The BizzeBee Manifesto!

The BizzeBee Manifesto!

The post is going to be very short – well, in terms of word quantity but not in terms of word power and quality! It’s time to present The BizzeBee Manifesto! This is a collection of thoughts, quotes, sayings and statements that we all live by here on BizzeBee. Feel free to distribute this, print it off, hang it in your rooms, offices, bathroom doors – where ever!

We do ask that if you share it on your site please credit us with a link back here. There is an auto-embed code generator at the bottom!

BizzeBee Manifesto

You can download a PDF copy of the manifesto here (right-click, save as): DOWNLOAD MANIFESTO!

If you like it and do decide to print it off, send us the pictures of it hanging with pride. Post your pictures over to our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.

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