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5 SEO Problems That Could Be Killing Your Website

  • September 18 , 2017

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15 Best Ways to Make Easy Money Online

  • May 12 , 2017
  1. Online Survey

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Review – ReDi Restaurant Reservation WordPress Plugin

  • May 28 , 2015

All bloggers if not then most bloggers love to review their favorite products online. If we really like a product or service, and believe that it is genuinely helpful, won’t we recommend it to our friends and family? Of course we would! It’s human nature. And if you are a blogger who is also a technical person and businessman , especially doing business by making WordPress theme and plugins- you will love it most.redi
We’re all WordPress fanatics here, aren’t we? I’m going to take that as a yes. So it’s safe to say that we must be using some kind of WordPress product – be it a plugin or a theme or a service that we really, really like.

Today I am going to introduce a new plugins to you developed by a friend Sergei Prokopov named “Redi Restaurant Reservation”.

According to the plugin developer and his company – “ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin allows you to manage reservations for your restaurant business. This plugin can help to receive reservations from clients online. Your clients will be able to see available space at specified time, and if it’s available, client is able to make a table reservation. Initially you need to setup number of persons that can book at one time, working times and restaurant details.”

Now what I loved about this plugin from a user point of view is that, it supports localizations. That means you can set the plugins language to your own language. At this moment when I am reviewing this plugin, it supports the following languages:
• Danish
• Deutsch
• English
• Español
• Eesti
• Français, check out video review
• Italiano
• Nederlands
• Polski
• Português
• Türkçe
• Svenska
• Suomi
• Русский
• עברית (Hebrew)
• 日本語 (Japanese)
But don’t be disheartened if your language is not listed. They want you to contact them so that they can include your language in the next release. They will do it before that even if you need any custom solution for your restaurant.

In the basic package you can do:
• View your upcoming reservations from your Mobile/Tablet PC and never miss your customer. This page should be open on a Tablet PC and so hostess can see all upcoming reservations for today. Page refreshes every 15 min and shows reservations that in past for 3 hours as well as upcoming reservations for next 24 hours. By clicking on reservation you will see reservation details. Demo version can be accessed using this link: Open demo version
• Setup maximum available seats for online reservation by week day
• Open times. This option will enable you to choose between various working hours whichever is most convenient to you.
• Support for multiple places. Number of places depends on number of subscriptions.
• Blocked Time. Define time range when online reservation should not be accepted. Specify a reason why reservations are not accepted at this time to keep your clients happy.
• Send client reservation confirmation emails from WordPress account
• Email template customization for all supported languages
The basic package is not over priced for the option they are providing. It costs only 5 Euro per month

You can ask for custom services from them too: Just follow the plugins page for more information.

Now technical Review:

When you install the plugin and go to the plugin by selecting the Redi restaurant reservation option: You will see your reservation dashboard. They are using some kind of CDN hosted in reservation.eu. So your reservation would be smoother and easier.
In the settings Tab you will get all the settings necessary for your restaurant to have. I loved the simple design UI for the plugin user. It won’t make the user confused and all options are in one place. But if you want to use $ version you need to follow their documentation to do that.

You can even test your reservation. They are adding an upcoming feature for tablet pc also. I think then it will be more flexible to make and serve orders and reservation.
The reservation section has some customization features like you can select the date and lunch or dinner time. Then you have to fill up the customer information. If you have fixed serving time as a restaurant owner you can do that. If you want to keep the timing open for the customer’s convenience you can do that also.
Here are some demo links to check out the system:


SO far, I found it a great plugin. You should give it a try if you own a restaurant to let your customer make reservation.

That was all from me this week. Until next time, I am saying adios to you. Let me know what you think about this plugin.

Interview: Sergei Prokopov – the Creator of WordPress ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plugins

  • May 13 , 2015

Sergei Prokopov is the founder and CEO of CATz Soft Ltd. He’s one of the top Software Developer and WordPress experts in Estonia, best known for his great WordPress plug-ins named ReDi Restaurant Reservation. Sergei also runs a Web Development business and works for the Estonian community.


In this article I am going to interview Sergei as a developer and human above all! Plus you will also get a honest critic review of Sergei’s plugin. I am also a WordPress Developer and I am an entrepreneur doing different businesses. So I will judge the plugins from the developer’s point of view and also from the business man.

So let us get started with the interview. I am putting the question in the order I asked him through the Skype and letting you to read the exact transcript of our conversation.

The Interview:

Hello Sergei, welcome I hope you are good. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi my name is Sergei Prokopov I am from Tallinn, Estonia

Great! What is your background in web development?

I’m doing software development for 20 years and for last 12 years I’m doing web development.

That’s awesome, what is your background in Restaurant business? How you got involved with this idea?

