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Weekly Roundup

Where does the time fly? This week’s roundup is a few hours late which I (Andi) apologise for that and yes we did miss one out last week due to everyone being so damn busy we didn’t get to read anything so we collectively apologise for that too. When you have so many tasks on the go as we do sitting down to read stuff sometimes just doesn’t happen.

Anyway, this week we did manage to read a few posts and here are this week’s offerings for you to read this weekend.  We have some interesting ones this week and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Why Podcasting Is a Trend Marketers Need to Follow

The first article was put forward by Clair and is an incredible article about Podcasting. Mike Stelzner interviews Mike Wolf all about podcasting for marketers and also business owners. We all know podcasting is something we should all do, but getting round to it is a problem for most. Having listened to the points this article / podcast raised it has motivated Clair to want to get on with working this out into our own bizzebee schedules.

There is also a great reference to our friend Pat Flynn too who is a legend in the Podcasting world. Podcasting can be pretty cheap and easy to do too so get over and give this great post a read.

25 Ideas For Blog Posts To Kick-Start Your Content Marketing In 2014

This next post suggestion comes from Matt and it is a fantastic list of 25 blog post ideas for the content marketer by John Paul Aguiar. If you run a blog like we do and try to keep adding content regularly it can sometimes become hard to think of what to write about next.

You can get a kind of writers block and blindness, having this list of ideas at hand can help to set those creative juices and ideas flowing again. All 25 ideas are great and you should know them, trust me, it will make your life as a content creator and writer a lot easier.

The Best Way to Suck at Marketing – Whiteboard Friday

This post was put forward by John and is by Rand Fishkin over at his excellent Moz Blog. Rand is famous for his Whiteboard Friday sessions and today he discusses that we as marketers and business owners need to move away from thinking about transactions and conversions and focus more on long term marketing plans.

Instead of just simply seeing each person as a transaction worth a few dollars we should be nurturing relationships with them to create long term loyal customers who will have far more benefit to our businesses than a short term one off buyer.

Not Just Male And Female Anymore: Facebook Introduces Custom Genders

This post has been out forward by Clair our social media lover and is on the site which is, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is all about Facebook. 🙂

Today they report on the decision by Facebook to allow people to assign a custom gender to their profiles. They want people to be their authentic self and we live in a different world these days, we may be born male or female but some are born both and some chose to live differently to others.

Take the Ladyboy phenomenon in Thailand, physically they were born one way but mentally they are leaning towards another way and sometime not enough to be the complete opposite so they are often happy to be both. Life is not about judging but living and Facebook has recognised that and decided people should be able to say they are something which is not simply male or female. A controversial move maybe, but a very interesting one.

The One Secret to Growing a Blog Quickly (Really Quickly)

The last post of the week comes from Ramsay over at his excellent blog I love Ramsay’s blog and I love his approach to blogging and writing. He writes epic posts and I don’t just mean seriously long and epic I mean they are full of great content and information. It is all epic really.

In this post Ramsay talks about the best way to grow your blog quickly… I was going to copy and paste the sub heading which gave away that one secret but I decided not to, you need to go over and read his post yourself and while you are there keep looking round and reading. It is a great site and Ramsay is living proof of what the one secret to growing a blog quickly is all about. He has a huge following and a lot of respect within the industry.

So that is it for this week, 5 very interesting articles covering several different topics and today we also have an interesting wildcard bonus post.

An artist has been recreating popular children’s cartoon and TV characters as evil people. I think TinTin is my favourite, this tintinversion would have made a big difference to the books I read as a child, there would have been a different ending if he was a gun carrying and petrol bomb throwing Tintin in Tibet!

These images are pretty special and I love them. 🙂 You can see more of those brilliant images by clicking the link below.

What If Your Childhood Characters Were Evil Villains?

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