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Is it Saturday already? Yes I am happy to say it is and I am now about to introduce you to the first of our new weekly roundups of what is happening around the World Wide Web. It is the ‘Best of The Rest’ so to speak. We want to introduce you to some of the best blogs around, the blogs we generally read to get great information advice and ideas.

We will mainly share new and up to date information but occasionally we will find an article that is not so new but still very important and full of great information that we believe you really do need to read.

How to Get 5,000 Visitors to Your Next Blog Post… (WITHOUT Google)

In this post Kim gives us 9 great tactics for getting a lot and I do mean a lot of traffic to your latest blog post. One thing she does recommend and this goes against the way a lot of bloggers think and that is to turn the 80 – 20 rule around so you are not spending 80% of your time creating your epic post and 20% on the promoting of your post, but instead you should be spending 80% of your efforts on promoting.

Pinterest launches Article Pins to target readers

Pinterest has noticed that articles are being ‘Pinned’ around 5 million times a day and have decided that they need to take control of this and offer more to their users. This could be great news for internet marketers and publishers.

A short but sweet article but nonetheless very important. Getting your articles out and about is important for finding new traffic and at the moment Pinterest is one of the best and hottest traffic generators around.

Getting Paid Before Building the Solution – From Research to Validation to Profit – A Listener Success Story

Pat Flynn interviews Carl Mattiola of Clinic Metrics in his latest Smart Passive Income Podcast. Carl took action after listening to Pat’s Podcasts and reading his articles on his site. He is now a successful business owner but it wasn’t all plain sailing from the start.

He had many roadblocks both emotionally and physically to get around before he reached success and he shares his complete story here with Pat. I won’t say too much here as it is always best to let Pat say it, he is a true expert and his interviews are legendary.

If you need motivation and inspiration then this is definitely worth a listen.

41 Tips that Put Over 10,000 People on My Email Subscriber List

This is an epic piece by one of my favourite writers and bloggers Ramsay ‘the Blog Tyrant’ Taplin. Ramsay always writes epic posts and I never tire of pointing people his way. In this post he gives us 41 (yes count them) tips that added more than 10,000 people to his email list. Email list is a very important part of any online business old or new.

If you are starting an online business you need an email list and this post will give you some seriously great ideas and advice on how to build a list that can keep you busy in business. Many of these tips you will be surprised to hear are not about putting people on your lists but preventing them from leaving before they get the chance to join.

Ramsay knows his stuff, the guy has built and sold blogs for around $20,000 each so I recommend you pop over, have a read and say hi. He won’t bite. 🙂

China’s firewall cracks: Facebook allowed in free-trade zone of Shanghai

This could be big! Not quite sure how just yet but I bet there are many people readying themselves for this. China has been a closed off country the rest of the world in terms of the internet. It doesn’t let its citizens connect to many websites that originate outside of the country because they do not want their people to know things they do not sanction.

It has even been suggested that TV shows that portray time travel are banned in case they encourage people to believe they can go back in time and change the political structure of China. I know! It’s hard to believe but I am told it is true.

Anyway, China is planning to lift its access ban on foreign websites in and around the business district of Shanghai only. They will be able to access sites like Facebook and Twitter which are deemed too politically sensitive for its masses. It seems that Communism is works ok with capitalism as long as it brings in money and not freedom of speech! Hmmm

How To Reach Your Goals Using Deadlines And Public Accontability

Another excellent self-development post by my friend Slavko Desik over at his excellent Lifestyle Updated blog. Slavko really looks at how we as people can develop and better ourselves in order to change our lives for the better.

In this post he discusses how we can reach our goals and deadlines by threatening to punish ourselves by using public accountability. I once read about Simon Woodroffe who would reward himself with £10 to spend when he built up the courage to make very important and scary phone calls before he was a success.

Slavko says deciding to publish an embarrassing photo of yourself on Facebook for the whole world to see if you do not accomplish your goal can be a powerful motivator to get things done.

How to Make Guest Blogging Your Most Effective Traffic Strategy

This is an excellent post from Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Café site with some serious advice about guest posting. It is important to write posts for other people’s sites Ramsay ‘the Blog Tyrant’ said that you should write more for other sites than your own. Guest posting is powerful but do it wrong and you have wasted a lot of your precious time.

Picking the right site, the right traffic and even the right topic is vital to the success of your post. If you are planning on doing a guest posting campaign then you really need to read this post.

3 Questions to Ask When Facing Fear [And Why Wobbly Courage Is Enough]

‘even wobbly courage is still courage’ I love that quote from Darren Rowse. If you are not sure who he is then you really must check out his blog ProBlogger, Darren is one of the biggest and most inspirational bloggers around.

This post is another self-development style post and discusses courage and fear and how best to handle. Fear is something natural that we need to know ‘will happen’ and we need to get some perspective on it all and not let it destroy us.

Understanding fear, courage and our emotional beliefs and feelings can in fact help us to succeed faster. Many of us have beliefs that hold us back and we just are not aware of it until we stop and really think about it.

As Susan Jeffers once said (well she said it plenty of times) ‘Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway’ and as Darren Rowse says…  ‘even wobbly courage is still courage’ J

5 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Kim Garst was voted no 8 in the Forbes list of ‘the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers’ so when I say she knows her stuff, be told.

Kim has written an excellent article about bad email marketing practices. If you are building an email list and you should be, (if not, why not?) you could be doing your business a lot of harm if you are doing any or all of the 5 Deadly Sins mentioned in this post.

Email marketing is still considered the best form of social interaction and converting marketing methods so I highly recommend that you read this post and decide that you will never do any of these sins. Ok?

And Finally, not from this week but still doing the rounds from last week is this great post

32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tip

This post has 32 experts all giving their advice on how to promote their blogs and content. This is an epic read with some seriously big blogging heavyweights like Pat Flynn, Ramsay Taplin, Ryan Deiss, Darren Rowse and Neal Patel to name a few.

The advice in here is inspirational and seriously useful. You cannot go wrong with this kind of advice if you are new and wanting to get your blog or content seen.

“Connect, build relationships and earn the respect of other content publishers/influencers in your industry by providing content that’s proven to be of high value to them as well as to their followers.” –  Jason Acidre

The Weekly Wild Card Post

This is where we share an interesting or fun post from non industry related sites and niches.

New nose grown by surgeons to replace original one

This is a story about Xiaolian, a 22 man from China , who after badly damaging his nose in a traffic accident in August 2012 had a new replacement grown on his forehead! Yes, it is true and also very amazing. The pictures are incredible. I just wish I was there to witness when he picked his nose!! 🙂

So all there is left to say is to go and get yourself one big mug of tea or coffee or whatever you drink. Maybe you prefer wine or beer, but get a drink, put your feet up and go and read these posts. Not only will you learn a lot, but if you leave comments you might even make some new friends! 🙂

Why not share with us your favourite post of the week in the comments section below. We are more than happy to read your recommendations. Please remember though, only serious articles to do with blogging, marketing and social media etc. We do not mind some fun and interesting posts or articles too just not the dodgy ones and you know what I mean 🙂

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