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Why You Should Use Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities

  • October 18 , 2013

For any online business having a social media campaign and network is a must. They are great ways to interact with people and promote your products. Facebook and Google Plus both allow you to build pages dedicated to your business. The idea is that you promote your products and services via these pages and not your personal profiles which go against the networks terms and conditions.


The big problem is that Facebook pages have taken a slump that many have not been able to recover from. Facebook have pushed their ‘Promote a Post’ system where you pay them to show your post in the feeds of the pages fans, this is something that should have happened anyway. It seems that they lowered the reach of page posts so very few fans saw them in order to get people to use the new paid ‘Promote a Post’.

This crippled many pages who had small numbers of followers, when the reach has dropped and only 40-60 people out of say 900 are only seeing your posts then there really is not much point carrying on with the page. Google Plus has its own version of a page but it seems very few people are bothering with them.

Not many people are following Google Plus pages in my opinion, I could be wrong, maybe somewhere there are people who have pages with loads of followers but it seems Google Plus is more about people socialising than it is business. (Interestingly now called Boost Post)


Facebook Groups have been around for a while and were more popular than pages in some circles. Pages were the domain of teenagers creating fun pages that went viral and the craze of ‘liking’ pages was born. The more serious people like business people were using groups to network and communicate with similar like minded people.

When the Facebook pages were given an overhaul many businesses saw the potential in them and set about creating their business page. They then started to use Facebook’s own advertising system to drive traffic to them to get people to ‘Like’ their page. When someone liked a page, they would get the pages posts in their newsfeeds. When Facebook created their ‘Promote a Post’ system and started messing around with the reach of pages, pages soon lost their potential and appeal.

Many page owners had paid a lot of money using Facebook adverts to find fans so that they could now place their business posts directly into their newsfeeds. When this stopped and posts no longer landed in people’s newsfeeds pages became desolate places which forced many owners to simply abandon them. Many were pretty cheesed off at the fact that they had invested money with Facebook to get these fans only for Facebook to change the system and try and charge them for a second time.

For many this simply wouldn’t do yet they still saw great potential with Facebook so they decided to forget their pages and create Groups instead. Groups have been untouched and are not subjected to the reach problems associated with pages like having to pay for people to see your posts. With groups you have members and those members get notifications when a group member has posted in the group as well as if anyone had commented on your post.

Groups can be open or closed, an open group means that when someone posts in the group their friends will see it in their newsfeeds as well which can bring in new members if they are interested.

The communities on Google Plus are pretty similar; anyone can create a community and invite people to join. People who ask to join can be accepted or rejected so you decide who you have in your special group. You can give administration rights to anyone you choose so you do not need to do all of the admin work alone.

If your group or community is full of people worldwide and you get the occasional person posting spam posts you want them removed asap, if you as an admin are asleep in the UK when the post went live you could do with someone on the other side of the world who could administer swift deleting of the non wanted posts.

The great thing about groups and communities is that you have like minded people in them. Unlike pages that can be liked or followed by anyone with a simple click of a button, groups and communities can only be joined by people requesting to join or being invited.

People who do not have an interest in the group subject matter will not go through all of the trouble of joining whereas someone who is interested will. The people in the group have asked to be there, they are highly targeted people.

For example; if your group is about Content Creation, the people who join will be people who want to offer their services, look for people to hire or people who want to learn more. You will have a Mastermind group or a community of people that are looking for things that relate to that group. It is the same if your group is based on Social Media Tips, SEO Expert Advice or Internet Marketing.

Using the example of Content Creation, if you owned several websites and wanted to discuss ways to create content and was thinking of looking for people to outsource your content too you could create a group about Content Creation, invite a few friends, build up the group by accepting new people and then within a few short months you could be sitting on a good network of friends and people who can offer the services you want.

It is a win – win situation, I have seen this happen many times. People within groups have become friends and work has been passed onto each other. If your service is writing, social media manager, SEO or things like that, getting involved in a group can and will lead to paid work and new customers. I know this first hand.

As a group/community owner you do need to police the group regularly and with a firm hand. You will find people ask to join your group without the intention of really joining in. They see them as traffic sources and usually the MLM or Network Marketing fraternity are the worse.

