Author: John Banks

Should You Have A Blog?

In this day and age each and every website that offers a service should have a blog. Simple as that, and in this post I will tell you why. Gone are the days of complex code and hours of pain to set one up. The costs have come down dramatically and hosting can be found at very reasonable rates now. You can get a blog setup with your own domain for under $10 and hosting for less than $10 per month. So, no excuses in that department. As mentioned the technical side of things are no longer a big...

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Killer Headlines You Can Use For Your Blog Posts

Having a great headline is essential for any post throughout your content marketing strategy. It’s the title that makes the reader decide to click through to read more, to open that email or post instead of opting for the many others. Magazine publishers spend millions of dollars trying to perfect their content strategy and the headline will be a big part in that. Next time you are at a magazine stand try and see which magazines your eyes are drawn too (careful, try not to drift up to the top….) and then check out some of the headlines on...

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The BizzeBee Manifesto!

The BizzeBee Manifesto! The post is going to be very short – well, in terms of word quantity but not in terms of word power and quality! It’s time to present The BizzeBee Manifesto! This is a collection of thoughts, quotes, sayings and statements that we all live by here on BizzeBee. Feel free to distribute this, print it off, hang it in your rooms, offices, bathroom doors – where ever! We do ask that if you share it on your site please credit us with a link back here. There is an auto-embed code generator at the bottom!...

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Why You Should Re-purpose Content

Often we as writers or bloggers can sometimes hit a wall when it comes to creating fresh new content. Your content whether it be on your blog or on other sites should ultimately have a call to action, sometimes this can be a simple comment, maybe you are driving traffic to a landing page, a sales page or just a blog post you want further exposure. Either way everything you write should have an end goal, and you should want your audience to react in some way. Quite often the content can already be staring you in the face....

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The Best Of The Web 09/11/13

Well, its Saturday again and this time you have John in the chair with you. We have given Andi a well-deserved break from doing the round up this week. Before we get into it I would like to mention some of the great content we have found in our very own Google Plus group this past week, this has been growing nicely and if any of you have any colleagues or friends that you think would benefit then please ask them to join. We are a friendly bunch as you know! Ok so lets get into the round up....

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