I have started my journey from producing and installing digital JukeBoxes to restaurants and pubs, thus I met restaurant business from inside. I love to visit different restaurant occasionally, and that how I looked for business outside. As a client, I have faced many times with a reservation when I did reservation over phone and when arrived they have not registered me.
Same situation happened with me when I reserved slot to change my car tires over phone. When I arrived, they stated that I have not made my reservation, and I was not able to give them any evidence, as I did not have any confirmation in my hand. After that, I decided to change the situation and create an online reservation software.

Why do you focus so much on WordPress?

I found that most of restaurants choose as their home pages WordPress engine. In addition, WordPress is a good platform to validate ideas. You just create any plugin, and wait for people installs it and gives you feedback.

Well, how did you come up with an idea to create WordPress plug-ins?

When I have created an online reservation portal, I started to find service providers and sell them reservation service, here in Estonia, but I was unable to find them. Most of service providers questioned us how popular our web site is and declining to sign up. But without service providers there is no point to invite clients. So I get into the chicken or egg trap.

Then I have started to look into other possibilities where on how to get service providers I came to an idea to write a plugin for WordPress. WordPress is installed into 26% of world web sites and it’s growing up. Among them different type of businesses. This is huge market for reservation plugins. So I wrote plugin for WordPress.

That’s great. Tell our readers something about your plugins.

My plugin is one of the most downloadable and recommended plugin for restaurant business. It is highly ranked and I do my best to get it with maximum quality. I tend to answer any question or reply to any issue within 1 day. I have several restaurants with Michelin star that chooses ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin. At the moment more than 80 000 reservation was made with help of my plugin, and number of monthly reservation continues to grow. Plugin translated to 16 languages.

What are the features of your plugins.

The most valuable feature of ReDi Restaurant Reservation is that it automatically displays available seats, accepts reservation and sends instant confirmation. All that removes manual reservation verification and confirmation, and removes reservation conflicts.
Restaurants can define their open times, custom fields they want to collect, when to accept early and late bookings.

How it can help a restaurant business.

  • It’s increasing client satisfaction by providing instant reservation availability and confirmation.
  • 24/7 hours availability
  • It reduces manual work that restaurant stuff needs to spend reviewing reservations and communicating back to clients.
  • It reduces reservation conflicts.

We have seen your plugins has two versions. One is free and the other is premium. What are the difference and extra feature that are available in premium version?

  • View upcoming reservations on Mobile/Tablet PC
  • Setup maximum available seats for online reservation by week day
  • Multiple open times.
  • Support for multiple places. Number of places depends on number of subscriptions.
  • Blocked Time.
  • Send client reservation confirmation emails from WordPress account
  • Email template customization for all supported languages

Can a restaurant run the operation with the free version?

Absolutely they are able to define open time, number of available seats, custom fields, when to accept early and late bookings, and that’s covers needs of most restaurants

How they can benefit with the premium version.

Premium version allows more complex reservation configuration that should cover all types of restaurants. In addition, premium version helps to organize manager’s works on the field with help of Tablet PC. Additionally I takes orders for plugin customization and can do anything that solves restaurant reservation management.

What is your plan for the affiliate marketer to promote your premium paid plugins?

I am looking for partnership with Restaurant theme makers, so they can include our plugin into their bundle and I’m open for any kind of partnership.

How many plugins do you have? Are you planning for anymore plugins release?

At the moment I do have 3 plugins. First plugin was a reservation plugin for different types of businesses.


Second one is ReDi Restaurant Reservation that targeted only to restaurants, and it outperformed first one.

Then I have created a plugin to call a waiter from smartphone. It works in a simple way: client scans QR code, web page opens with set of actions. Client select one of the actions: call waiter, bring menu or pay a bill, and then action displayed on a waiter tablet pc.


Currently we develop plugin to send SMS reservation confirmations and collect prepayments for reservations. After that, I have two plugins in plans: one is for managing Spa Reservations; another one is for restaurant online menu with possibility to order from table.

Now a human to human question (I mean from developer to a person Sergei), what is your goal in life as a plugins developer and then as a person?

My plan is this to release as much as possible plugins that helps others to drive their business. As a person, I would like work and travel in different countries meeting local culture and people.

That was a great time together! I hope our readers going to love it and Restaurant owners are going to try your plugins. And their business will be benefited. Thank you for your time mate!

Thank you also. For your blog, the blog reader who mentions this article will get some good treatment from us if they purchase the premium version.

Dear readers that was Sergei for you! A great talented developer who are helping restaurant business to run their business smoothly by automating some step. In the next part of this article I will be reviewing the plugin from my point of view and will let you know the honest opinion of a developer and businessman. Until then have fun and eat healthy!