They join as many groups and communities as they can and post bomb useless marketing style posts to try and tempt people to join their networks so that they can start making money and reduce their monthly costs.


It is quite sad how many people do this kind of stuff, they post nothing of value and desperately try to get new people into their downline any way they can and if it means ruining your group they will. So keep on top of it, delete useless spam posts otherwise your group will become flooded and the genuine good people will leave which is a real big shame because when done properly, a Facebook group or Google Plus community of like minded people can be a very valuable thing to be part of.


All there is left to say is that if you are not a member of at least one good Facebook Group or Google Plus community, you should go and join one or start one now. You will not regret it.

Yes! You Need To Do Some Work!

  • October 4 , 2013

Yes! You Need To Do Some Work!

That’s right, we are not going to lie to you, we will leave that to the big ‘Clickbank Gurus’ who are trying to sell you their new product that promises you the world, a secret system that they discovered after a chance meeting with some Lamborghini driving surf dudes in a car lot in downtown L.A. who are now making an absolute killing on the internet using nothing but…. Hmmmm… we are not really sure.

do some work

Anyhow, what we will tell you is that you can make good money using the internet, the lifestyle can be fantastic, the return on investment can be astronomical compared to most offline businesses but, like all businesses, success is dependent on what you put in. You might have been fooled into believing that you can click one or two buttons and the money will come flooding in but it won’t.

Well not at first, the internet is awash with genuine successes by people who have had a great idea and allowed it to run or who have put in a lot of hard work to eventually reap the rewards. And those rewards can be huge. Pat Flynn regularly gets $40,000 a month from his websites… $40,000 a month! Wouldn’t you like a slice of that? Of course you would but let’s get real clear about this. Pat has put in a lot of work.

Pat was made redundant from work and had to find a way to support himself, his wife and their child. He had a website that he was working on and now had more time to focus his efforts on this site. Within one year his site had generated a six figure income, this was more than what he would have earned had he stayed at work. For him being laid off was the best thing to happen to him.

Pat had created a site that had a lot of value and he also created an eBook that was for sale from the same site. He had monetized a site which had become very popular. A lot of its popularity had happened by accident.

There are many ways that you can make money online quickly, membership sites can be great and they have been for many people. If you know something that others would like to learn and you can show them via a series of video tutorials that are released each month for a monthly fee then you could be onto a big winner.

Imagine you knew how to make a lot of money on the Forex markets and you could teach people a new method each month by simply recording a series of video tutorials that take one or two days to make, you can quite easily generate a nice monthly passive income. We all have the technology available to us; video tutorials can easily be recorded on a laptop using screen capture software like Camtasia.

If you cannot afford to buy Camtasia, it is pricey but if you were a successful Forex trader I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue, there are seriously good free software available like that will do an excellent job.

Membership sites do not need to be video based or educational, I remember once hearing on the radio about a gardening enthusiast who created a website all about gardening where members would often share information and advice which meant they created a lot of the content on the site. The site owner charged $5 a quarter or a one off payment of $15 for the year. After around 7 years membership had grown to nearly 75,000 people. That is over $1million a year in subscriptions!

Could your day job grow to provide an income over $1million in 7 years? I doubt it.

Ok so we know that it is possible to make money online and that it can become a substantial amount but let’s get back to reality, you cannot make money from nothing.  A simple website can cost as little as $70 to host for a full year, and that site could house a lot of videos and PDF documents that you use as part of your membership tutorial site, and if you charged $37 a month and had 200 subscribers you could earn $7400 a month, sounds nice doesn’t it… however, you will not earn that if you do not sit down and spend the time creating the videos.

You will need to create the site, you will need to create the sales page as well as all of the membership content. It won’t create itself. You could pay someone to do it for you but they will need to know what to do so you will need to create a plan. You have to do some work. It won’t happen by simply clicking buttons.

The Clickbank Gurus that make you think it does are selling you either software or tutorials that they created or had created. They make their huge fortunes by selling them to lots of people and not by using some magic pushbutton formula that they say they do.

If you could release 5 tutorial videos a month and each video was around 20 minutes long, a years worth of videos would only take 20 hours to record. Add another 20 for editing them then a full years membership course that could bring in thousands of dollars in a passive income could be created in a week. Now you can see why the rewards for online businesses can be huge compared to the amount of effort put in.

