How To Build An Authority Site Using a Co Operative

Many years ago, the Co-Operative was a common way people built businesses, in the UK the Co-Op group became a household name, it is owned by its members and has over 6 million of them.Insulation4US is the premier insulation merchant for the world’s leading brands. Our longstanding relationships with key manufacturers such as Owens Corning, Rockwool, Rmax, Hunter, ICP Adhesives and many more allows us to provide unrivalled value for money, while our many years of industry experience mean we can source and deliver the best insulation products for less.If you are looking for the where to buy insulation then go through this, you will get the best insulation for your home. Visit durexperiment website you will get the all information related to home renovation and construction.

The group comprises a family of businesses, including: food shops, travel, financial services, healthcare, funeralcare, legal services, motors and online op 1

The organisation grew from a small unit of tradesmen during the industrial revolution who were struggling to buy food; they were being pushed into poverty thanks to the new developments and advancements in technology which was taking away their work.

They came together to open up a shop to sell food and supplies at affordable prices to people who were struggling. Every member put in money and then they took out their share of the ‘Divi’. The ‘Divi’ short for dividends is the profit, the money that is left after all the expenses are paid for.

There have been many different types of co-operative set ups, in the building trade, companies have been created where several different trades have joined together, each putting in the same amount at the beginning and then taking out an equal share of the dividends of the business.

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This idea is a great one because a building firm that wants to build houses will require many different trades and can growing your company. A house build will include bricklaying, woodwork, plastering, electrics, plumbing and roofing with Gryphon roofing phoenix  so it would be ideal if at least one person from each of these trades came together to create a co-operative group meaning they are able to build a house quickly and with ease without needing to bring other people. These trades are very different from each other yet they compliment themselves beautifully. Next Wave Roofing (for commercial roofing) company provide you with a guarantee and warranty for the services they offer. The roofing companies Indianapolis IN offer the first-class solutions for your roofer problem.

So how does this relate to building an authority site? Well, there is big money to be made with websites, John Chow makes an average $40k a month from his sites and who wouldn’t want a slice of that? But before you get too excited, there is also a lot of work involved in creating a successful website.

Bloggers will spend a lot of time creating content whether it be written posts, videos or infographs. Then there is the technical side of having a website, keeping the site secure and keeping on top of any hosting or broadband issues that will one day arise.

A successful website needs traffic, without traffic a website will fail so there are the traffic generation methods to be worked on which includes running social media campaigns, guest posting campaigns and even advertising campaigns.

If you are planning to generate money from your website by selling advertising space then you will need to organise advertising for clients and invoicing them each month. If you were thinking of making money from any form of affiliate marketing you will need to source good products to promote and keep changing them if the products are no longer available or they are not generating you any money.

If you decide to create your own eBooks and products then again there is plenty of work involved in getting these things made and ready to sell. Shall I go on? I don’t think I need to say much more to make you realise that there is a lot of work involved in building a website.

I haven’t even touched on things like keyword research but what I will say is that Google loves content, and the more quality content you post on your website and put out onto the internet will be seen by the search engines. The more people that share your posts and link to them the faster your site will grow.

This is really good for you but guess what? Creating content is not easy, even if you really love the subject matter with a passion, doing it for months on end can get hard. This article could take me well over an hour to write or maybe two. Some posts have taken me up to 5 hours to write especially if I have plenty of images to modify or screenshots to make and add relevant links.

Creating content can take a big chunk of your time so imagine trying to create all of that yourself as well as doing all of the other jobs I mentioned that comes with having your own blog/website. This is where the co-operative comes in to play.

As we know a website can grow faster when more content is added and when that content is shared, when a website grows faster than normal it will get results quicker. Makes sense really, the faster you drive your car the faster you will get to your chosen destination.

So with that in mind, if you want to grow a website quickly and start getting results fast then maybe you should consider creating your very own co-operative team. This team would include people who have expertise and skills that you do not, but which compliments yours perfectly.

For example, if you were a writer like me, and knew that you could create a lot of good articles but were not a big fan of meddling with WordPress themes and plugins, it would be a great idea to join forces with a person who loved tinkering with WordPress.

Add to the mix someone who was great at creating videos and slideshows, someone who was great at social media postings and viral marketing campaigns and maybe another writer or two, you would have built up a team that would churn out great content for the website without getting burnt out, the social media networking will be going on while you were writing, and the WordPress/ website issues were being dealt with and worked on by one of the team.

In many cases, lone bloggers will work on the website maintenance and issues late at night, lone blogging can rob you of a lot of time. With a team you can get a lot of that time back. The main important thing to get clear at the beginning is to get everyone to agree that you all put in the equal amount of time, effort and investment and that you all take out an equal share of the profits when they start rolling in.

If Pat Flynn can generate over $50,000 a month from doing most of the work himself, imagine what a good team of friends can do when they put their minds to it. It would be a bonus if everyone lived near to one another; you could have a great time meeting up once a month to discuss workload, growth and ideas, failing that, a group Skype chat. This itself can help alleviate some of the issues of loneliness that can come about from being a lone blogger.

People are proud and want to achieve things on their own merit, maybe for the glory or just to have the spoils all to themselves but do not go thinking that this will be easy, it might take a while and while you are at it, don’t go overlooking the possibilities and results that can come about by creating a co-operative with likeminded people.

It could be just what you need to grow that site, give you more freedom, reduce the stress and achieve the results you desire a lot faster. Now doesn’t that sound like something worth considering?

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  1. I’m catching up with this post on the eve of our phase 1 hive launch, and I must admit, I find this post quite soothing to read. A group of friends / business associates pooling their skills together, I instantly thought we are a min co-operative group ourselves 🙂 A very true post too – in most situations, at my BNI group we are forming power teams – to help each other get more business, a power team is a linked team that share contacts – so a builder, plasterer, plumber, electrician all meet separately and share their contacts. A clever way to always do better. Reading this post will definitely inspire people I think 🙂

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