knows that it takes work to keep these pages current, up to date and relevant.

 It is because of this I want to talk through a few points to protect your ‘Page’

 None of us are using our fan pages (well I hope you aren’t!) to spam or scam people as has previously happened in the past with some people, we are all operating within the Facebook guidelines and using our pages for GOOD business. Sometimes however people can take out a grudge, and decide to report you to Facebook. If this happens Facebook can and (and WILL) close down your PERSONAL account.

To be honest this is not the end of the world, as you can always start up a new personal account, but the main problem with this is YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PAGE & ACCESS TO IT.

Granted the page will still exist within Facebook for some time, but you will only be able to post on the wall as a ‘fan’ – which means the posts will NOT appear in the newsfeed of the people who LIKE the page. You have lost all your admin rights!

Having at least 2 page admins is a good idea – to avoid the above situation happening. I recommend you get a family member or a close friend as a page admin. As long as they are active members of facebook – interacting with their friends, posting photos etc  – exactly what you would expect a personal profile to do!

People continue to set up fake profiles and pages within Facebook – which is against the Facebook guidelines. These pages / profiles that were spamming pages were being reported to Facebook, thus causing them to investigate these complaints further. And what do you think when they see that the page admins have no interaction on their personal pages?! Exactly ….. they think ‘this is a fake account’

Having dual admin access is a precautionary step you should all take incase you end up in the situation where facebook revoke access to your profile and close it down!  This was you do not lose access to the page you have worked so hard on, because through the other admin business can resume (and they can re-add you as a page admin in your new profile)

When adding someone to your Facebook page as an admin, there are 2 things you need to consider.

No1 – your personal profile needs to be friends with the person you are adding (so you can’t add a stranger as page admin)

No2 – you need to set them up with “manager” access.

 Rather than me give you a step by step rundown of doing this, I’ve made you a video to show you how quick and easy this is to do.

 So how do you add another profile to your page as admin?

I hope that helped!!!

Clair 🙂

Selling The Dream | Bizzebee

Selling The Dream

  • November 20 , 2013

Today I write this post off the back of a long night of thinking. Sometimes you have to just write when there are things on your mind, and it so happens that what’s on my mind is relevant to people who have online businesses, or want to start an online business, OR bring their business online.

Bizzebee is not where my efforts and attentions are focused 100% of the time, I want them to be, but reality right now is that Bizzebee is relatively new and still VERY much in a start up mode – that doesn’t cover the people behind it, we are all VERY experienced across the board- just our coming together as a unit is still relatively new.

I know I usually write about all things related to Social Media, but please just go with me on this post – because I think it’s relevant.

We are working on a complete set up for you:

Free content – the blog, an absolute powerhouse of content that is designed to help and take “some” of the hard work out of running an online business for you – we’ve researched, made the mistakes, learned from them and found solutions, to save you time.

We’ve made ourselves readily available and transparent – we know we need to forge relationships (how do you think we all came together in the first place?) with you all – because without that you won’t believe us, let along buy into what we want to make happen. How are we available – in SO many ways, our Google group (yes you can contact us at ANY time) Facebook, Twitter, G+ community, LinkedIn group – at any ONE time, one of us is available – and we are more than happy to answer your questions without wanting anything from you.

For those of you who want to go that bit farther and take your business to the next level, we are creating a membership / subscription based part to the Bizzebee community that for a small fee you can access the complete package. What does the complete package contain? A more in depth and detailed look at all of the things you need to do to bring your business into the modern day web based world.

We aren’t selling you the dream – None of us are driving rented fast cars taking you to an office that doesn’t exist and walking you around a house that we don’t own (one day, if any of the above are true, then we will happily show you it for real!) There are SO many people out there who do that, and they charge you a small fortune to sell you the secrets of making money online.


There are no “secrets” to making money online – Here I’m about to dispel the biggest myth out there!!  – YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT!  People who claim to sell the secrets as to how they made $7000 in 30 days are fake / scammers / not real – yes I’m tarring them all with the same brush, because it fits. By giving up $100 (actually $97, and there’s a reason for that too – it’s the myth your getting it cheaper than the round figure – which you are but who’s going to argue over 3 bucks?)

I could name and shame a SERIOUS amount of people, schemes and business owners who do nothing more than take your money and give you a load of less than valuable “videos” that leave you nothing more than baffled, whilst they are 100 bucks up – ok well $97 up – as an example.