Yes there is other work involved such as creating the site but again the rewards can be far greater than any other form of business, but that is what you need to know, this is a business, it should be run like a business, you need to put in the initial work like a business before any rewards are seen.

If your niche or tutorial series is not popular, has a lot of competition or is poor in comparison then you may not succeed and get the rewards you hoped, again this is no different to any other business. Success is not guaranteed, your success is down to the effort you put in, the research you do, the quality of the product you create and the value of your product is down to you and they can also make or break you.

So before you go buying a new amazing magic push button software or programme that guarantees you millions just stop and take a long hard think. There will be work involved and you will need to do that work to become successful. You cannot sit around on your sofa un your underpants hoping to become extremely wealthy by clicking your mouse occasionally, it just doesn’t happen like that.

You will probably be better off choosing carefully what you spend your money on. It might be more beneficial if you use it to create your own unique website, product and business that you can grow and call your own.

What We Bloggers Can Learn From Oprah Winfrey

  • September 20 , 2013

If you want to create a successful niche blog and build it up to authority status then you probably should take a leaf out of Oprah Winfrey’s book. Oprah is a very clever and successful woman who has built an empire buy giving her viewers what they really want, and by doing so she has grown her media empire.


You see Oprah realised that people wanted to hear about stories of real people and get real advice from professionals who could help them with the problems they encountered in their daily lives. They didn’t just want to listen to what Oprah had to say or know what she got up to each and every night, that would just be dull and boring.

Even the most exciting fulfilled and active people have many down times and periods where they do simple everyday things like us which can be interesting now and then but you wouldn’t want to fill a TV show up with simply ordinary stuff would you?

Oprah realised that her shows had to be full of interesting and exciting stories and information so she did something most bloggers do not do and that is to fill her show with other people.

It’s Not All About Me, Me, Me.

These people are celebrities such as film, TV and music stars, professionals like Dr. Phil and the general public who have lived with incredible life experiences like Tererai Trent, a woman from rural Zimbabwe who wrote her dreams down on paper, placed the paper in a tin and buried it under rocks, each of her dreams eventually came true and when each achievement was accomplished she returned to Zimbabwe, unearthed her tin and crossed it out.

People love real life stories and they love to be given real advice by those they believe are the field leaders. The relationship becomes a kind of symbiotic one where the professional gives Oprah some value, ‘she must be good if the professional who has limited time is willing to go on her show’, and her show gives weight to the professional’s career, ‘he must be good at what he does if Oprah has asked her to go on her show’.

When Oprah does a book review, it is well known that sales for that book skyrocket the following day and for the rest of the week. Her power and popularity can literally make people a success over night.

When Ryan Deiss Speaks: You Should Listen

The internet marketer Ryan Deiss calls this the Oprah Factor and believes that bloggers who want to build a successful blog should in fact stop blogging about their lives and experiences and start to focus on other people. They should also involve other people on their site like doing interviews with the ‘professionals and celebrities’ of the niche they are blogging in.ryan

Ryan followed the Oprah style and built up an authority site by stopping his staff from blogging, he suggests you become an editor and not a blogger. Instead you pay the big names to write for your site, you edit the posts and share them on social media. You are in fact promoting other people and not yourself.

This sounds a bit abnormal to many bloggers who have spent years writing for their own blogs and crafting their sites around their personalities but promoting other people via your site has many advantages.

The professionals writing for your site will want to share the posts they write to their following which will bring you back a lot of free traffic. Yes you have paid for the posts to be written but you are paying professionals who by the nature of them being a field leader they will have a large established following on Twitter and Facebook. If they haven’t then do not ask them to write for your site.

The idea is that at the start you create a lot of new traffic to your site by using the weight of the professional. When someone is a professional and in the public’s eye their business and success becomes dependant on them  staying popular and being seen so they will want to promote the posts they write for your site with their fans which means you get a lot of new free traffic.

T.V. Companies Have Been Doing It For Years

When you think about it, TV has been doing this for years, when a new show needs viewers they bring on the biggest stars and celebrities. If you are a big fan of from the Black Eyed Peas and you heard he was doing an exclusive chat and live performance and a new Friday night chat show what would you do? If you were not going out partying I imagine you would be tuning in to watch it.