Top 10 Essential Tips To Find More Readers For Your Blog | | Bizzebee

Top 10 Essential Tips To Find More Readers For Your Blog

  • May 15 , 2014

It is really a memorable day when a blogger launches his/her first blog. I think it’s something many of us can resonate and remember well (if we are indeed blog owners)

This happy, excited feeling doesn’t often remain for long, as all too quickly we find that our readership and traffic isn’t quite where we had pitched it in our own “ideal”

If you have taken on someone else’s blog – by way of purchasing it, then you might not have to worry too much about getting the readership up, especially if the blog itself already has a decent amount of traffic, however if your blog is a new start up sight, then really you do have some work to do!!!

This article will provide you 10 essential tips for the new bloggers that they can use to find readers. These tips are especially designed for new bloggers, who have little traffic on their blog at this moment in time.

If you start working through this list in order, it will go some way in helping you attract more readers to visit your blog. Knowing the best way to approach this, combined with “giving it some time” will really make this task a LOT easier in the future, and readers will grow over time as you would expect.

Top 10 essential tips that will help you to increase readers in your blog

Top 10 Essential Tips To Find More Readers For Your Blog | | Bizzebee

1) Write 5 pillar articles that appeal to your readers most.

A Pillar article refers to the tutorial-style article that is written to provide proper guidance, knowledge, or instructions to people. There should be no word limitation regarding Pillar Article. Although I would recommend at least a minimum of 500 words, or even more than 1000 words, which is totally depended on your topic. The only thing is to provide practical help, tips or advice through these Pillar articles that will remain evergreen. Basically, these are article are “how to” based articles. Pillar articles are able to make long term appeal to the readers. The more Pillar articles you have, the better your blogging result will be. For example, you could consider this article as a pillar article.

2) Write at least 1 post a day for your new blog

When writing 5 pillar posts, make sure you have published all of them at the same time – or at least within a short space of time. This will make your new blog attractive to the readers. After that, you have to maintain publishing daily posts, probably for at least 1 month I would say – as this will populate content and make your blog look “fuller” quickly. You don’t need to write Pillar articles each day, just keep writing fresh and informative posts that are considered helpful to the readers. If people see the blog being worked on with fresh content you are showing that you are committed to it and in turn, this will attract your readers, and create a sense of interest to come back to your blog tomorrow. Moreover, they will be interested to bookmark, or subscribe to your site’s feed.

It is not necessarily important to post articles daily, but it is important to do when your blog has just started. Once you are able to interact with your loyal readers through your blog posts, they will understand why you’ve slow down. That time you can post a couple of articles per week instead of daily posting.

To say it again, the first three months of blogging are critical, so you should publish as many articles as you can on a daily basis.

3) Select a proper domain name for your blog

If you are going to start blogging seriously, you should also be serious at the time of selecting your domain name. Domain Name is a very important and it should be consise and memorable. It enables the people to share your blog others easily. You know that people like to talk with their friends and others about the blogs which they used to read regularly. They also like to share the domain name or URL to their close friends, family and relatives. So, if your domain is not memorable enough, people may forget you.

Always try to get .com for your blog. When going to select a domain name, focus on your selected keywords that are easy to remember. If you find a domain name that is easy to remember and related to your keywords, you have done a great job. (so pat yourself on the back!!)

4) Comment on other blogs.

Once you have published your pillar articles and continue with daily articles, now you are ready to spread your blog to the world. I think, commenting on other’s blogs is a great way to find blog readers for your new blog. Aiming to comment on related blogs can bring lots of readers to your blog.

There are many blogs, which allow you to put your name/site title in the comment box. This will enable blog readers to find your blog. Commenting valuable information can grow interest to the readers to jump into your blog – and remember “curiosity killed the cat” so if you are commenting well on other blogs, people WILL be curios if they keep seeing your name pop up, so make it worth their while when they come over for a visit.

5) Link to another blogger’s article in your posts.

Actually, linking to other’s blog posts in your article is called “Trackback”. If you are going to write a post that references another blog post, you can track back to their site. So, how do you trackback? You can do it just leaving a short description of the article on their entry. It is like telling them that you are going to write a blog post mentioning them. Usually, trackback appears like a comment.

It is a very effective technique that will encourage others to tell their readers to follow your blog post. On the other hand, the other blogger will come back to your post to check what you have written about them. If they like your posts, you may get another loyal reader of your blog and possibly a nice little social shout out – which can again increase traffic to your blog.

6) Encourage readers to comment on your blog posts.

So you want readers? You need to show them that you have already some loyal readers to your blog (trust me it helps, if they think they aren’t alone)  If they notice that other loyal readers are commenting on your blog, then they will assume that your posts are good enough to read. They will come again and again to read your posts. One good technique to get comments from your readers is asking them to comment on your blog posts. How do you will ask them to comment? It is really a valuable factor for the expert bloggers. Most of the expert bloggers love to encourage their readers to comment on your posts. On the other hand, you may ask them some question regarding posts. Not only that, you must respond to any reader’s comment, so you can keep your conversation going on.

7) Submit your most recent Pillar blog posts to a blog carnival.