It’s the dream, you are seeing their “lifestyle” and you think well if they are doing this, then I can have the same if I do that too, so you part with the money.

In order to do that, you need to sell the dream ….. Selling The Dream | Bizzebee

You aren’t giving people the tools or the skills to bring their ideas to life or move their existing business forwards.

Off the top of my head there are membership blogging sites that charge you per month to have a blog – around the $25 mark, which you can actually build and host yourself for less than $10 a month – with up sells too that can go up to around $1500 a month – which if you researched well you could access for free or for a fee of around $40 a month at a credible site.

Then there are mentoring courses where you pay out like $67 to gain access and apply to be mentored by someone, again with up sells that can cost you easily a few hundred dollars a month.

Seriously you need to ask yourself this – if you REALLY are offering mentoring courses to people and you are a market leader in your field, surely your time is worth more than that, and how can you mass mentor people? The deal with a mentor is that it’s specialised and detailed, so how on earth can you mass mentor? You can’t – well not if you want to do it well!

Question it, question EVERYTHING – do your homework, make a point of getting to know the people who are selling their ideas and experience to you. What gives me the authority to comment / advise on this – I’ve had my fingers burnt in the past, and I also know the respected people who are doing it right. 

On the flip side of it, I feel I need to give you some more “inside” information – this is the stuff the experts don’t tell you when they are driving their cars they don’t own!

Developing a membership site takes time, putting something together than can potentially change people’s lives is hard work.

We’ve anticipated the HIVE to be ready way before it actually is going to be.

In a team people have different skill sets – its actually a good thing, some people will work tirelessly in the start up part of a project like we are setting up because their skills are the web design or video training, and then there are others in a team who have the site management role – well until the site is built and ready there’s not a great deal to manage, and then there’s the sales team. Lets not pretend Bizzebee is anything other than a business, because it is – but it’s a business with a difference. Our goal is not to take lots of money from you, if that was believe me we would have launched the Hive weeks ago and charged you a small fortune for it too! Nope, we’re being pedantic about it, and we’re going to deliver something that is going to HELP you if you want to put in the hard work for a reasonable monthly / one time fee.

Have we sat there as a team and wondered ‘is this worth it’ of course we have – so many times and motivation levels between the team have their highs and lows – that’s human nature. It’s not always sunshine and lollipops; if it were well we’d all be laughing with our iPads on our Hammocks in Costa Rica sunning ourselves.

I personally believe that in putting together this community for you that has many layers is actually making Sam, Andi, John, Matt, Miz & I better business people – and if you ever get to speak to any of us (which I hope you do) All of us will tell you that lots of late nights, a few frustrations and long debates later we don’t want to sell the dream, we want to help you build the dream, and that is what makes us different.

Clair 🙂

The Best Of The Web 16.11.13

  • November 16 , 2013


Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s Mrs Queen Bee here taking the reigns this week! (That’s Clair for those of you who don’t know me!!)

Smack bang in the middle of November 2013 comes this week’s round up, and what a mighty week its been!  where has this year gone already! I can’t believe its heading into the holiday season, and the infamous “holidays are coming” from Coca-Cola is already on our screens!

So this week each of the Bee’s have been busy working on individual and group work (we had a successful team meeting via google hangout the other night – thrashing out more “HIVE” related stuff!)

So what’s tickled our fancy this week on the world wide web?

5 Ways To Ditch The Press Release & Reach Your Audience 

This article is over at one of my favourite social media places on the web Social Media Today, and written by Maggie Patterson.

It’s a really neat piece about how you can “repurpose” the traditional “Press Release” that invariably people have for their businesses and bring it in line and current in today’s web 2.0 world, so that will resonate with your audience.

With 5 great examples of how you can do so, and make your press release seen by the people who matter.

What Twitter’s New Rich Text Media Update Means For Your Business

It’s been a great week for content over at Social Media Today, with this post being written by Stephanie Frasco

Have you noticed a difference in your Twitter home feed? I certainly have, now with media being displayed in rich text format rather than third party links!

It certainly looks a lot prettier, but what does this mean for you as a business moving forwards? Stephanie touches on some great points with images and video and how it raises engagement with your customers and prospects.

How To Get Motivated To Write For Your Blog 

Because we all need a little motivation to work on our own stuff every now and then, none more so important than your own blog.

