The Benefits Of A Brand Name For Your Business & Domain

  • October 7 , 2013

There is still a lot of talk about whether you should use a domain name that has a keyword in it or not. It seems that Google are still ranking websites that are using EMDs (Exact Matched Domains) and brand new sites using keyword based domains are landing on the first pages in Google very quickly for matching keywords.

home cinema site and result These kinds of sites are excellent for the small affiliate based sites designed to earn affiliate commissions from one or two products from Amazon etc but for sites that are business based it could be a bad idea to have a keyword/niche based domain.

For example, the dating business is big business, dating is quite a competitive keyword and some of the biggest players in the dating industry have created brand names that are now the searchable term. Take and for examples, they have nothing that makes you think of dating. Ok so two compatible people are a match but that is as close as one gets to dating.

The Flexability Of Not Saying What You Do

They are brand names that offer flexibility, so for example, and I am going off at a real tangent here, if there was a sudden drop in the dating industry but an increase in dinner parties, Zoosk or Match could change their business direction and slowly adopt the new business model without the name becoming a hindrance.

 matchdotcom zoosk

Now compare that to another dating website called which as you can see is niche specific and possibly also keyword based. Should the bottom fall out of the uniform dating market what can they do? Even worse if the bottom fell out of the dating industry completely where do they go next?

They can’t really can they? So it is advised that you think carefully about your website name if you are planning on creating a business and not just a simple thin affiliate site. As I have just pointed out, the business name you choose also needs to take into consideration any possible future changes in your business.

Gazing Into That Crystal Ball radio rentals

Now I am not saying that some companies have not done well and weathered a changing market but times do change and companies that have a business name rooted in an old business method can soon become old and just the appearance of being old and out dated can lose you custom.

For example the company Radio Rentals did just that, they rented out radio’s at the time when people could hardly afford to buy their own. Now your standard mobile phone comes with a radio, the internet we can access from our phones can connect to radio stations from all over the globe.

Once TV became the norm, Radio Rentals started to rent them out too, now there is nothing wrong with that it was a gradual evolution from shows that were sound only to shows that were moving pictures. You could rent out TVs from the company and it was accepted even though the company was called Radio Rentals.

When TVs and radios became cheaper and were being sold from shops of all types Radio Rentals’ business dropped, I mean, why would you go to Radio Rentals to buy a TV, they rent them don’t they? Why else would they have the word rental in the name?

The fact that people hardly bought stand alone radios anymore as Freeview and Satellite TVs now also come with radio let alone renting them out nearly destroyed the business. However there is a happy ending for Radio Rentals, after the business nearly died there was a surprising increase in people renting TVs from them due to the economic slump and increasing costs of modern gadgets.

The recession has made it hard for people to afford the basics let alone the luxuries and in the UK the TV broadcasting companies were all swapping from analogue to digital which meant most people’s TVs were outdated and wouldn’t receive the programmes. People needed to update and if they couldn’t afford it they had no option but to rent so Radio Rentals got a nice boost in business.

I think you can see what I am saying here, choosing your business name is important, choosing your website domain name is also important especially if you do a Radio Rentals and go niche specific or keyword specific. You may not think that your business will change but it could, and it could be without warning or without your control.

Back To The Future

guinessIn many ways having a business name that matches your name could be the way to go, Take Guinness for example, we all know of Guinness as a dark stout drink from Ireland named after its creator Arthur Guinness. Having a name like Guinness doesn’t tell the user what it is or what they do so it was often advised to not use these types of business names especially online but if you look closely you will see that many of the new online companies are going that way.

They may not go with the traditional route of naming your business after the owners last name like Guinness but there are Zoosk’s, Zoopla’s and MoonPig’s popping up all over the place. If you didn’t know what these websites produced or sold could you guess it from their names? No of course not, but as you know, should their industry change to point it is unrecognisable at least we know they can change direction without their names becoming a hindrance.

The final thing I want to say about these new style business names and domain names is that instead of fighting with other companies for search terms and keywords they create names that are short and memorable and using methods to grow the brand and make their names stick in the minds of people they create their own keywords and search terms.

all logos No one searches for cheap cards these days, well not in the UK, they just type in MoonPig or FunkyPigeon. Looking for a property to rent or buy? Simply type in Zoopla, looking for love? Type in PlentyOfFish or Zoosk.

So now you know to spend some time thinking your business name through carefully, you now have the fun task of getting your brand name known and that is for another post. 🙂

Andi is a dabbler and a lover of electronic music. He loves writing and in his words he is ‘pretty good at it’. You would have thought he could have written something slightly more inspiring! :-) He has several years experience working as a paid writer, blogger, social media manager and WordPress specialist for one of the UK’s top internet marketers and also has skills in copywriting and using Facebook/Google advertising. He writes regularly for several blogs, some his own but mainly for Self Publishing Journey.  


  • Clair Trebes

    Genius post Andi! You really do make a great point, whilst I’m a HUGE fan of people making their domain names niche specific, I am also quite anti it at the same time. Purely for the reasons you’ve stated in this post. I think sometimes it’s quite clever to have a quirky name that doesn’t really give much away. Whilst are renound for what they do, IF tomorrow that industry failed they could easily rebrand and come back with a new concept. The same however can’t be said for “Plenty Of Fish” so really I’m in the quirky memorable camp name for building your brand domain rather than 😉

  • Paxforex

    Great post Andi and I agree that your domain name should be specific. Establishing a brand requires hard work and therefore it is important to chose your domain name form the start wisely as it is a burden to change mid-course.

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