What do you know about the blog carnival? It is actually a blog post that used to summarize few high-value articles about a specific topic from different blogs. The main idea of a blog carnival is to collect some good content on a specific topic. Most of the bloggers link back to a carnival host that is really useful to get a number of readers.

8) Submit your blog link to www.blogtopsites.com

This tip will not get you a  flood of readers overnight, but it is worthwhile, as it doesn’t take much  time to submit your blog at blogtopsites.com. You just select appropriate category and submit it. After that, copy and paste some codes to your blog. You will get at least 1-10 readers of your blogs using this technique.

9) Submit few quality articles to Ezine.

This tip will help you to bring hundreds of readers, so it’s worth considering, especially if you have already some Pillar articles in your blog. Submit a quality article every week at ezinearticles.com.

Ezine article provides a “Resource Box” that will be a great benefit to you. In that resource box you can include your signature, 1-2 sentence, and link it back to your blog. You will get incoming links when you include your blog link as a signature. If someone likes your article then they may well share it with their own large network, you will get more than hundred readers.

10) Write more and more pillar articles with regular intervals.

All of the above mentioned techniques will only work when you have some strong Pillars in your blog. Without Pillar Articles, you may be able to bring readers, but they will not stay on your blog, or they will not come back again. It is a good idea to write at least one Pillar article in a week. Thus, you have above 50 pillar articles in a year, which will work for you to bring more readers to your blog.

I hope you have read my post very carefully. Everything that is mentioned here are from my own experience with blogging. I have put all techniques for my blogs, and I found these very effective. Also, I should mention that, these are not all techniques to bring readers. Different people use different techniques to find readers. Obviously, based on my own work and experience I can tell you that these 10 tips really do work and help over time in growing your readership and traffic at your blog.

The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business

  • March 20 , 2014

Hello, my dear readers and fans of our site.

It’s been a long time since I have written any blog post for any website especially here at Bizzebee. I had a terrible accident back in November (21st) 2013 which led me to have an operation on my left hand to fix my elbow.

Anyway, I am back in action and today I would like to share some 0f  the best WordPress themes that I have found which would work well for any business website or blog.

As a Web application and WordPress developer I am continuously working with different clients from around the globe. Which means I spend a lot of time looking at themes, some of which are really great, and some are not so user friendly (down to poor documentation, and YES even I find it difficult even though I am a developer!)

So finding the right theme is important both for your business and for the site manager. Your theme should have an easy integration process plus have a great appeal for the audience when they are visiting the site. But knowing where to start can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack!  Don’t worry I am here to help so stick with me whilst I talk you through some of the best themes I’ve found which are suited to many different needs. And remember, I’m a developer, so my thoughts are honest, rather than being “just another blogger trying to promote a theme” 🙂

KALLYAS – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


This theme has all the support and features that you are looking for! It has responsiveness , multi language support and also e-commerce compatibility.I highly recommend that you take a look at this theme, because seeing really is believing with this theme, KALLYAS – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme. It has all the sliders bundled together that you won’t even think about using any other on the site. The theme option might seem complicated for a new user but it is well documented. And if you need a developer who can integrate it for your site just give us (me) a shout! We can offer the service at very reasonable rates.

Increase – Premium Business WordPress Theme


As the Theme producer says, “Increase your success” – I believe you can certain do that for your business with this neat and clean theme’s design. It is responsive and looks well also. With a good theme option panel that is easy to understand and navigate.
Increase WordPress theme’s main feature – is the ability to change colour easily precisely for any element. Great customization possibilities are offered by the new version of cmsmasters’ custom wordpress admin panel. The 1.2.1 admin version features all the functionality of 1.2 version, but also includes more customization options. In fact, your wordpress website can be easily turned into a completely custom-designed website, and there is no need to deal with any code for this. All the customization is playfully easy, reminds more of a game rather than website setup.

emode – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress theme


If you are an entrepreneur , I think this theme will really appeal to you! With a colourful appearance this theme can make your audience feel instantly happy about your business and services and ultimately buy into it! emode is a premium WordPress responsive theme with unlimited skins. This theme is perfect for all businesses, corporations and creative portfolio sites. It has powerful CMS functionality and a long list of premium features,  go and have a look at emode – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress theme

Avantgarde Creative Theme


If you are in a creative business then this WordPress theme is for you! It has lots of cool features that suits artists, models, designers quite perfectly. A nice clean design with a good integration panel can make your life easier. You can use it for any creative businesses. Visit Avantgarde Creative Theme Page for more information.

Lotus, Flexible Multipurpose & Responsive WP Theme


The final theme of this post will be Lotus, Flexible Multipurpose & Responsive WP Theme. It  is a powerful and flexible theme that comes with very rich tools and options to make creating website as simple as possible. For example one of its tools is Smart Page Builder. In short, this is an awesome drag & drop page building tool. By this tool you can create any page (for example home page) layout with very rich collection of web elements in a minute without writing html or touching even one line of code. In other words, you can quickly design unlimited unique looking pages in simple drag & drop visually.

