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It’s that time again. I hope you all have had a good week. This week we have all been busy doing various things. Clair has been enjoying some parties in Ibiza, Matt has enjoyed his last week visiting family in Japan, I have spent most of this week fighting with the new kitten and believe me they do sap productivity!

Mizan has been beavering away coding and developing a WordPress plugin, Sam has been busy keeping the site on top form as well as enjoying time with his children and John, well John has a secret bunker somewhere where he develops new products and marketing tools. He has something cooking but even we bizzebee’s have to wait until he is ready to unleash it. So what have you been doing this week?

We have 10 great articles for you to read this week. So let’s get into it.

10 Content Marketing Tools for Creation, Distribution and Analytics

Our first article comes from Lee Odden over at his excellent Top Rank blog. Here we are given 10 fantastic tools that we can use to create and distribute our content. Have you heard of Contently or UberFlip? No I hadn’t until I read this article. When marketing online or building an online business we need tools that make our jobs easier and ways to analyse how well we are doing.

I suggest you pop over to the site and take a look, you might find something there that you could use to make your work easier or better.

4 Micro Content Marketing Ideas You Can Steal

Heidi Cohen is a well-known and popular blogger, in fact she is an actionable marketing expert. When she speaks we all listen. In this post Heidi gives us 4 examples of how we can use micro content as part of content marketing.

For those who don’t know content marketing is where we give good quality content to build up trust, following and a good reputation which helps build our brands and in the long run make us more money. For many people content marketing takes up too much time and money, some companies may not have the workforce to help with it.

If a lack of time, money or workforce is preventing you from going forward with content marketing then maybe you should think small. This post could be just what you are looking for with some excellent tips and advice as well as examples.

Google Now Cards Invade The New Google Maps

Matt one of our SEO experts put this article forward. We cannot do a weekly update without some Google related posts. Google have recently rolled out a new Now Card system across the US (even though a screen shot was for London?!?!) where you will be shown details of what is happening at a place when you search for it on Google Maps.

The Now Card is the system designed for the Google Glass and for Mobile devices. It is another exciting development for businesses. Imagine doing an event at a popular building and when people do a search for that building they are shown a Now Card that informs them of your event. Free traffic and potential customers thanks to Google. 🙂

The Beginner’s Guide to the Hashtag

This is the first of two articles we share today about the use of #hastags. This is from and is an excellent guide aimed at beginners. That could be you, I once was a beginner when it came to understanding #hastags.

Many social media networks use them. Twitter was the first with Google Plus and Facebook following with other sites like the photographic social media site Instagram using them too.

Written by Rebecca Hiscott, this is a very detailed post with great tips, advice and information that everyone needs to know about the use and understanding of #hastags. My personal opinion of this post? #veryinformativeanduseful 🙂

Is redirecting users based on their location spam?

This is slightly different to the usual post as we have a video here on YouTube by Google’s very own Matt Cutts. Here he discusses whether redirecting a user based on their location is considered spam by Google. It is a short and very informative video which you will find interesting.

Some people say Matt Cutts is Google’s very own Ministry of Misinformation, only this week I heard the excellent quote by SEO Expert Alex Becker… ‘Asking Matt Cutts how to rank in Google is like asking a dad how to get into his Daughters knickers’ boy did I chuckle to that. Whatever you think about Google and Matt Cutts, this information is likely to be trustworthy and useful.

Filter Out Annoying Words and Topics From Your Facebook News Feed

Another one of our favourite people is Kim Castleberry of fame, Kim is a WordPress specialist as well as a font of tech knowledge, all of the important tech tips online marketers and businesses need answering, she will know the answers. Her site is a treasure trove of useful information and tutorials.

In this post Kim discusses a tool called FB Purity that allows you to block certain posts and statuses being shown in your Facebook newsfeed. Before to block people or posts you either hid them or unfriend them. You could remove the post but on the whole it was remove the person completely or have to see the posts.