Daily Blog Tips is a firm favourite inside Bee HQ, a serious authority site that is forever sharing and helping bloggers of all kinds do better.

In this article DBT shares 5 really important tips to help you raise your own motivation levels – coming up with ideas in advance, planning your post before writing, set a timer, getting yourself into the right frame of mind, and lastly not worrying about the spelling and the grammar.

So, if like me (sometimes) you need a little kick to get going then check this post out!

Jamal Edwards – Amateur Film Maker Turned Millionaire 

This post was put forward by Matt this week, and I am really glad he did! Jamal Edwards is friends with a lot of my own personal group of friends, and he has made a big mark in the business world and a great name for himself, and is still only aged 23.

Starting out by creating videos and uploading them to Youtube Jamal, owner of SBTV has built himself an empire that most of your average business owners can only aspire to, even at the end of their working lives.

His story is inspirational and is proof that if you can “crack” online success then you really can change your life.

Read this article – it will motivate you.

3 Simple Email Marketing Tips That Are Often Overlooked

We have another fantastic post from Pro Blogging Success which is touching on some email marketing tips. People get so involved in email marketing campaigns and ensuring design is right, and its getting delivered to the right people, they often overlook / forget some simple yet, important points, which actually are very valid and count towards the success of an email marketing campaign

Jane Sheeba , owner of the site writes this article and actually points out the obvious, so to speak – testing your campaign before you start, make the emails personal, keep your opening texts short and sweet – like the excerpts, headlines, etc, be honest AND realistic, and ALWAYS give the option to unsubscribe.

This is worth a read if you are involved in email marketing in any way at all.

“Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me)

This post was submitted by John this week and is written by Tim Ferriss of The 4 Hour Working Week, the title itself is pretty cool – yet don’t be fooled by thinking “I’m none of those, so this post isn’t for me”

It gives an overview of what he’s accomplished, and also his very own 8 step process to being consistently productive (imagine that!!) and its having something like that in place that let him hit some real milestones in his personal/work life.

I think we can all do with help on being more productive, so this post is a must read!

A Veteran Died With Nobody To Attend His Funeral – What Happened Next Was Incredibly Moving 

This post really is the power of Social Media at it’s best!

Remembrance day has just been and gone again, and one Harold Jellicoe Percival died age 99 years old. He served in World War II and as he had no family to attend his funeral his obituary ended up on the internet, and thanks to Social Media it went viral.

This post written by Tom Phillips over at Buzzfeed pictures the story, which lead to over hundreds of people turning up to pay their last respects to a man who fought for his country and give us the freedom we have today.

A very touching story indeed (it actually puts a lump in my throat when I read about it)

Great Ad Copy: How To Outsmart A Millionaire

A great friend of the Bee HQ wrote this excellent post, Eugene Farber – and with a very clever heading you instantly want to go in and read this post! Which kind of is the point of this article I guess.

Copy writing is a skill, and Eugene takes a look at a great advert and dissects it for you to understand why the ad is so great and the elements that have been involved in this particular advert’s writing process.

Having read this myself I came away from it with some very clear insight about appealing to the nature of my own customers.

Are You Holding Back From Taking Action? Here’s How To Get Moving

This post was put forward by Mizan this week, and what a valid and clever post this one is! Daily Blog Tips again, only this time with a really actionable post to help those people who “know what they want to do” but can’t seem to get off the starting block.

Most of the time the problem is internal, ie – from you, you are the reason things don’t happen – sometimes we don’t even realise this, and this post gives a few basic examples of that, and how you can overcome those, so you can really start building the foundations to get where you want to be.

Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Privacy

Big fans of Infographics here, and when I saw this one over at I knew I wanted to share it.

Privacy is kind of a big deal for Facebook users, and the amount of data in this post is staggering. Justin Lafferty has compiled this post to help YOU manage the privacy and security of your account.

If it’s a worry for you, then this post is most definitely for you!

Ok so you have got to the bottom of the list and now it is time for our fun wildcard article.

Twins Were Born, But They Haven’t Realised That ….. 

Finishing off this week is a BEAUTIFUL video link, it’s been doing the rounds on social networking sites, so apologies if you’ve seen it, but in this incredible video you get to see a pair of twins who aren’t aware they have been born.