That is it for today from me. I hope to catch you up in my next article with a cool tutorial about WordPress tips & tricks. If you have any questions or post requests / topics  feel free to ask me, by dropping me a line over at our Bizzebee Facebook page! 

Techno Bee – Miz 🙂

Email Marketing, Why You Need To Give Away Quality Content

  • February 21 , 2014

The days of the old ‘Buy My Stuff’ style emails are long gone and it’s about time. Email marketing has been the big thing for years and is still the best converting marketing agency around. With that in mind, you have to wonder why so many marketers and newbies send their loyal email subscribers emails that are short and basically full of crap.

Image result for marketing

I have been in this industry for many years now, with many of those as a beginner opting in to loads of email list from big ‘guru’ marketers offering what I thought were ground breaking reports and information. I was often wrong, the reports and videos were usually pretty useless. What was more annoying were the emails that I would receive later.

Look for Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

We all know by now that the customer experience is king. But, many businesses are still struggling to employ marketing analytics to improve the customer’s experience, taboola cpc can get to your customers and enhance the customer experience at the same time. One of the biggest advantages of leveraging marketing analytics is the ability to see how your customers are responding and how you can improve. The best way for your customers to enjoy their experience is by letting them know where you are located and how you can help them them. You start to add a location on Google Maps so your customers immediately know where to go for help.

Email mаrkеtіng іѕ nоt nеw, but іt is fаr from dеаd. Below аrе a few rеаѕоnѕ whу you ѕhоuld consider uѕіng a marketing agency for еmаіl marketing services:

9 billion реорlе use еmаіl аррlісаtіоnѕ
91% of соnѕumеrѕ сhесk thеіr еmаіl оn a dаіlу bаѕіѕ
86% of соnѕumеrѕ wоuld lіkе tо rесеіvе рrоmоtіоnаl еmаіlѕ from соmраnіеѕ thеу dо buѕіnеѕѕ wіth
1/3 of consumers hаvе рurсhаѕеd рrоduсtѕ аnd services frоm еmаіlѕ
Fоr every $1 ѕреnt іn еmаіl mаrkеtіng, thе аvеrаgе rеturn on іnvеѕtmеnt іѕ $44.
Thе truth іѕ that your сuѕtоmеrѕ сhесk their emails еvеrу dау. Thеу wаnt tо rесеіvе еmаіlѕ frоm brаndѕ thеу dо buѕіnеѕѕ wіth. But, they оnlу want it іf уоu аrе emailing vаluаblе content. Our Client source legal marketing аgеnсу will help you сrеаtе еmаіlѕ your аudіеnсе wіll love.

SendinBlue is a free service of email marketing, SMS, transactional email, could be a sendinblue review. To send the data from forms on your website to SendinBlue contact list you need to fill out on Tilda your SendingBlue account API key. Our Google Zenserp SERP API has the required infrastructure to process any number of requests and return SERPS in an easy-to-use JSON-format. Being powered by an intelligent parser, our Google search results API reliably provides all SERP elements.

They said nothing, they had a distinct lack of words and information but all seemed to tell me about some new amazing software or program that their brand new best friend who lived overseas somewhere who had developed a way to make $1000 a minute while loafing around in their underwear. Probably wearing them on their head as they dance around partying 10 foot away from the laptop, I mean that is how amazing these software and programmes were! Or so I was led to believe.

Interestingly all of these secret products were being sold via Clickbank or JVZoo and were being promoted by loads more marketers who had also suddenly become best buddies with this new special underwear wearing wealth generating dude.

Now these guys who send you and me these emails are making money from their email lists, after all that is why they build them and there is nothing wrong with making money from your list, I am sure you have heard over and over again the saying ‘the money is in the list’ well it is true, kind of. The money is actually in the relationship you have with your list.

You do not monetize a list you monetize your subscribers and the biggest harm you can do to your list is upset them by sending them too many ‘buy my stuff’ style emails without giving them any form of help, advice or ideas. In fact it is a downright disgrace that you should even think that it is ok to pitch to your list all the time.

It is disrespectful to your subscribers to see them as simply people to fleece with software and programmes that you have never tried or know to be any good.

When someone signs up to your newsletter or they hand over their email for information they are expecting it to be good, figure out where they come from with mobile attribution and send them emails accordingly, every customer came from a different path. And that is what you should give them, to think differently is pure madness. You should see every new person on your list as a new love interest and every email you send them is the online equivalent to a date.

You would never turn up for a date with your dream person in your work clothes, unkempt and dirty would? No of course you wouldn’t, you know that you would probably upset your date and never seen them again.

The subscribers on your list have trusted you with their email address and expect to get help and advice from you, not to be sold to all of the time otherwise they will hit unsubscribe and run for the hills. Of course you want to make money from your list, that is why you have built it but you really want the maximum returns from your list and reduce the risk of list burn out. Remember it took time and money to carefully grow your list, why would you want to burn it out quickly and have to start building another list creating more hard work and expense for yourself? You don’t!