With this tool you can set it to block posts coming into your newsfeed by creating a list of ‘words’ to block. So for example if you are fed up of seeing posts by people promoting the awful ‘Empower Network’ (I certainly am) you add that phrase to your list and it will stop them from being shown.

How cool is that? The tool is available for the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

How To Use Facebook For Business

This week we take another visit to John Paul Aguiar’s excellent blog. This post was put forward by John Banks who is no stranger to making money on Facebook and loves a marketing dabble or two with the social media giant.

This article is written by Carter Schimpff and is an excellent and fun post crammed full of ideas and advice on how to make the best of your marketing on Facebook. Essentially it is all about creating a plan and being focused but it is amazing how many people generally overlook these tasks.

If you are thinking of using Facebook to help grow your business, and you should be as it is free, then we recommend you pop over and take a read of this cracking article.

New Facebook Marketing Research Shows What Works

Another Facebook and social media post by Patricia Redsicker over at the excellent Social Media Examiner site. I said earlier that we had two articles that discussed #hashtags, well this is the second one.

We know Facebook uses #hashtags but how well are they working? This article explains what is and isn’t working on Facebook from a marketing point of view. This is a report that has recently been published showing that #hashtags are not working on Facebook as they were first hoping.

If you are using Facebook as part of your online business then you really should check out this article.

Use Live Chat To Convert Leads In Real Time

This is a great article from one of our friends over in Australia. Kapil Jekishan is the owner and blogger behind the site. Today he discusses the great software that can be added to your website and blog which allows you to chat to site visitors and potential customers in real time. I (Andi) have used Zopim chat and found it really useful for chatting live to people who have questions.

Kapil has listed six other great software plugins that allow you to chat to site visitors. Pop over and take a read and don’t forget to say ‘Hi, Andi & the bizzebee team sent me’ 🙂

Rounding up this week’s list of important readables is this excellent post…

The Most Important Skill for Long-term Blogging Success

Ste kerwer is one of my favourite bloggers and he isn’t one to mince his words. His blog is a great resource of blogging information and experience. In this article he tells us what is the most important skill you need to be a long term successful blogger.

In his words…  ‘Conversation. The most important skill you can have for long-term blogging success is to be skilled at engaging in conversation. Easy, you say? Not so fast’

You might be good at writing, you could write an article that reads like a book but believe me and I agree with Ste here (I wonder if he thinks I am a good conversationalist?) if you cannot write engaging content that ‘talks’ to and with your readers then you are not going to go far.

Articles that prompt people to want to ‘reply’ and ‘respond’ will help you to grow your blog and business faster than those that don’t. Simples.

Boston Dynamics puts AlphaDog through more field training, teaches Atlas robot to hike over rocks

Today’s fun wildcard post comes from and is one for us Sci Fi lovers and the science geeks among us.

AlphaDog is an autonomous machine, or robot to you and me, that is wandering around the wilderness in field test which is now learning how to master rocks. So is Atlas another autonomous machine which is a bipedal robot that can now also ‘climb rocky paths’

This is a fascinating article with video updates to show the advancements of modern robotics, but I do fear that it could all end up with some system called ‘SkyNet’ and semi naked Austrian robots shooting guns everywhere shouting ‘I’ll be back’.

Maybe we should pull the plug on it all now! What do you say? 🙂

All there is left for me to say is please share with us your favourite post of the week in the comments section below. We are more than happy to read your recommendations. Please remember though, only serious articles to do with blogging, marketing and social media etc. We do not mind some fun and interesting posts or articles  just not the dodgy ones and you know the ones I am talking about 🙂

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    1. My pleasure Kapil, it was a great post and one I thought needed to be shared 🙂 Good to know we have you coming here and sharing too 🙂

  1. This is a great weekly round up …. Ibiza was immense, but I go away for a few days and I miss some excellent posts!!! Heidi Cohen’s post was my favourite from this week. Keep these coming Andi, they are a little pot of gold at the end of our weekly rainbow! 🙂

    1. Thanks Clair, glad you had a great time away on Ibiza. Heidi’s post was an excellent one. I thought it would appeal to you 🙂

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