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Well, its Saturday again and this time you have John in the chair with you. We have given Andi a well-deserved break from doing the round up this week. Before we get into it I would like to mention some of the great content we have found in our very own Google Plus group this past week, this has been growing nicely and if any of you have any colleagues or friends that you think would benefit then please ask them to join. We are a friendly bunch as you know!

Ok so lets get into the round up. In no particular order….

How To Create Killer Pinterest Graphics With Powerpoint

Me being me, I could not write the round up without  including a graphics post. I have actually done what is taught in this post and it is very effective. People do not realise what powerhouse of a tool they have in their arsenal with PowerPoint. You can do so much more than just create those boring old presentations. I love it and use it all the time. This post shows a neat way to create a nice Pinterest piece, which of course you could edit how you wish.

The Success Of The High Street And How Much Is It Worth To You

Those of you reading from the UK will be able to relate to this. This is a great post suggestion from our Google Plus group member Joy Bassett. Did you write it Joy? Please let us know…

Anyway, this is all about the changing time of the more traditional “Bricks and Mortar” business. Great post starting off talking about the nation of shopkeepers and how times have changed from the likes of bakers, grocers and butchers now to charity shops, betting shops and estate agents. How true. The demise of the high street is largely down to the massive supermarket chains, but obviously with them comes convenience? What do you think? Well worth a read.

How I Went From $15 To $450 Per Article In Under 90 Days

Dan Stelter guest posts on Writer In Charge and this post talks about how he was able to change his mindset when pricing his work. Thank you Matt for this suggestion, it is amazing what people will pay for your services providing you give great quality. I remember when I first started out online I was often questioned on pricing my products too low. This post covers his personal story and how he now goes about his pricing. Are you in business that offer services similar to Dan’s? Feel free to add anything to the comments box.

How To Believe In Yourself

I am a big fan of Tom Ewer, even from the early days when he first started his blog. This particular post discusses belief, something everybody at some stage or another will question. There is some quite powerful stuff here. Tom’s passion for his writing and how it reflects on his readers shines. You actually feel like he cares, so – by that note, I am guessing that he does. He hates seeing people unhappy in their life when they have the ability to enact positive change. I will finish with a quote from the post, “Its a big world out there. Plenty of room for your own success story”


How To Create Video Content

Video content as we all know is a great way to drive traffic and engage your audience. Whether it be interviews, tutorials, reviews, screen capture or animations there is great potential with video marketing. Myself personally, I prefer video to written text. Ben Walker writes this great post over on NPI about producing great video content without spending a fortune. I showed you a neat trick yesterday which allows you to start making videos for free. This post should give you some more inspiration. Thanks to Matt again for this suggestion.

How To Calculate Your Value Per Visitor And Per Customer

A suggestion from Andi – and this is a numbers post. Not everyone’s cup of tea and may give you a headache if you are reading this first thing in the morning, but do check it out later on if you can fit it in. You see, with online marketing and with any business in fact knowing your numbers is essential. Bottom line:  whenever you sell products or services online, calculate the value per customer and per visitor, and those numbers will help you define your marketing strategies.

Is Google Plus The New Tower of Babel?

This is a great suggestion from Sam. This post talks about a feature Google have put in their comments system for bloggers. Its basically the translate tool, but you can now do it from within the comments. So, if somebody posts a comment in a foreign language you, or anyone else for that matter can translate it. Cool if you have a mixed audience.

9000 Uniques in One Day: A Viral Marketing Case Study

Old, or should I say young Glen Allsopp from Viperchill is up to it again, this time though as a guest post on The Moz Blog.  This posts is all about how he got 9000 unique visits to his mini site that was neither ground-breaking or mind-blowing. It simply followed a trend and was in the common interest. The tactic here is viral marketing. This is a great read, worthy of checking out – you always get top stuff from the Moz team. (And Glen)

Why 90% of All Social Media Tools Will Disappear

Interesting post talking about why a large majority of online social media tools simply fade out into obscurity. Quite often the technology is no longer supported or has moved to another platform. Sometimes other companies purchase it and completely re-brand it or merge the technology with a product they already have. Thanks to Andi for this suggestion.

And Finally…..

Driverless cars To Be Introduced

This certainly caught my eye for the best of the rest this week. Driverless cars are no longer a thing of the imagination or sci-fi films. A UK town is set for these “pods” as they are called in the not too distant future. With a top speed of just 12 mph, they will be able to ferry up to two people around at a time on designated pathways. This is a similar thing to what Google has done with its own version of the driverless car, which is now claimed to have logged more than 300,000 miles without accident!

Anyway, have a great weekend. Be nice to each other.

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  1. Firstly … John I like the “opposite” layout, and you’ve done a stellar job in compiling this weeks round up. Some VERY interesting articles here, I’ve enjoyed breezing my eyes over these!

    Powerpoint – something I worked with a LOT prior to getting my macbook and using Photoshop (badly!!) It really is a powerful piece of software, infact something that is often underrated, even by microsoft itself i think. A wise investment in your online business career in my opinion!

    Great job! Sharing this one now.

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