You will also need to get used to Email hosting, which is a service in which your email messages and associated files are all stored on a server, you can find the best platforms for hosting. When you receive an email to your website’s domain address, the email is routed across the internet and stored on the recipient server.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of annoying your list subscribers and prevent earl list burn out?

  1. Send out a newsletter that gives useful doable advice and tips for your niche once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. Include a roundup of the latest posts on your blog as well.
  2. Create special subscribers only reports and send them an email giving your subscribers access to the report stored somewhere on your blog.
  3. Create subscriber only videos that are embedded onto your site in pages that are only visible to your email list by sending out an email to them.
  4. Every now and then create a review of a product you KNOW is good and worth the money, send the review to your list. Never promote products you would not personally use. You can damage your reputation if you promote things that are simply rubbish.

Not promoting the same products that other marketers are doing at that time can help build your reputation just as much as promoting those you think are really good.

Now after all this, remember the people on your list are likely to be on multiple lists and they will see what the ‘new magical product’ is that everyone is promoting.They will know when a new product launch is imminent, sending an email that explains why you are not promoting it or basically ignoring it will make your subscribers realise that you are not there to simply promote the standard useless ‘get rich quick schemes’ and that you care for them. That is very powerful these days with many list subscribers believing that marketers are less than helpful and only out to fleece people.

I take my car to the same mechanic that I have used now for over ten years, he might be dearer than others and probably cannot always accommodate me as quickly as others but I don’t know because I have never looked around to see if I can get work done cheaper or faster and the reason is because he has always looked after me and been good.

On several times he has looked at the car when I thought something was wrong and he has not charged me for it, I have even took him a bottle of wine to thank him for doing something for free which was his way of thank me for being a loyal customer. But I am loyal customer because he looked after me, it has become an on-going circle and a very powerful relationship.

This is what you need to achieve with your email subscribers, to build a healthy relationship with them where they want to open your emails when they arrive, where they want to buy from you and choose you over other marketers and you will not do that by sending out too many ‘buy my stuff’ emails. Don’t believe me, try and see what happens.

Membership Sites and the Magical Wall Of Cash

  • February 7 , 2014

The internet is a great place to make money, the technology we have around us in our homes and the use of the internet means that walls and boundaries no longer exist like they used to, much of the problems you get with an offline business do not exist in the new online world.member 1

Let us take a quick look at the offline business of the traditional local shop.

Small shops were the heart of local communities in towns and villages of the UK , they relied on the custom of that little community. People from the surrounding streets and the occasional passer-by were the only customers who they could really only sell to.

They had to have stock on the shelves for them to be able to sell; orders had to be taken on the shop premises and maybe in writing before the invention of the telephone. Delivery services were not cheap for the smaller business who could ill afford vehicles or staff to do the rounds.

If competition came along and opened up another shop near by then trade could fall and earning money would become even harder. If you did not own your own shop premises the landlord could up the price of rent to match the upward trend in society and today councils charge a business rate which means you pay for the privilege of running a business from a property?!?!? I know! You get nothing for it.

You often had to be brave with a huge set of dangly bits to take risks and turn your small business into something like the size of Tesco.

Competition and the cost of running a business could destroy small business and has in some places destroyed more than one or two shops; bigger stores with plenty of spare capitol would build bigger super stores with more stock that wiped out many small businesses. Having a traditional off line bricks and mortar business can be very tough.

Now the online world is a lot different, depending on what your business model is the start-up costs can be very cheap. Being online can have a lot more benefits for businesses, the three biggest ones are

  1. You can take the cash up front for the product; many offline businesses still work on the rule of work/service first then payment later. This is not the case online.
  2. The rent/rates are a lot less than offline businesses. Selling things like eBooks and access to websites requires very little storage costs. The cost of hosting a website can be as little as $3.96 a month.
  3. An online course of videos and eBooks requires no manufacturing costs. Once a video is hosted it can be watched by many at the same time.
  4. You can sell your products to anyone, at any time anywhere in the world and no longer rely on just the local community to buy your products.

Online courses are big business for many companies, educational companies like Stonebridge used to send out books and question sheets as part of distance learning programmes that they advertised in magazines and papers, slowly they are moving their catalogue onto the web, using online advertising and social media they are now starting to turn many of their postal programmes into online only programmes.

The cost for them is not particularly cheap because of the size of their business and the amount of information they need to get online as well as the functionality the site needs but when you consider the amount of book printing they needed to do with Printivity and send out along with the question sheets that went with them, the envelopes and postal costs that is required for each person.

Now they only need to have the book online once that is accessed by everyone as a PDF document that can be downloaded on sodapdf app. A PDF document is like an Amoeba, it replicates itself when someone downloads it. There are no manufacturing costs so once their programme books are converted into PDF documents and placed online then they are done.