Life is an incredible thing, and this epitomises that, and also shows you exactly how strong a bond lies between them – a real insight to their connection!

Thanks for allowing me to write this for you this week! It’s been big fun taking charge and reading loads of additional posts!

Be inspired!

Clair 🙂

You Only Have Today | Bizzebee

You Only Have TODAY!

  • November 15 , 2013

This post is one of those posts designed to help out when you most need it. It’s slightly different to my usual Social Media topics I cover, but every now and then I like to throw a curveball to see how the readers react to things.

Business owners, especially new business owners, or those who are making changes to move their business forwards in a new direction can often find the struggle and challenges of making things happen a worry. It can affect your motivation and can often be the difference between making it and failing.

So I wanted to take a look at a few different scenarios, in which we look at 2 different ways of interpreting them – dependant on whether you approach them as a pessimist or an optimist. What I hope you will gain out of this post is the ability to look at daily {sometimes mundane} tasks in a different light – it’s this thought process that I hope you will then be able to use when you need it in business.

We all need a little direction, and often motivation – that motivation comes often as a result of someone challenging your own thought processes, and that’s exactly what we are about to do {I hope}

So the average person will wake up in the morning, get in the shower, clean your teeth, make breakfast, get dressed, drive to work, have their lunch – a sandwich,  come home, eat dinner, have a cup of tea, watch a movie, go to the local supermarket and do their weekly shop, collect their children from school – these are all EVERYDAY tasks that most people can relate too.

These are also daily tasks that we take for granted, some might even say BORING – and for sure “Mundane” That’s a direct result of society shaping thought patterns and beliefs.

When your iPhone or Android is dead, what do you do? You recharge it, and bring it back to life again; giving it power to do all the things you need it too (which is sooooo much more than it being a phone these days!)

Imagine if you could you recharge yourself each day, and plug yourself into the power that you need to make everyday count. Would you be happier? Achieve more? And be successful? ABSOLUTELY  – because you’ve trained your mind to approach “everyday” differently.

You have a choice each and every day.

You can stay as you are, which is where you think making breakfast is “one of those things you have to do” Or you can realize that you only have today, so you make everything in your daily life count toward you giving yourself more power each day to make things happen.

Simply speaking you need to have a look at the difference of being “out of battery” and unplugged and being “fully charged” from being plugged in when it comes to your beliefs and attitudes towards your daily life.


Lets look at some examples:

Today is boring, everyday is boring, nothing I do is important, it’s just another day and it doesn’t matter if I don’t do anything today

You only have today – Yesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist yet–today the here and now. Everything you today counts towards tomorrow, and every day you live and appreciate is what creates your LIFE (you know the thing you look back on and remember) At any given time, one thought can change your life.

My life WILL always be this way, I just can’t see it getting any better, I can’t see it getting worse, but I sure as heck don’t see it changing. Period.

Life does change, you never know what is happening in the future, nobody can predict it, but if you realize that you ONLY HAVE TODAY and you act on that, then you can affect and shape it with your vision and how you approach your everyday life. Don’t live without intention – regretting not trying is worse than trying and failing.

I live for the weekend, I love Fridays, but I really dread Monday’s – work is a chore.

Work gives you purpose, it gives you structure. If you have the right attitude to work you feel pride and creativity – enjoying work is fulfilling – and that is what we need in life – fulfillment. We all need downtime, but too much of it and only ever focusing on Saturday and Sunday is a massive waste of your potential and also your life. At the end of the day most of us have to work to earn a living – we can either feel grateful we have that option or feel sorry for ourselves because of it.

Sometimes I’m late, today is nothing special so it doesn’t matter if I don’t dress appropriately, and honestly today I’m tired so I can’t give my all to today, and EVERYBODY procrastinates. Like I said, today is nothing special, so it doesn’t matter.

Ever heard the saying “dress the part” well there is so much truth in that. By dressing well you instantly feel important, like what you are doing matters – whether its for the office, the school run or the gym – by looking the part in those environments you feel better. If you don’t value your time enough, you don’t get enough done. Being late is a waste of your time – its precious remember, when you value your time, you are adding to your own level of belonging which affects how you feel about yourself. People get excited about putting in the extra effort – think about it – you get dressed up for weddings, nights out and you feel good because of that extra effort you make.

One day I will get my big break  – it has to happen I deserve it.

