The Best Of The Web. 25/01/2014

Weekly Roundup

Welcome one and all back to the Weekly Round Up. We have had a couple of weeks off due to us all being serious bizzebees. Well we are back and we have 5 great posts for you this week, we have dropped the number to five for a couple of good reasons.

  1. 10 seems like a lot for you to read in one sitting and it could bore you and we certainly do not want that.
  2. We have realised that we are so busy crafting content like blog posts, videos building websites and generally learning new stuff we do not read the same amount of blog post as we used to.

I know myself and John have probably not read one business related post this week due to focusing our time on creating content and as we often encourage people to focus what is important it would seem wrong for us to not do the same and just sit around in our under crackers reading all week. 🙂

I hope you still enjoy the more streamlined weekly round up and if we do read a lot of great posts one week that we feel needs sharing then we will share more. 🙂

Social Networking: Use It Effectively

Today’s first post comes from our friend Catherine Holt, Catherine runs a successful blogsite dealing with all things parties and cakes for children of all ages, even those over 40 🙂 Recently she has branched out and started a blogging website where she shares all she has learned and knows about blogging and social media.

Today we share with you a great post she has written highlighting 5 important tips to help you use social media effectively. Pop over, say hello and leave a comment. Oh and tell her Andi @bizzebee sent you. 🙂

Why You Need To Consider Editorial Design On Your Blog

The next post is offered up from Clair and comes from The post was written by Cat Fyson and is an epic post about how to create a better looking blog post. She covers all the important things like font format, image placement including, as she calls it, ‘pimping your visuals’ as well as the alignment of your content.

Anyone wanting to create eye catching content and great looking blog posts you really need to give this article a read. 

5 Questions that Always Make Bloggers Smile before Answering

This post was put forward by Matt and is a fun but serious article written by Has San Khan over at the popular BloggingMatters website.

Most bloggers experience these types of questions when they tell people what they do. I still get funny looks when I tell people that I get paid to write and they just cannot understand it. It is about education and this post aims to do that.

Why Guest Posting and Blogging is a Slippery Slope

We have the second of our three offerings this week by Matt our resident SEO specialist. This post is one of Rand Fishkin’s popular Whiteboard Friday sessions and today he discusses why he thinks guest posting is a slippery slope for many bloggers and marketers.

Guest blogging is a popular way for bloggers and websites to get natural looking backlinks but recently Google have discussed their dislike for the practice and Rand discusses what he thinks the future is for guest blogging. If guest blogging is something you do or plan to do then you should pop over and watch this video.

Online Marketing News: Facebook Trending, Got Jelly?, Twitter Targeting, Mobile Explodes (Again)

Our final post and the third one from Matt’s offerings is this excellent article by Nicolette Beard over at the popular TopRankBlog.

This is a great round up of news from the internet including short summaries and links to articles cover topics like Google’s $3 Billion Nest which talks about their acquisition of a company that makes smoke alarms!?!?!? And the article Online Content Videos Hit 52 Billion Monthly Views! If there was ever a reason to start creating online videos today is the day.

Anyway this post on the TopRankBlog has links to around twenty great articles. Showing that content curation is where it’s at these days. 🙂

So that is it for this week, we didn’t have a wild card post for you either but if you missed it please leave a comment below and we will make sure we have one for next week. All there is left now is for me to say enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Andi….especially as you have dropped the number to 5 features!! I feel very honored to be featured here 🙂 There is a good line up here, so popping over to have a read!

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