Question sheets can be printed off and filled in at home and sent in or simply filled in online and emailed to the course tutors taking away the cost of paper, printing and posting.

Now the example of Stonebridge is a big one, they are a big company selling a lot of courses. You could simply sell one course and the website needed would not need to be as big as Stonebridge’s. A simple WordPress site can easily house enough video tutorials that can be accessed by enough people to make you a great monthly income.

If you know how to do something that others don’t then you can create a series of video tutorials showing exactly what to do and then charge a monthly fee for people to get access to them. If you think creating videos is hard then you should think again. You do not need to create a Hollywood style movie. As long as they are of a good clear non fuzzy quality and easy to follow then they are likely to be good enough to sell.

Software like Camtasia can be used to create screencast tutorials, it is quite expensive however if you want you can use a cheaper software called screencast-o-matic which costs only $15 for the year or does have free version that will record 15 minutes of video.

Most people have smart phones or tablets these days that are capable of recording video for face to face speaking, laptops come with built in webcams if not cheap plugin webcams cab be bought for less than $20 and software like Camtasia will record what the camera sees and convert it to MP4 video file.

An intro can be made by computer animators found on sites like Fiverr.com for a few dollars which will add branding and higher perceived quality to your videos. Again when this short video animation is created, you only need it once, you add it to your raw video files when editing your recordings by simply importing it.

member 2

Membership sites are called the wall of cash because members were normally billed at the same time of the month usually the beginning or end which meant the membership site owner would receive a flood of cash into the bank account like a wall of water.

If you were earning roughly $2000 a month from your day job, you would need to work a full month to earn that money but with a membership site you create the work once and then each month you receive money by paying members continuing the course.

5 videos each month over a year is 60 videos, if each video was around 10 minutes long and let’s assume you spent 20 minutes editing them then all each video takes 30 minutes to make.  It would take 30 hours to make all the videos which is less than a full working week so if you add another week for creating the website a few PDFs and etc the full years course could be made in 2 weeks!

If you charge just $25 a month per person, you only need 80 members; we are not talking about thousands. How hard can it be to get 80 people to become members when there are millions of people online each day?

Not all memberships need to be video course, people buy magazines like garden magazines which are a monthly subscription, online memberships can be online magazines, one members only website was for lovers of gardening and the owner charge $5 a quarter or $15 for the whole year and what is impressive is not only can you find gardening information for free everywhere, the site had 75,000 paying members. That is over $1 million in subscriptions a year. Wouldn’t you like just a fraction of that?  I will leave you to think about that. J

Guest Posts to Guest Post For SEO Link Love.

  • January 24 , 2014

As blogger or online business you will no doubt have heard about the need to write guest posts and to have these articles shared across the web on other high ranked websites and blogs. The idea is that you get…

  1. Links back to your site, Pro SEO Group Buy and a WordPress consultant can help improve your site traffic very quick.
  2. Exposure in the eyes of new people
  3. People clicking through to your site there and then and hopefully becoming new regular readers.

seo link love

What a lot of people do is when they write a Big Guest Posting they generally link back to the home page and/or use an anchor text which is also linked to the homepage. After some recent updates, a very well known Pheonix SEO Agency discovered that Google does not love the anchor text system as they once did, they are now looking for a more mixed up natural looking link web.

The anchor text used to be the keyword that you wanted your site to be ranked for. For example if you wanted to be ranked for the keyword social media expert advice, that keyword phrase would be added to the bottom of every guest post that was published and then hyperlinked back to your home page. You may have already seen some answers to this question on our about as page, but if not, please do have a quick read, In seo mastermind sessions, it explains our approach and gives details of our experience, discover answers some vital questions about SEO.

It is highly recommended that you now mix up your keywords so that you were being rewarded for other relevant keywords and a natural looking link web, in fact Google would now penalise you for trying to rank for the same one anchor text especially if you tried to do it by posting loads of guest posts around the same time.

In Google’s eyes you are not being natural, and when we say natural we mean that the average Joe Blogs internet user who wanted to link to an article on your site would not put a link in those exact same keywords, and you certainly wouldn’t expect 30 or 40 different sites to do the same! Google would instantly know that you were engaged in some form of link exchange which is against their terms and conditions.

Guest posting does fall under the bracket of link exchange, you are offering content to another site that is looking for content in exchange for links back to your site. It is unnatural and Google do not like it, they have tolerated it as it is a lot better than normal link exchanges and practices.

The other issue is that if you just link back to your home page again it will not look natural, for example, if you wrote an article about mental health issues in teenagers yet your site covered modern life, someone who read your article and wanted to share its message would link directly to that article and not your home page. They wouldn’t want to send their friends to your site and leave them guessing would they? No they would send them to the post itself and that is what you should do too.

