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Wahey it is Saturday again. I hope you have had a good week. This week we have been busy writing and recording videos but it hasn’t stopped us reading. We have some seriously good articles to read this week. Several articles are about Google and the changing world of SEO and others covering social media and we have one looking at the Google Garage believe it or not. Did you know Google started out in someone’s garage?

No neither did we, we shall come to that later but first we recommend you take a look at this great article about Google Plus.

Learn How to Use Google Plus | A Beginner’s Guide

Written by Julie Deneen over at this article is a great beginners introduction to the fastest growing social media network owned by Google. If you are new to Google plus or have never used it then you should pop over and take a read.

Google Plus is growing in numbers and many people are now choosing it as their primary social media network. Are you missing out? This beginners guide is a great read if you are Google Plus virgin. 🙂

A Review of Google’s Hummingbird Update for SEOs and Content Marketers

In this post Marcus Sheridan writes about the recent Google Hummingbird update over at the fantastic site Hummingbird isn’t just another Google update, it is a proper over haul of the algorithm to make a super new improved algorithm. Wahey!

Marcus also explains what 5 trends will occur as a result of the Hummingbird update, serious content marketers should be safe, Google want to have in their results sites and pages that are full of excellent educational content. If you have been creating good educational content then you need not worry. For more information on the latest Google update pop over and take a read of this article.

How Two Successful Bloggers Make Money In Very Different Ways

Over at one of my favourite sites Yaro Starak discusses the different ways two well known and successful bloggers Daniel Scocco and Joe Gilde make money from their blogs.

Yaro creates excellent posts which are crammed full of great content which is often inspirational and motivational as well as educational. Yaro likes to interview very successful people and in this post Yaro tries to help you work out what path is right for your blog by showing you the different ways you can monetize your site and online business.

Not every style suits everyone, for example, newsletters recommending products might work for one market but it won’t for others. Pop and say hello to Yaro and take a read of this excellent article.

When Keyword (not provided) is 100 Percent of Organic Referrals, What Should Marketers Do?

If you have not yet heard of then where have you been? It has recently had a name change and now simply called but it still has its excellent Whiteboard tutorials hosted by site owner Rand Fishkin.

Today Rand discusses about the apparent ‘Robbing of Keywords’.  Google is slowly taking away keyword data and making it hard for people to better their websites by matching it to what people are searching for. I personally believe it is a plan to force people to forget organic SEO and use their AdWords system. (Not very nice Google!)

As Rand says… ‘The agreement that marketers have always had—that website creators have always had—with search engines, since their inception was, “sure, we’ll let you crawl our sites, you provide us with the keyword data so that we can improve the Internet together. I think this is Google abusing their monopolistic position in the United States. Unfortunately, I don’t really see a way out of it. I don’t think marketers can make a strong enough case politically or to consumer groups to get this removed. Maybe the EU can eventually.’

Pop over, see what he says and tell us what you think.

5 Twitter Steps That Go From Good To Bad In A Flash

John Paul has an excellent list of those really good Twitter practices that can go bad very quickly. Twitter is a great place and social interaction and conversation is a must on Twitter which includes thanking people for sharing your Tweets.

The problems come about when you send individual thank you Tweets each and every day. It won’t take long for you to really cheese people off when you clog up their newsfeeds with useless Tweets.

Read the rest of the tips that can go bad over at John Paul’s excellent blog.

How To Make Google Look Stupid (And Why I Love The NSA)

Love him or hate him Glenn Allsopp of the infamous ViperChill has his finger firmly on the pulse of SEO and his hands around Google’s throat it would seem. I think Glen is an awesome SEO experimentalist who shows that what Google says does and doesn’t work is as close to the truth as that ‘Lock Ness Monster’ photo released in 1934.

Glen has enjoyed his most profitable year and it is all down to him doing the exact opposite to what Google want us to do, stuff they say no longer works. Surely if it doesn’t work then he cannot land pages and sites on the first pages of their results in weeks even days and then profit from them quickly? Well, he does, what do you say to that Google?  If Google were the Empire, Glen then is a SEO Jedi, I am just not sure whether he is on the dark side or the white side of  the SEO force.

In the Garage Where Google Was Born

I thought it was only fair that we followed Glen ‘The Google Slayer’ Allsopp’s post with a trip into Google’s Lair. Well, maybe not their actually new home but the place where it all started 15 years ago. Mashable take us on a tour of the garage where Larry Page and Sergey Brin started to develop and build Google. It was a garage that they rented off a person who has since became a senior VP of Google. They remember those who helped them which is nice.

Did you know Google was started in a garage? No neither did we, Google pride themselves on their motto ‘Do No Evil’, they may not do evil, but that doesn’t mean they do nice either… Just saying… anyway you can read the Google history in this post.

Andrew Davis Offers 5 Secrets to Bigger, Better Marketing Results with Less Content

This time we go over to the excellent TopRank website for an article by Alexis Hall. In this article she writes about the advice Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping gave at the Content Marketing World conference recently.

With the internet being filled each day with information the world is really suffering from information overload, I mean, there are 17 new web pages published every second and 2 million blog posts are published every day. So how the hell do you stand out and get seen in all of this information.

Andrew Davis gives us 5 excellent tips to help us be seen and not drown in this giant digital sea of stuff!


If you did pop over to Glen Allsopp’s ViperChill post you would have seen that it mentioned extensively Alex Becker, Alex is another ‘SEO Jedi Google Slayer’ who knows all the tricks and truths of SEO. Black hat, white hat, or grey hat, whatever your thoughts are on what they do, they do it very well.

So when you start to hear about SEO you will hear about link wheels, link pyramids and link tiers and if you were confused then I am not surprised. It can be very confusing when you are new to it all.

In the Bible it says ‘The meek will inherit the Earth’ (I think) but if you know SEO then ‘The Geek will inherit the Web’ 🙂

That is why I have added this post by Alex which is found over at his excellent site, this is a detailed online guide to all things SEO and link strategies. I am not saying that SEO is about doing simple 5 minute tasks and you are done but what I will say is that understanding SEO can open up ‘King Solomon’s Mines’

Rounding up this week’s list of important readables is this great post…

Dispersed citation and the future of internet marketing

Written by Ian Lurie, this is one article of epic proportion that comes with great advice and discusses the future of internet marketing after Google’s updates and apparent ‘keyword robbery’ (as touched on by Rand in his whiteboard post on

With Google creating new ways to integrate data to rank sites and pages where does it all leave you and what can you do to survive these major changes? Well Ian will explain why dispersed citation is what it is all about.

Ok so that is it for the serious articles by serious people now it is time for some fun and here is this week’s wild card post.

US Government Shutdown: The Funniest Twitter Reactions

Today’s fun wildcard post comes from the Huffington Post and is a compilation of excellent funny Twitter posts that came about due to the ‘Shut Down’ of the American Government. If only it was true! Be nice if the UK Government would follow suit, but then again if they did we probably wouldn’t notice. 🙂

Being English I am quite partial to no 7 on the list. I found it very amusing indeed but that is how I roll. And number 18 is a bit of clever political humour which I find scarily true too 🙂

So get yourself over to the Huffington Post and have yourself a good chuckle.

All there is left for me to say is please share with us your favourite post of the week in the comments section below. We are more than happy to read your recommendations. Please remember though, only serious articles to do with blogging, marketing and social media etc. We do not mind some fun and interesting posts or articles  just not the dodgy ones and you know the ones I am talking about 🙂

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  1. Yet again another excellent weekly round up … I like this feature, we’re really opening up the playing field by doing this – showcasing some excellent writers and sharing some real gems with our own readership 🙂

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