Having several big names writing for your site each with large followings can bring in a lot of traffic, and a lot of that traffic will be returning visitors. People will want to link to the posts on your site as well as share them. All of this is great for you, search engines will notice this new growth in love from people and you will rewarded by getting better rankings and a lot faster than trying to do it all by yourself.

The cost of paying for big names to write for your site might not be what you had budgeted but if you stop and think about the amount of people that each post could bring to your site and then compare that to say the amount of people a Google or Facebook ad campaign would bring for the same price, paying for the writer would have a better CPC than the advert campaigns and be a far better return on investment.

When you look at the big authority sites like The Huffington Post, Bloomberg and Drudge Report, you will see that those who own the sites, Adrianna Huffington, Mayor Bloomberg and Matt Drudge do not write the articles, they might have once but they certainly don’t now.


Many writers are willing to write for these sites for free now that they are a big name; these sites are to the internet what Oprah’s show was to TV. Remember what I said about books? Oprah could make an unknown person a success over night. Any new young aspiring musician or actor would jump at the chance to be interview by Oprah or perform on the show.

When you start to take authority site status, you become like Oprah and people will contact you and offer to write for your site for free so that they can start to carve out a career and a name for themselves. So all of that money you paid out for the big names at the beginning again becomes worthwhile.

You would need to start with a plan, work out who are the big names in your niche and if they have a large enough following to make working with them worthwhile, decide if you want to interview them or ask if they will write for your site in exchange for pay. Decide on how much you could afford for each article and how many professionals you can afford to hire for a set period.

When you have a plan to work to with an idea of how much it will all cost and where you need to be heading get started. If you wish you can still write your own articles or do an editorial but if you really want to build up a large authority site then blogging may not be the way to go, I am not saying that you cannot create an authority site from blogging but it will take ages and why do you want to do that when there is a better faster way?


Real People + Real Trust =Success

  • September 6 , 2013

In the offline world, the quality of the customer service can make or break a business especially in its early years. A big company with millions of customers can ride out the storm of negative feedback on their customer care services but that doesn’t mean they do not care or try and improve the care they give to their customers.Invisiable man

They will try their best to make it as easy as possible for people to contact them and to rectify any issues there are to the service they provide as smooth as humanly possible. They know that you cannot please everyone all of the time and that occasionally there will be gripes from people that they simply cannot control yet they will do their hardest.

For many of the bigger companies, they probably wouldn’t have grown to where they are now without first setting a quality customer service in place. It only takes a few bad reviews to start people talking and that can then lead to a growing negative social opinion of your company.

It is very much like creating a bad brand, you probably want to be known by as many people as possible like a brand name similar to Nike or Coke but instead you could become known as the ‘you don’t want to buy from them’ company and that is it, game over. With today’s social media networks and online forums it doesn’t take long for rumours or gripes to spread like wild fire!

With many of us being small online businesses  with many probably being nothing more than a single person based blogging or social media marketing business, it can be very dangerous if we get a bad name or reputation from the beginning.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply be you. If you have a website set up a company blog to run alongside it where you introduce people to the real you. Create a Facebook page and Twitter account and post some semi private information such as photos of you enjoying a night out at the big game or stating that you are having a night in with your other half watching a great film with pizza. Do a mixture of work based posts and home life posts.

Make your readers and clients know that you are a real person; make them see that you are not just a faceless corporation trying to beat targets and suck profits from every angle and that you are instead trying to build a business that offers an excellent service. This can build a lot of respect and trust from people as they can see you as being one of them and make a huge difference to the type of questions and issues you might get from customers as they are not seeing you as just some standard automaton in a paid call centre somewhere with a script.

Real robots

If you do have some staff that deal with your complaints try and make it well known that they are going to deliver a quality service and that if they fail you or your company should be informed so that you can also remedy the issues. Why not start a blog for your staff so again people can see that they are real people just like your clients.

When people send you emails or Facebook and Twitter questions try and answer as many as you can in the best way possible. Try not to start a public battle or argument if the person is making a complaint or gripe that is deemed unfair or inaccurate.