When you write a guest post write it about a similar topic to one you have written about on your site and then link to that article. As this post is about link building, guest posting and SEO I could now link to one of several articles and pages instead of my home page. Makes sense right? That is what a normal reader would do. So why wouldn’t you do the same?

Not only does the article have a relevant topic it would have similar keywords and by linking to your article on your site you are strengthening that keyword on your site and strengthening your position in the eyes of Google.

So now you have more natural looking links pointing back to pages on your site from your guest posts, you have relevant topics using similar keywords and a variation of anchor texts including words like ‘To read more go to…’ as opposed to just the generic keyword based anchor text.

Now you can strengthen your links even more, and make them look even more natural in the eyes of Google. So let’s say that your article about mental health issues in teenagers has now been linked to by a teenage blogger concerned about similar issues, a reader of their blog reads their post which links to your article and decides that they want to link to that article from their own blog by writing a short post about the mental health issues teenagers worry about.

Their link which links to the post that links to you has now created a natural link tier; your original article now has a link that is 2 websites deep relating to the same topic. With a bit of luck they will have used very similar keywords and possibly linked using the same exact phrase.

Whether they have or not doesn’t matter a lot as you now still have a natural link tier of a relevant topic. This is much better than having a just a link on some link farm or directory pointing at your site or guest posts. Relevancy is the key to natural looking link webs and mixing up the way it is linked through is very important too.

So as the title says Guest Posts to Guest Post For SEO Link Love you might have guessed where I am going with this.  When you are creating your guest post campaign and start writing a lot of articles to be published on other high PR sites, you write some shorter similar and less detailed posts which you get posted on some further sites which will link not to your site but to the guest posts you have written.

You can offer these to some lower PR sites a few days or weeks our main guest post has been published and by doing so you are now creating a traceable natural looking link web that goes at least 2 websites deep. If you wish you can do another level by writing another few posts that link to your guest posts, even add some shorter posts to the web 2.0 properties which are free to create.

The idea is that you create a simple natural looking link web by doing exactly what Google is wanting. You are mimicking the behaviour of ordinary internet users and using it to your advantage.

Some marketers like to set up special funnels to funnel readers to a chosen ending, for example, a guest post about Facebook marketing will be linked to a bigger and better guest post on Facebook marketing that leads directly to a page on their website that has either a better article which then recommends a Facebook marketing product they are promoting from places like Clickbank or a squeeze page of their own.

Not only are there SEO benefits for creating 2 tier guest post links but using the ‘to read more…’ or ‘to learn more go to…’ incentives they can lead interested people to a potential sale.

So do you think it sounds like a good idea to send a Guest Post to a Guest Post?

How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

  • January 10 , 2014

In the modern age mobile phones and tablets are quickly replacing regular desktop and laptop computers and this is something YouTube have noticed. Posting and sharing video clips online  using YouTube has just got a lot more simpler. YouTube, the popular Video sharing site, now lets us upload videos to their servers using email instead of their the web based video up-loader. Other than this, To know more about hotjar alternatives free for website then visit sprout24 website. By making your dynamic video advertising content more relevant to prospects, you can humanize your overall brand while simultaneously creating a more timely ad experience. Contextual data is the present and future of marketing, and companies that have realized this are reaping the rewards. You can achieve success in this regard by creating dynamic video ads that use multiple levels of copy and creative, which are mixed and matched according to your audience segments.

How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones
How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

YouTube has added a new feature to upload video using mobile phones, we will use this to upload videos to YouTube by email, and you can use the Creative Kiwi services to create and personalize your own videos. The trick is to create a Mobile profile on Youtube and you receive the email address to which you can send the videos. You can either order random comments or customized Youtube comments. Just select a customized package and you will be asked to write the comments one by one on the order form and exactly these comments will be delivered for your video, this article has the details.

If you are familiar with YouTube then you are familiar with the domain. Just kidding!

To find the email address that is fully associated with your YouTube profile go to:


Visual effects related to the mix of live-action video clip special effects footage (distinct effects) in addition to produced pictures (digital effects) to create environments which look practical nevertheless would unquestionably endanger, expensive, risky, prolonged or complicated to capture on film.

There you will see email address as shown in the following image:

How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones
How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

The options I have marked as 1-3 denotes:

  1. It is your regular email address associated with the YouTube profile. It is not the one that we are talking about.
  2. This is the customised email address for your profile to upload video via email. You can upload .avi, .mpg and .mov via email.
  3. If you don’t like the look of this email address or your email address being compromised click the option to change to a different email address.

That’s it! Now all you need to do is compose an email message, attach the video and send it to a special email address assigned by Youtube. You will soon find your video on Youtube servers. No mobile phone required. Even from modern mobilephones you can do it! You have to edit the video description from the main site whenever you login to the website.

Just make sure the length and size of the video attachment is within YouTube’s limit and the format is either .AVI, .MOV, or .MPG.