Behind EVERY big break, chance and opportunity is a long line of days that are ordinary – through consistency and persistence comes what you “deserve” nothing will ever fall in your lap – what steps have you taken today to get your big break?

If you look at life with the attitude of “you only have today” there is a massive power you can tap into –

You want social media growth – then spend a few minutes each day engaging with your audience. Doing this everyday will see steady growth happen over time.

Social media activity – A daily post that is consistent beats a barrage of posts all in one go, that is a FACT.

Blogging / Writing – By committing to writing something each day you are bettering your skills as a writer and over time you are creating a catalogue of information – which in turn could be a number of products you can adapt and repurpose

Product Creation – Do a little each day and you will see the progress, rather than do nothing for weeks on end and then hit it all in one go. Little and often and you don’t need to look for results, they will just appear in front of you.


Don’t over think it, and don’t try to change everything all at once.

If you can only do a little bit of a task, then do it, but do it each day – those little bits add up over time

Pick something you’ve avoided and start working on it – give yourself 20 minutes a day to work on it – you will see the results over time

You can either live in the mundane everyday life or you can wake up and realize that you only have today – and today is all you need to change your future.


Business Cards Are Not Dead | Bizzebee

Business Cards Are NOT Dead!

  • November 6 , 2013

With the rise of the Internet and smart phones and tablets storing data, the more traditional “physical” ways of capturing data are often deemed void in today’s world.

However, I would like to politely and firmly disagree with such claims.

Granted, the need for the traditional printed marketing materials may have lessened with more people using online methods to advertise and connect with people, but one thing that has not lost it’s place or importance, in opinion and experience is the Business Card.

For those of you who don’t know my background, it comes from Printing and Graphic Design. My family have a printing business and I have a lot of involvement in the day to day running of this business, and only this morning we had a problem with some cards that were due to be printed, and it inspired me to write this post.

Ok, Business Cards – the FIRST and LASTING impression that ANYONE can leave with potential clients and future business contacts, but do they still have a valid place in the world now with the introduction of things like QR Codes which can take the same data and automatically save to your device?

On an average week for our medium sized printing company we print on about 4 runs per week, with 11 cards on each run, and we are one of many printing company’s in the UK that does the same.

That alone leaves me thinking that no matter how far forward we move with technology – QR codes, the linkedin card munch – people STILL value business cards as the most important marketing tool in their arsenal.

That said, there are good and bad ways of putting business cards together – and I am going to share 50 amazing Business Card design tips a little further down with you, but I also want to touch on some other things to consider with Business Card Printing before hand.

Business Cards Are Not Dead | Bizzebee
Vistaprint Budget Business Card Advert On Their Website

The fastest and most simple way to answer this question is to first answer this question

“Will you come into contact with ANYONE that you could potentially do business with?”

If you answer yes, then you need business cards.

Secondly – How important is the impression you leave with the person taking your card?

If you know that your business card is THE single most important physical reminder you can leave with someone (knowing they might come back to it / find your card later on down the line) then you will want to ensure what you are leaving with them is a true representation of what you stand for – so the design needs to be good, and so does the print quality of the card.

If costing is your biggest restraint, and you know you will work hard at relationship building with said person over different mediums  (email, skype, telephone, social media) then maybe you just need to leave a basic card that “does the job” so you don’t need to spend lots of money. Perhaps you are a business start up – money might not be readily available – there are printers online who can provide a fair service in this area.

Vistaprint is the most obvious and well known budget online printer, they offer an excellent range of low cost, in some cases FREE business cards – perfect for those out there who want some business cards to get by with.

Business Cards Are Not Dead | Bizzebee

Then you have the next level on online printers – – slightly targeted at the client who really wants to leave a lasting impression of luxury and quality – and maybe stand out a little bit with their business, they are famously known for their MINI business cards (again a great way of standing out and leaving an impression – you card is different from every one else who leaves theirs)

Business Cards Are Not Dead | Bizzebee

Lastly the option you have is to support local business, and use a local printer to your town – something I personally prefer (even though my business is internet based) maybe I am biased because my family is your “local printer” what do you get with buying local and supporting local – a first class service, and people you know you can call directly and have a conversation with, the same people that you would want to tell all your friends about on Twitter for providing you a good service.