By all means put them straight and be polite, if they persist invite them to discuss the matter further via a private chat but stay friendly, if they do not want to chat in private or stay friendly themselves then it will soon reflect on them, your actions will reflect on you so always be mindful of that when you are dealing with customer complaints in a public arena.

People like real people, they trust them more than a faceless corporation and it can be very easy to slip into becoming a faceless business online. Many websites are created to sell services and products but the creators can hide behind them, customers sometimes do not know who they are buying from or dealing with. That can lead to distrust and lose potential sales.

You need to build up trust as people generally spend money with people or organisations they trust.

It makes sense really, would you buy a bag of crisps from Bob and Margret who run the local shop that has been trading for 20 years or would you bypass them and buy a slightly cheaper bag from the guy standing on the street corner who has suddenly appeared, wearing a dark hooded top hiding his face and appears to be looking over his shoulder every few seconds as if to be looking for the local constabulary?

Seriously, who would you choose? You might think that I have gone overboard with the two extreme examples but we are talking about trust here. Who would you trust and why? It makes me wonder why some people start businesses, when they cannot even greet you, a new customer, with a smile. It isn’t hard to say something like ‘hello, how are you today?’ and just be genuinely polite.

Everyone knows that rudeness just puts people off, so why start a business whose very survival is dependent upon having many happy customers only to be rude and not use the most basic and understood concept in human interaction. Being polite and making your customers feel that you are pleased they are there will gain loyalty and trust which in turn leads to sales.

I do mean genuine politeness and not that awful American craze that was popular a few years ago. When entering a store you were greeted by a young spotty part time robot with a false smile and a cheesy line which they had to use for everyone. They also said upon leaving ‘Come back soon, missing you already’ and all that kind of pap. They worked from a script; it never came across as genuine and was very sickly. Maybe that is the English in me but I do dislike false business practices.

Trust can be destroyed when you do things without sincerity; estate agents and car salesman have reputations that are hard to shake off thanks to years of over the top smarmy sales patter. A new person entering the industry has already got a label as ‘dodgy’ or ‘untrustworthy’ before they have even attempted to sell their first car or property.

Real trust is grown from being real and genuine. So if you have just started or intend to start an online business then I suggest you spend some time focusing on letting your potential customers know who you are and build up genuine trust by interacting with them as well as creating your products and services.



The Internet, The New Frontier Of Modern Business

  • August 28 , 2013

The Internet, The New Frontier Of Modern Business

If you were not quite aware, the world has been witnessing a global recession since 2008, just when we think it is improving we hear of the sudden collapse of countries like Greece and Spain. There are a lot of factors that caused the global recession and much of it is down to bad banking practices based on greed but it has to be said, not every business that has closed down recently is down to the economic crisis.


Picture courtesy of

Over the last few years large high street chains have closed down forcing thousands of people out of work. But contrary to belief this is not down to the global crisis, it is down to the changing world and the change in the retail industry. No longer do we need to go down to the town centre to rent out a film or buy a CD by your favourite band.


Picture courtesy of The

No we can easily buy these things online from anywhere in the world, in fact CDs and DVDs are now slowly being phased out and replaced with MP3s and MP4s that are downloaded instantaneously. In fact films and TV are now being streamed live directly to our computers and smart phones. It doesn’t stop there, even clothing, books, birthday cards, and food can be bought online.

I wasn’t just referring to a full grocery shop worth of food that you can order from your local supermarket and have delivered, no I was meaning the food you enjoy from your favourite local take away can now be ordered online and delivered to your door.

just eat

The internet has changed the way we buy the things we like, of course the online world will not replace every kind of business or industry, for example Amazon might sell all of its products online but they have big distribution centres and they will need building, the products need packing by staff into boxes that were manufactured in factories.

There will always be offline industries, the houses we live in still need building but on the whole, the internet and the new technologies that is being developed since its creation are changing the world we live in and it will never be the same again.

Mankind is at a point similar to the old industrial revolution, at the turn of the 19th Century people were afraid of the future as new machinery like the loom were replacing weavers. This machinery made thousands of people unemployed; people were not living the life of leisure as the industrial revolution expected.

