Author: I. H. Rahi

Taking a Lead in the world of E-commerce

Starting an online business entity is never easy especially with so many potential competitors working their way to reel in users. E-commerce is evolving and growing creating more chances for businesses to earn their revenue. The most riveting benefit of online presence is that any size of business can start up a new venture for a target market. Prospective customers are just a click away so you can have direct interaction with your buyers. A well marketed company that exists online acts as a significant component for your marketing strategy.  It helps in reinforcing your brand to build an...

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Brexit – It affect on Stocks and Forex market

Today I’m going to be talking about the EU referendum,I mean this is the single biggest marketing event has been on everyone’s lips it’s been on the media. it’s just been everywhere for for the past couple of months now so you know I think as traders it’s very important that we break this down and we look at how the EU referendum is going to affect financial markets now always as usual must tell you guys that this is not advise to trade any particular instruments you know this is purely an impartial look on the reasons of...

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What is a Quote?

We’re going to focusing on understanding the forex currency quote. Now to do that we have to know about what are the axle major currencies in the market there are basically seven major currencies. they are: 1. EUR/USD: Euro versus U.S. dollar 2. USD/JPY: U.S. dollar versus Japanese yen 3. GBP/USD: Great Britain pound versus U.S. dollar 4. AUD/USD: Australian dollar versus U.S. dollar 5. USD/CHF: U.S. dollar versus Swiss franc 6. USD/CAD: U.S. dollar versus Canadian dollar 7. NZD/USD: New Zealand dollar versus U.S. dollar Alright 90% of all forex trade basically involves the US dollar.These currencies are...

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How to attract new customers through social media

Today I want to share with you how social media can be a tool that can help you expand your business opportunities, so what is your social media strategy ? well Social media are extremely powerful in attracting new customers. it’s all about relationship marketing, it’s a huge platform to share your life your heart our products in your passion with others this is allowed me to share my energy and enthusiasm is contagious and it helped me to grow my relationship which then of course grows my business with clients, be transparent vulnerable authentic be the best you...

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Best WordPress Plugins BACKUP

Backup important feature is undoubtedly on a website or blog. In fact, no hosting provider can offer up to 100% uptime and reliability. Most if not all the top rated hosting business experience downtime or data center had numerous problems.In WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or in any other system out there, having a good backup system will save you a lot of sleepless nights.In addition to protecting your files, content and database server downtime,A good backup of your system from malware infections on a regular basis or perpetual hacking or viruses to save. WordPress offers many different plugins backup. In...

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