The local business is not the cheapest, but again not the most expensive in printing business cards, but the local business will deliver the service you expect for what you are paying. Business Cards Are Not Dead | Bizzebee

So like today when we went to print a full run of 11 cards our print operator noticed with his clever eye glass that the quality wasn’t the high level we would press pass for the client. We went back up to pre press department to check the original files, we noticed on one card that there was a problem when we converted the file, and the other card’s design just didn’t work when it went from screen to print. We’ve had to re run the printing plates, doctor the files slightly so the customer got the best possible end result for their card – all at our own cost. That is not something you would get with either types of online print company’s – they are trusting the client to send their files over print ready – which is fair of course.

Those are the options, but how do you know WHAT to include in your business card design?

Here are my TOP 50 Business Card Design Ideas

1. Decide on the shape of your business card when visualizing your design — consider perfect squares, rounded edges, or the traditional rectangle.

2. The only phone number you should hand write on a business card is your personal phone number.

3. Make sure to keep all information, like address, city, and state, up to date on your business card.

4. Lower your costs by ordering large quantities of business cards.

5. Never print your business cards at home. Even if you have a small business, always have them professionally printed.

6. Avoid using any art that may resemble clip art. It will immediately undermine the impression you’re looking to create.

7.  Select the highest quality card stock; since so much business is done online, you want your business card to leave an impression

8. Consider adding a QR code that links back to your website or blog.

9. Don’t be intimidated with traditional layout. Think about including short text on how you can help the client or give them a fun fact on the back.

10. Consider glossy UV coated cards if you’re looking to stand out.

11. Get distinctive by utilizing raised ink business cards that literally give a feel to the cards.

12. Try fold over business cards if you need to give your audience more information.

13. Printing your business cards on linen card stock adds texture and depth.

14. The logo is one of the important parts of a business card; make sure your brand’s colors are utilized on any full color designs.

15. Don’t use a personal email on your business card, that’s why they call it a business card. Invest in a professional or vanity URL for your business.

16. Put the URL of your website on your business card.

17. Make sure your card matches your personality and profession. If you’re a graphic designer, it’s ok to be trendier. If you’re a banker, go for a more sober look and feel.

18. Make sure you use the same font and typeface on your business card. Multiple typefaces make it difficult to read.

19. Check the spelling on your business card. Spelling errors are completely unacceptable.

20. Avoid digital printed business cards. While they cost less, it’s reflected in the ultimate quality of the card; instead use offset printing.

21. Print on plastic if you want your card to stand out from the rest.

22. Include a business card with all packages and correspondence.

23. Put important social media links on your business card, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

24. If you hand your card to someone and they don’t immediately offer a compliment, chances are your card is not memorable.

25. Stash you business cards in your jackets, luggage, car, office, and wallet. They only work when they’re given away.

26. Avoid card stock that clashes with your brand identity and logo.

27. Use the backside of your business card to engage the people reading it with checklists, tips, or interesting information about your company.

28. Don’t be too quick to offer your business card; you don’t want to be viewed as being pushy.

29. If you conduct business internationally, use the back of the business card as a translated version of the card.

30. Want a logo raised up from the card? You’ll have to create a cast die that will emboss your card with your logo or graphic. It’s more expensive, but leaves a lasting impression.

31. Produce multiple versions of your card and encourage people to collect them.

32. Brand yourself with a slogan and include it on your business cards. Readers will have a short idea to remember your business.

33. Bright colors like black, red are given a rich look and are visualized much attractive when given a UV coat.

34. UV coating gives business cards a feel that it is been printed on a thin marble sheet.

35. Print business cards on 12pt or 14pt thickness. If you want to minimize unnecessary bending or tearing opt for 16pt business cards.

36. The 16pt business card comes with a thick card stalk to make the content much more visible to the viewers.

37. For financial business cards, matte uncoated business cards on a 16pt linen stock offer a sober and professional approach.

38. Consider a logo update if your business’ name doesn’t stand out.

39. When laying out a business card, make sure to leave at least .25 inches of room from the edge so your text isn’t hugging the border.

40. Round cornered edges give business cards a fresh look, in addition you don’t have to worry about the corners being damaged by frequent handling.

41. If you are a small business, pick a title that will give the person reading your card the impression that you work for a larger company without having to say you’re a CEO.

42. Add logos of organizations your company belongs to or works with, such as the Better Business Bureau, GSA, or member associations. Third party organizations act as rubber stamps of approval and an endorsement for your company.