Only a few became wealthy and lived better lives as the machinery helped increase profits and decrease the overheads of running a business. But, as new machinery is created new jobs are also created.

During the industrial revolution bigger and better ships and transport networks were created meaning products could be sold to more people further afield. This meant more loom operators, delivery people, and ship builders were needed also railway lines and canals were being built so navvies and builders were employed in large numbers.

We are seeing a very similar change in the society we live in today. If you are feeling low believing that we are living in times of high unemployment and insecurity think again. It could be far worse, how many people have smart phones, high definition TVs and all manner of computing equipment like tablets and iPads? Most of us do and they need making, someone somewhere is being employed to make these things which were not available 10 years ago.

Yes you can argue that much of the electrical gadgets we enjoy are made overseas but even so, there are businesses in the western world dedicated to creating apps and software for these machines. There are shops that employ people to sell them and of course these shops have online stores that need people.

The advancements in technology do mean that a machine can do the job of several people so yes people will be made unemployed because of some machines but then again, these machines need building, designing, delivering and managing so jobs are created.

Companies that were offline now are online and that means they are hiring people to manage websites, create website content and manage social media profiles so again more new jobs have been created.

The great thing about the internet is that it has opened up the doors of the world for the average person to create a business from the comfort of their home using staff in countries like India and the Philippines to do most of the work. Only today I was going through 51 applications to a small job that I posted on There were applicants from the U.K., India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Jamaica, Kenya, U.S.A. and Lithuania.


These people can work for me from their own homes in countries that I probably never visit because they use a VPN from, they can do web design, writing work, app building and many more and when the job is done it can be emailed to me or simply dropped into a shared folder like or Google Drive. This means I can access files from any computer and smart phone from anywhere in the world as can the people I give permission to.

So what can the average Joe Public do to make money online? Well to be honest there are a lot of things, way too many to list, there is so much opportunity online and when you consider how little a website can cost to host it makes you wonder why more people do not have one.

The good thing about this is that use a canadian vpn service which is the perfect tool for a secure sharing mode, we have our data in a restricted zone to be access just by the ones we need to, the vpn offers privacy and a better network connection to work with. These shared folders make sharing projects a lot easier than emailing work to each other.

A website can cost as little as £60 a year to host if you use a WordPress theme that is free. If you invested in a premium theme and your whole cost for the year was £100 you have 365 days to make that back, and it is possible. You put £100 in a bank and leave it for a year you will not earn much in interest.

Invest £100 and build a website, add content and create T-shirts using a site like  as an example, then use free networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter you can drive traffic to your site where people can buy your T-Shirts.

If you had a website based around a hobby that you love, a website that cost little to set up where you paid someone to create content for the site as well as doing some yourself then your site has a healthy chance of being found. You are then in a great position to generate money from  advertising revenue where people pay you to show their adverts, to generate money from promoting affiliate products via email lists or reviews on your site.

An online business for the average person with a day job is a great way to generate a second income from little investment. It is far better than putting money into a bank. This is a changing world, the internet is the new frontier for business, people can access the internet from mobile phones and small hand held tablets anywhere. Isn’t it time to take your slice of the action?

Do What You Love or Do What Works?

  • August 20 , 2013


This is one of the hardest decisions you need to make when it comes to starting an online business especially if you are thinking of going down the blogging route where you will need to create a lot of content.

Content creation is hard at the best of times, and if you want to build up an authority site where you require a lot of content then it can get really tough going, but if you are not in the best mood, tired or just feeling a ‘bit bored’ creating content will be the last thing on your mind.

If you are creating a blog based around a niche that you really love and enjoy then you can still write about something when the going gets rough, it might not be easy but it will be a lot easier than trying to write content about a niche that you are not passionate about or know very little about.

At least if you know about the subject something can ‘fall out’ of your brain, if you need to look information up and do research before you start creating content then it will be hard, very hard. And here lies the biggest debate in the blogging world, do you blog about what you love or do you blog about something that works?

You could do your research and find a niche that is popular and that has very little competition with some great products that you could become an affiliate for and with the possibility to create your own but it could very easily be in a niche that you know absolutely nothing about. If that is the case content creation is going to be hard.

