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Yes folks it is Saturday once again. We hope you have had a great week.

This week has been a bad week for one of the bizzebee team, Mizanur was involved in a traffic accident and was hospitalised. His injuries could have been bad but fortunately he was rushed to surgery where he underwent an operation which was successful and saved the movement in his hand.

He will be out of action for a few weeks and hopefully back at his desk in a month, we are all grateful that there was a great outcome to this terrible accident and I hope you will join us as we wish him well and a speedy recovery.

As for the rest of us we have been busy getting the Hive ready for the pre-launch on Monday, to read more about the launch of the Hive Click Here.

I have compiled another list of 10 great posts and articles to share with you all this week which have been put forward by the team and here they are.

8 Things Businesses Need To Know About Timeline For Facebook Pages

OK so we start this week’s roundup by a post Sam offered up for sharing, it is an old one but a good one and also it has grown from 8 to 13 things businesses need to know about the Facebook pages Timeline.

We go once again over to Kim Castleberry’s excellent site. We are big fans of Kim here as she knows a lot and I do mean a lot about everything! J This post is all about what the Facebook Timeline can do for you as a business, all businesses need a Facebook page and if you haven’t got one yet you will have by the time you have read this post.

Network Exclusive: How To Thrive After Penguin 2.1

Another epic post from the SEO Sith Lord Glen Allsopp showing us what happened to sites after Google released their latest updates and he also tells us what we should do to help recover from them if our websites were affected by them.

Glen knows his stuff, he has been doing SEO for many years now and a lot of what he has realised is that many of the dark side methods to SEO work faster and better than the stuff Google would like us to do. This like all of Glen’s post is an epic and informative read. Make a brew, get sat down and get stuck in.

5 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Your Business

For those of you who do not know, is the home for all things social media and in this post Kristi Hines talks about Twitter chats and what hosting them can do for you and your business.

You might not know what a Twitter chat is but you might have noticed one night several of your friends on Twitter posting Tweets with hashtags like #bbmeetup (bizzebee meet up as an example) and wondered what it was that they were doing.

They were probably participating in a worldwide time scheduled chat and debate and they can be very powerful and also a lot of fun. To learn more pop over and read this excellent article.

Five of the Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns Ever

This is an excellent article by Chris Taylor talking about five real examples of great social media marketing campaigns that went viral. From large companies like Heinze and BodyForm these examples show what can happen when you think a little outside of the box.

Also having a large budget to implement some of these videos and market campaigns has helped but you can see how fast these things can spread when done right.

60 Experts Reveal Their Favourite Content Marketing Books

The content champion Loz James has written an epic post that asks 60 industry experts to reveal the books they read which has helped them become successful.

He has also included a big list of content marketing and marketing books that are available on Amazon for you to buy if you wish and websites for you to look at which offer a lot of great useful and inspirational content for free.

This is an epic post and well worth a read.

7 Reasons Why Hashtags are a MUST in Your Marketing

Kim Garst has written a great post giving us 7 reasons why we should use hashtags in our marketing campaigns when using social media. Love them or hate them they are being used more and more and they do have many great benefits.

I personally do not like them, I very rarely search social media with them and would be interested to know what the average Joe public thinks but many marketers do use them and to not use them can leave a lot of potential traffic and clients on the table as they say. Pop over and see what Kim has to say about them

9 Inspirational Lessons From Steve Jobs [Infographic]

John our graphics expert loves infographics and here he shares with us a great one from the HowToMakeMyBlog website giving us 9 inspirational lessons that we can learn from the late Apple founder.

It is fair to say, Steve Jobs built a big company that most people have heard of even if they do not associate the company with Steve Jobs so I think he is in a great position to share a lesson or two.

Thinking Of Giving Up? Read This.

This is an updated post by Tom Ewer over at originally written in 2011 but it is just as relevant and powerful today. As tom says “Leaving Work Behind Is a Hopeless Venture” if you quit that is.

In this post Tom discusses about how that perseverance will pay off if you plan what you do. Tom says… “From an objective perspective, if you do not succeed, you did not apply yourself properly and/or did not apply yourself for long enough”.

It’s that simple Too many people give up and thing that quitting the day job and working from home cannot be done, well it can and it is those who focus and plan what they need to do and go that extra mile eventually will make it..

15 Answers to Your Kindle Publishing Questions

As I am putting together a course on creating eBooks this post caught my eye, this is a great post over at the Steve Scott Site. I am certain this isn’t the same Steve Scott I used to work for as a bench joiner and shop fitter. No this Steve Scott is a writer and author who has several eBooks published on Amazon’s Kindle store.

We live in the digital age and eBooks are the future but they are also the present and there are a lot of benefits for having your own eBook written and published. In this excellent post Steve gives us 15 answers to the questions you and I have regarding publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

A must read I say.

28 and a ½ Ideas for Business Blog Posts

This is a great post written by Steff Green over at the fantastic blog Men With Pens. If you are finding it hard to think of things to write about on your site for your industry then Steff who is a content writer and creator has 28 great tips and ideas for creating content.

There is also a half idea and to know what that is you need to pop over and take a read of this great post. J

So that is it for the serious and useful articles, it is now time for something a bit leftfield and interesting. This is a great video showing the excavation of an ant colony.

Giant Ant Colony Excavated, You won’t believe what they build underground!

This video was put forward by Clair and is a really amazing video of an abandoned ant colony that was excavated so sciences could study it. It took 3 days to fill it with 10 tonnes of concrete and then weeks to dig away the soil around it.

I was going to share the original post however it was mainly video with less text than what is written here and a load of people fighting in the comments section!?!?! so instead I have added the video here for your ease and sanity.

This video shows an extraordinary structure that looks like an alien city from a TV sci-fi show. It is incredible to see what nature and something as small as an ant can achieve when it is part of a colony of like-minded thinkers. A bit like us all here at the bizzebee colony really J Enjoy the video.

4 thoughts on “The Best Of The Web. 30/11/2013

  1. Great roundup Andi

    Thanks for including my list of content marketing resources at Content Champion!

    I really love that underground ant’s nest story too – that’s fascinating. The natural world really is amazing.

    Thanks again 🙂


    1. Hey Loz – nice to have you drop by. You are becoming a bit of a regular on the round up! Yes, probably shouldn’t say this seeing I write for this site but that story is the highlight for me. And it has nothing to do with marketing at all!

      Only just pipped your list though – we had to include that.

      Speak soon,

      1. You all know me, I LOVE nature, and the whole Ant Colony is just incredible …. Now imagine what we humans could achieve if we worked like an Ant colony does ….. astounding. And also …. Great round up again : )

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