43. If you participate in an affiliate program, make sure your affiliate URL links are on your card.

44. Always protect your business cards in a sleeve or case. There’s nothing worse than pulling out a damaged or slightly used looking card.

45. Scan all the business cards you receive with Google Reader (available for the iPhone or Android). It will automatically parse the data and add your contacts to your contact list.

46. Add LinkedIn information to your card in the form of a QR code. It’s an easy way for someone to scan your card and connect with you directly.

47.  Collect examples of great looking business cards, then use them as inspiration for future designs.

48. If you’re having trouble selecting what you want on your card, remember less is more; leaving a lot of white space usually translates to a more sophisticated approach.

49. Make sure your cards outline exactly what your company does. Your cards should articulate your core value proposition.

50. Work with a local printer or design firm to get the best possible printing results for your business cards. Local printers and design firms can give you the best options and ultimately be responsible for delivering a top notch product

Clair 🙂

An Introduction To Google Groups

  • October 23 , 2013

Google is a powerhouse in the online world – search engines, video sharing sites, maps, smart phone sat nav, SEO and today’s post is to talk to you a little bit about a lesser known feature that it has – which for an online, sorry ANY business owner is a little bit of dynamite for their communication weaponry with their clients and prospects.

Enter GOOGLE GROUPS – something that is really quite well hidden inside of Google’s dashboard but if you head on over to the “more” section in the top tool bar, followed by “even more” then you will find them. It’s almost like it’s a little secret they want to keep from you, and throughout this post you will end up seeing why (I hope)

According to Wikipedia Google Groups are a free service from Google Inc. that supports discussion groups

Aside from the obvious “forum” set up that you can add to your website, much like we have done at Bizzebee here (yep, no expensive outlay for building a forum into your existing website, this is all free of charge courtesy of Google)

An Introduction To Google Groups | Bizzebee

A Google group can also be a great place to actually start building up a free email / subscription list.

It wasn’t until VERY recently I became aware of this feature, but thanks to my BNI networking group I am a member of near my hometown, I came across the email facility, which then got my cogs ticking over.

An Introduction To Google Groups | Bizzebee

An Introduction To Google Groups | Bizzebee

When you join want to join a Google group, you are normally logged into your Google account, therefore notifications would be delivered to the email address that is associated with your Google account – as an example mine is [email protected] – however, you can request to join ANY Google group and associate it with any email address you like, any owner of a Google group and add people to the group by inviting them by email – once accepted that email address is associated with the group and your notifications for the group hit your inbox.


An Introduction To Google Groups | Bizzebee

Because each group has it’s own unique address that is set up when the group is created for example our one for Bizzebee is [email protected] as soon as you are a group member you can write an email out to that address (from your email client) and it will deliver to all the members in the group. Likewise when replying it will reach all group members too.

It has a really great capability because you don’t need to go looking for the group – when a conversation or forum question is asked you get the information direct into your inbox – so its really convenient for busy business people.

So imagine the capability of a large group – if you really are an extensive member of the Google community, and manage to successfully gain members (and there are various ways in which you can do this) you have a large network literally at your fingertips, which won’t take hours away from time with procrastination!

Some suggestions for any business owners out there on this one from me would be to communicate with all existing customers and explain you are introducing a really great new Forum that will allow customers to share experiences and communicate with you in a public format, and by accepting invitations to join will allow them to keep in touch with you about special offers and any important product information and updates.

I’ve recently added my family’s printing business whole existing client database to a group, and amended the settings so that when they reply to any messages we post out are only coming back to me directly. We are testing this out as a different form of email marketing to see if it has any different results to the normal kind of email marketing.  (Incidentally each customer has been notified of the invitation and encouraged to join, by giving them a nice freebie with their next order if we see they are a part of this Google group)

Rather than explain here step by step the set up process, (which is pretty versatile and extremely straightforward) what I’ve done is create a short video that shows you the set up and how to utilize it from your email client inbox too. You can view that video over at our YouTube channel here.

I don’t believe that Google groups are at all a replacement for email marketing products such as Aweber, but for someone in a start up mode with little free cash around to spend, it could be a really great start up tool, as all you need to do is dedicate yourself some time and go out and graft to get the group’s numbers up!

Are you a member of any Google Groups?

The Bizzebee Colony group can be joined by clicking here

Clair 🙂

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