If you have some funding behind you then it is possible to find a good content creator and outsource the work then it won’t matter if you are having an off day. If your content creator is having a bad day they have no choice but to work otherwise they do not get paid. They generally get paid per job and not on an hourly rate so if the work is not up to a standard you require then you do not accept it or pay for it.

Having someone else create the content for you is costly, so it is likely from the beginning you will no doubt be creating a lot of the content yourself. So it is advised that you find a niche that you really LOVE otherwise you can be dead in the water within a few weeks.

Try and remember when you were a child and you were told at school or by a parent to do something that you really didn’t like, it was hard wasn’t it? At that time you didn’t have a choice and wandering off to do something else just resulted in you getting in to some kind of trouble.

Now that you are an adult with the freedom of choice, your own house, car and T.V., when you suddenly become bored the opportunity to wander off and do something else more exciting and without punishment is great. I know, I do it regularly! J

It takes a lot of commitment and discipline to do something you do not like however if what you do is likely to make money quickly and it does, that early win can be the motivation required to put more effort in or evolve quicker into outsourcing the content creation and automating the process which in itself is a very attractive business model.

The way to find whether a niche is a good niche to get involved in you will need to do some research which usually involves a few keyword searches. For example if you go to Google’s Keyword Tool and did a search for Yoga Schools and Retreats and found that there were a lot of people searching for the keyword yet the competing websites in Google’s search results was minimal and that there were lots of school and retreats to promote along with Yoga DVDs and equipment then you know that you were onto a potentially profitable niche.

Even better if you love yoga with a passion, that way you will love creating the content for your website and building your online business.

What if you chose to work with a niche you don’t enjoy? What if you were into hardcore dance music but realised that the potential to make money less compared to other niches like ‘opera’. You would need to choose a niche that should give you a quick return or ‘early win’ as we like to call it.

Having an early win is often very important for new online businesses, if you love your niche and do a lot of the content creation yourself but your blog/business still hasn’t turned a profit, it is that love for the niche that can take you on further but only up to a point.

If after six months you have been beavering away and still not getting any favourable results you can become very demoralized. It is wise to plan out your new business venture so that you have an idea of where you are going and what you want to achieve so that can keep your mind focused and stop yourself becoming demoralized so quickly.

Depending on which method you use, blogging about what you love or blogging about a niche that you know that works, you should always have a plan. You wouldn’t leave your house knowing you had a 300 mile drive to a location you had never been before without a map would you? So why would you start a business without a map of where you want to end up and how you are going to get there?

So, you have to ask yourself which way are you going to go?  Decide then create that important plan, you do not want to be lost in the cyber wilderness trying to keep yourself motivated to produce a lot of content in a niche that either you do not love or does not bring in the rewards quickly enough.

Investing In A Website: A Better Return On Investment Than A Bank Account?

  • August 12 , 2013


Changing perspective can always make you see things differently, if I said that people should invest in a blog and spend a few years working on it most people would say that it wasn’t worth it. I however disagree, I believe starting a blog can be one of the wisest investments anyone can do. It can help you grow a business using the blog effectively, also getting a enterprise investment scheme can help you organizing an investment to grow a new business.


When you consider the cost of starting a traditional offline business on the high street of your town, you are usually in big debt before you have started your first day of trading. This is pretty common and is one of the main reasons why people file bankruptcy when just started a new business. In many cases it can take years to make your money back and turn a profit. Many restaurants go bust within the first six months of starting and other businesses can go bust within the first two years. The odds are not good for offline business surviving especially during this global recession.

Starting an online business can be far better than an offline business for many reasons; this great article will tell you more.

Why Online Property Has A Better ROI than Traditional Bricks and Mortar Property

When you start an online business, and for this example I am going to talk about a simple blog, the start-up cost can be as little as $70 for the year. For that you will register your domain name and then get hosting. Hosting is your online rent; the cheapest package with Hostgator is $47.52. Unless you decide to outsource your content creation all of the work would be done by yourself.

So the cost for the year is around $70, you can start to build an email list if you like and often people suggest that you start at the beginning but there is a cost associated with building an email list and the truth be told, for the first 3 – 6 months you will probably get very few sign ups from organic traffic while you are growing your site. You could employ some paid methods to generate traffic to your site and start to build your email list faster if you wish.

