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It’s that time again; I cannot believe it is Saturday already, where does the time go? I seem to have a time sink somewhere just sucking the hours and days away!

The bizzebee team and I hoped you had a great Halloween and didn’t get too scared by the ghouls and gremlins out there.

I have had a productive week and I know that the rest of the bees have been very busy, I hope you all have too.

As usual I have a list of 10 great posts and articles to share with you all this week as well as one fun one to round them off.

These posts are put forward by the team to be shared with you. We all do a fair amount of reading each week and these are the ones we think you will learn from and enjoy the most. So with that in mind I hope you enjoy them and let’s get started.

Simple Email Marketing Mistakes That Could Damage Your Purpose And Reputation

The first article is written by Jane Sheeba over at the site and discusses 5 big mistakes that people make when using email marketing.

Email marketing is still the best marketing tactic and if you are planning on using it then you really should take a read of this article and avoid making these mistakes.

Eradicating these 5 simple mistakes could save you and make you a lot of money!

Search & Social with Ann Smarty | SocialChat Nº 136

Alan K’necht and Michelle Stinson Ross have a video chat with Ann Smarty the owner of website. In the 28 minute chat they discuss all things Search and Social with Ann answering these six questions.

Q1 What role does Social Media play in building search authority?

Q2 What tactics can search marketers employ on Facebook to get more out of a brand’s presence there?

Q3 How can Facebook’s Open Graph technology be used to give a site a search boost?

Q4 What tips do you have for getting the most search value out of a G+ presence?

Q5 What are your favorite Twitter tactics?

Q6 Are there any other social networks that really rock when it comes to driving traffic and why?

You can learn a lot from these guys so pop over, watch the video and say hi.

Getting Started with Google+ Custom URLs

This is an information post from Google themselves explaining how to get the newly released Google+ Custom URL. Just like Facebook where you could give your Business/Fan Page a customer URL like you can now do the same to your Google+ Page.

People have been wanting this for a while now and it has arrived so if you have a Google+page you better go and get your custom URL before it is taken by someone else!

A Step by Step Guide on Using Tumblr Effectively for SEO & Social Media Marketing

We all love SEO and blogging here and the excellent SearchEngineJournal has come up with another excellent post. Tumblr is a cross between a blogging platform and a social media network. Unlike normal social media platforms Tumblr has set its default link mode to ‘DoFollow’ which means create a Tumblr page for your business and link posts to your main site can have a lot of great SEO benefits.

Tumblr pages can send a lot of link juice to your site which can help you to rank higher but also a Tumblr page itself can rank pretty high in Google. If you do not have a Tumblr account as part of your web 20 presence then you should go and read this article and learn why you should be building your own Tumblr account today!

I Hold 6 Blog Experts Hostage and “Force” Them to Answer Your Questions

We have a fun post here from Martha ‘Marty’ Preston on her blog Marty asked 6 well known bloggers a series of questions that were sent to her by her readers.

Two of my (Andi) favourite bloggers are in this list and they are Zac Johnson and John Chow. These are two serious big fish in the blogging, affiliate marketing and make money online industries. When they speak I listen and I think you should too. They know a thing or two that we all can learn from.

Then there are answers from 4 more top bloggers who give a ton of excellent advice and tips. This is a really good post and I believe not only will you enjoy reading it you will learn a lot from it.

An exclusive Interview with Rahul Kuntala of LearnBlogTips

In this post by Charmie Prajapati, Charmie interviews 23 year old blogger Rahul Kuntala who was a software trainee in Hyderabad before he gave up his job to become a full time blogger and niche website owner.

He currently earns a nice income from his couch. This is one of those excellent success stories you find proving that people anywhere in the world can change their circumstances and generate a living online.

Promoted Pins: Are you Pinteresting?

We have another excellent post from our friend Kapil Jekishan over in Sydney. In this post he talks about the new promoted post option in Pineterst.

Pinterest is a very popular social media network unlike the rest as it focuses on pinning and sharing great content in picture form on pin board like pages.  It is growing and expanding with all kinds of content now being allowed to be pinned to its site. It is favoured by online marketers and bloggers because the format is great, images can go viral and it drives a lot of traffic to users sites.

Promote post is a paid method of having your pins shown to larger audiences. It is in the experimental stage at the moment and is a way for Pinterest to monetize their site.

Pop over to Kapil’s excellent site and read his excellent post.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Infographics

John Banks is our resident infographic creator, expert and lover of all things graphic. He shares with us this excellent post that he read this week over at SocialMediaToday about the most important thing you need to know about infographics.

If you do not know what an infographic is it is an information based graphic. An image loaded with tips and advice that can…

  1. Be shared easily
  2. Be added to other people’s websites
  3. Go Viral
  4. Drive a lot of traffic to your site.

We seriously recommend you go and take a read of this post and consider creating your own traffic generating infographics. John swears by them, he has had some tremendous results from them!

Interview with a Vampire: How Dracula Is Killing it on LinkedIn

This is a fun post but that has many serious marketing tips here. From LinkedIn’s own marketing blog this post explains how to make the best of using LinkedIn by doing a fun Halloween style interview with the Prince Of Darkness himself, no not Ozzy Osbourne, Count Dracula.

Written by Jason Miller this post will have you chuckling as well as learning which is often the best marketing strategy around. We learn a lot when we laugh and I think Jason has done an excellent job here wrapping up 3 very valuable nuggets of advice.

One Activity You Should Do On Your Blog Every Day

With all the talk about Google ranking old posts that have been updated or had the dates changed I thought this post by Darren Rowse over at was a great find.

I believe this is an old post that has been updated and re published and re shared from the archives. Doing that is a great tip to keep Google thinking your site is constantly having fresh content added regularly.

You cannot underestimate what updating old posts can do for your site. This is a great post and I highly recommend you take a read of it. Darren Rowse is a seriously top blogger and photographer and many people look to him for advice and information.

Ok so you have got to the bottom of the list and now it is time for our fun wildcard article.

The 20 Scariest Google Street View Sightings

Finishing off this week’s round up is this fun Halloween post on They have a gallery of the 20 scariest Google Street View sightings. There are some really bizarre images and people out there!

For a bit of fun pop over and take a look, some are scary, some are odd and some are plain weird. I find the 2nd and 4th images a bit disturbing myself. 🙂

All is left for me to say thank you for reading and have a good week folks.

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