Author: Sam Mottram

Email Marketing, Why You Need To Give Away Quality Content

The days of the old ‘Buy My Shit’ style emails are long gone and it’s about time. Email marketing has been the big thing for years and is still the best converting marketing method around. With that in mind, you have to wonder why so many marketers and newbies send their loyal email subscribers emails that are short and basically full of crap. I have been in this industry for many years now, with many of those as a beginner opting in to loads of email list from big ‘guru’ marketers offering what I thought were ground breaking reports and information. I was often wrong, the reports and videos were usually pretty useless. What was more annoying were the emails that I would receive later. They said nothing, they had a distinct lack of words and information but all seemed to tell me about some new amazing software or program that their brand new best friend who lived overseas somewhere who had developed a way to make $1000 a minute while loafing around in their underwear. Probably wearing them on their head as they dance around partying 10 foot away from the laptop, I mean that is how amazing these software and programmes were! Or so I was led to believe. Interestingly all of these secret products were being sold via Clickbank or JVZoo and were being promoted by...

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Membership Sites and the Magical Wall Of Cash

The internet is a great place to make money, the technology we have around us in our homes and the use of the internet means that walls and boundaries no longer exist like they used to, much of the problems you get with an offline business do not exist in the new online world. Let us take a quick look at the offline business of the traditional local shop. Small shops were the heart of local communities in towns and villages of the UK , they relied on the custom of that little community. People from the surrounding streets and the occasional passer-by were the only customers who they could really only sell to. They had to have stock on the shelves for them to be able to sell; orders had to be taken on the shop premises and maybe in writing before the invention of the telephone. Delivery services were not cheap for the smaller business who could ill afford vehicles or staff to do the rounds. If competition came along and opened up another shop near by then trade could fall and earning money would become even harder. If you did not own your own shop premises the landlord could up the price of rent to match the upward trend in society and today councils charge a business rate which means you pay for the privilege of...

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Guest Posts to Guest Post For SEO Link Love.

As a blogger or online business you will no doubt have heard about the need to write guest posts and to have these articles shared across the web on other high ranked websites and blogs. The idea is that you get… Links back to your site Exposure in the eyes of new people People clicking through to your site there and then and hopefully becoming new regular readers. What a lot of people do is when they write a guest post they generally link back to the home page and/or use an anchor text which is also linked to the homepage. Google do not love the anchor text system as they once did, they are now looking for a more mixed up natural looking link web. The anchor text used to be the keyword that you wanted your site to be ranked for. For example if you wanted to be ranked for the keyword social media expert advice, that keyword phrase would be added to the bottom of every guest post that was published and then hyperlinked back to your home page. It is highly recommended that you now mix up your keywords so that you were being rewarded for other relevant keywords and a natural looking link web, in fact Google would now penalise you for trying to rank for the same one anchor text especially if you...

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How To Write A Quality Article

How To Write A Quality Article People hear that they can make money from blogging, well they hear that they can make great money and so they decide that they will give it a go, after all, you can create a website for as little as $60 a year. When you consider the costs of many business start ups that is a great price. The big problem is when people start to fill their sites with content. They do not know where to start; they write a few sentences and hope that will do. At the beginning it will be hard when you are trying to find your feet. Your first posts will likely be short and not great, overtime they will develop, you will evolve into your own writing style and your posts will be better in many ways. That is if you care, many people do not care and some do not know that they should care. Your site visitors and readers are important; you should care what you give them, if they do not like your articles and posts then they will not come back and traffic is important for your site. Returning readers is what you want, when someone returns that means they like what you do and they want to read more new stuff. This gives you a reason to carry on and can...

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Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online

Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online I am sure many of you have heard of the world famous Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, I wouldn’t be surprised if you many of you have read it. The books are collections of inspiring stories that have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and now has around 200 titles in the series. What I like about this story is that the book itself is a collection of other people stories and not a book that had to be ‘thought about’ in the traditional sense. The information was there in front of the writers, they did not have to go the rough the character or story development that fiction writers normally need to do or the incredible amount of creative writing that a fiction writer would do. Yes they needed an outline on how they wanted the book and they had to write the book, they couldn’t just copy and paste vast chunks of stuff from papers, they needed to write it out in their own way (I believe it was written by ghost-writer!) but most of the work is done for them. Another excellent and popular book is the Darwin Awards, a collection of strange deaths and accidents by stupid people, things that could have been avoided...

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