Starting a blog and working on it can require some work and commitment on your part however I will give you a big, BIG secret here, the success of a blog is not always down to the commitment and work you put in but the quality of your plan. Every business needs a solid business plan and building a blog is no different.

Ok so you are probably wondering about the bank account part to this post, well I am writing this in the U.K. where we are currently in the 3rd year of recession or is it the 4th? Maybe more, it seems like the news has been going on about it forever!  The banks which are the traditional way of saving your money pays an interest on the money you have stored with them, people put money into banks hoping to make some extra via the interest they pay. For large sums of money it can be useful.

Originally this interest was paid as a thank you for lending the bank the money that they could then lend to other people with help from their Johnson City Savings Accounts, the bank would charge a higher interest rate as part of the repayment and  they would pay you back from that money as a way to say thank you. Everyone was a winner, the person wanting to start a business was given some start-up capital which he repaid back over time, the bank made a profit from the interest paid on the loan and you made a small profit for having your money in that bank.

Thanks to the banks getting greedy and making a big mess of everything they have had to claw back as much money as possible to prevent them going under and this has meant that many interest rates on savings accounts have been slashed.

While I write this I did a quick search and found on Google U.K. that if I had £3000 in an account and deposited £1000 each month for 12 months without an overdraft limited I could earn between £5 and £10 a month in interest.


What is interesting is that one account would cost me £10 a month in fees and only generate £5.92 in interest. I know that if I do not touch the money then compound interest comes into play.

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Albert Einstein

But what I want to get across is this, I would need to have £3000 in the account and deposit £1000 a month to earn roughly £72. Now I ask, is it worth it?

I know you need to store your money someone where but it is wrong now to think of most banks and their accounts as a good way to generate money via interest.  The example above would have £15000 in the account after the first year and earn less than £100 in interest and you might notice that some of the rates drop down to 1% after the first year.

Back to the online business, a blog that can cost $70 to run for 1 year can in fact generate far more money back in return. While growing your blog, writing posts and sharing them on your growing social media networks (every blogger should build a network of fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus) you could record a series of short videos or write an eBook complimenting the niche of your blog and then sell it to your site visitors.

Imagine that you created a series of 10 short videos and charged your site visitors only $10 to access them. You only need 7 of your site readers to pay for access and you now have $70, that is your money made back, increase that to 14 customers then you have doubled your initial investment. How hard can it be to sell 14 places to your online video course over 12 months?

Video and eBooks can be created very easily at home with the tools at hand. Videos can be made using free software like and eBooks can be produced using a range of free software like Libra Office and for the images.

I know of one guy who was making around $300 a month from selling a blogging video course from a box standard WordPress site, he was charging more than $10 for access and it was his first project. His website cost was as little as $70 and he was using the very basic WordPress standard TwentyTen theme.

There is also the possibility of generating advertising revenue by using networks like Google AdWords or maybe even private advertising. Imagine selling an advert spot to a local business at $10 per month,  at the end of the year you will have $120 which is $50 profit after your $70 cost is accounted for. Now imagine selling advertising space to several businesses!

When you get a lot of site visitors and customers you may require to pay more each month for hosting as your bandwidth and disk space will need to be increased.

Patt Flynn the legendary blogger makes over $40,000 a month from his blogs, his monthly costs are not $70 anymore, I am sure he would like it if they were however as his business grew so did the costs.

This April 2013 his outgoings were $8,650.93 and his gross incomings were $58,412.33 leaving him with a profit of $49,761.40. Now you will not get that, Pat is well established and has several sites and products that generate income including iPhone apps and a bestselling book on Amazon but what is interesting here is the ratio of what he puts in and what he gets out.He started out as a simple blogger!

Also after a couple of years you decide you have had enough and if you have worked on your blog and grown it to something generating a profit or at least has a potential to grow into a profitable blog you could sell it, some blogs have sold for several thousand dollars with some reaching the hundreds of thousands, after two years and a cost of around $140 you were able to sell your site for a nice respectable $500 you have still more than doubled your money.

There are running costs to websites and they do increase over time however as I am sure you are beginning to see, the investment is not only well worth it, it outstrips any return you get from relying on your bank account to swell your savings.

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