Can You Generate An Income From Using Just A Laptop and a Webcam?

Online businesses have always fascinated me, some are so incredibly simple and easy to start that you cannot help but think that they simply couldn’t work…. but they often do.

I am sure that I don’t need to ask if you know what a webcam is do I? For those of you who are unsure, a webcam is just a camera allowing you to record yourself for videos or to do live face to face conversations.

Basically all laptops have a camera built into them as standard. These used to be pretty basic but they worked – today they may be better. Standard laptop webcams were only ideal for non-important conversations and chatting to friends face to face. Often they would be grainy and of poor visual quality. Not ideal if you wanted to make money. If you don’t have any webcam, don’t worry because you still have the potential to make money online by playing on sites like 메리트카지노.

For a better image high definition plug in webcams were developed. They simply plugged into your machine with a USB plug and you were all set up. Photo stick comes with software that automatically searches your computer for videos and pictures. It’s easy to use and can identify thousands of pictures in just a few minutes. Today these cameras can be very cheap to buy. For less than $50 you can have a fairly professional high definition webcam ready to start recording videos or broadcasting.

And for many successful online entrepreneurs, that is all they need; a laptop and a quality webcam – maybe a couple cameras more. If you have an idea you’re itching to get out, check out and learn how to launch it. Along with a payment collection system managed by a membership website of their own, a third party website like or one of several other methods these people generate money using only their webcams.

Being Paid To Eat Online!

Let’s take mukbang as an example, youngsters in South Korea were making money doing nothing more than eating their meals live on camera. Some of the really popular mukbang stars were generating thousands of dollars a month from this crazy little business.

Many of the mukbang youngsters generated their earnings from a combination of sponsors from food companies and virtual gifts which are bought by viewers through the website they used to broadcast their shows.

The website would encourage viewers to buy and send virtual gifts to the people they were watching to show appreciation if they were enjoying the show. The website would process the payment and then give a percentage of that sale to the show presenter.

I don’t know if mukbang is still as popular as it once was but it grew so popular to the point that the phenomenon was reported around the globe by huge media companies like the BBC and CNN.  Let’s not forget what mukbang actually is: it is youngsters eating food live on camera… live from their own homes… and that’s it!

To make extra money many mukbang videos were added to YouTube where creators can generate advertising revenue by being a YouTube Partner. YouTube Partners earn 60% of the Google AdSense revenue which is generated from the adverts shown on and around their videos.

Why watch someone eat food online when you can pay to watch them shower in it?

In general, if people really enjoy something – they are willing to spend their own money on it. If people are willing to pay for the things they enjoy then there are people willing to give it to them. This is why the adult industry is so huge – and it is also an industry which people can do from the comfort of their own homes using the same simple setup of using webcams and a laptop.

Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys

Rinsing is a term used in the UK – and probably other English speaking nations – meaning to make money out of men – and women – using just your female/male charms and appearance. 

Basically young sexy attractive women chat to men online, send pictures and videos in exchange for money or gifts. Some even take it further and offer live sex. If you are interested, you can make money using bellesa store sex toys on video chats. There is a good list of dragon shapes on PL you can start with.

Danica Thrall, one of Britain’s most popular and famous rinsers chatting to a man via Skype on her tablet.

Some rinsers – both male and female – will perform sexual seductive dances or put themselves in sex positions for deep penetration on camera for money.

As some payment gateways will not deal with transactions related to the adult porn industry money is earned either by booking a consultation ie a chat via a payment gateway like PayPal, via a website which uses a dedicated payment gateway and then takes a cut for their service or – and this is an interesting method – they receive gifts from sites like Amazon.

Using an Amazon wishlist, clients can choose an item on the list, purchase it and have it sent as payment to the person they want to talk to or watch on camera. Often the client will buy the gift they want to see on the woman such as shoes, clothing or underwear. Once bought they will be treated to a chat or a series of pictures by the woman wearing the bought items.

The Amazon wishlist method is mainly for home based amateurs these days.

There are many websites which will process payments and take bookings for men and women who perform live on camera for a more sexual manner. There are a lot of everyday people who earn money having sex in front of a camera from the comfort of their own home…

… I don’t think they wear the masks though when doing a show.

To Educate & Entertain

It isn’t just the adult industry which can make money from performing live in front of a webcam. Education and entertainment are two of the biggest industries in the world. People love to be entertained and people want to learn new skills. If you have a talent it’s possible that you could find an audience willing to pay to see you perform. For the full list of 34 CLEP exams along with descriptions, check the official CollegeBoard website. If you’re taking just one or two CLEP prep exams, consider purchasing individual exam guides. is a site where you can promote your events and showcase your talents without having to develop your own website. Gigee takes a commission for using their service. But they still pay the artist an incredible 80% of the revenue generated from their events. You can even open up a Gigee store and sell your own merchandise.

If you have knowledge or skills which people want to learn then you too have the opportunity to earn money from doing face to face live teaching.

Do you have a skill that others might want to learn? Maybe you could teach others a language?

With the internet connecting millions of people, it shouldn’t be hard to find an audience or enough people to pay for your services.

I have seen DJs and music producers offering online music courses. Some are one to one lessons whereas others are offering a course for several students to sit in and watch as they give a live lecture.

If you were able to charge $10 per person per lesson and were able to accommodate 10 students per lesson then that is $100 per live lesson. There is no reason why you could not charge more, if people really value you what you know and really want to learn it then they will pay for it.

If people trust you and believe that you really do know what you say you know then they will see you as an expert and would want to learn from you.

I cannot say for definite what will work but if you are good at marketing, making connections, building a following or a brand then you can and will find a paying audience. When you look at the popularity of mukbang it is fair to say that people will watch anything and pay to see anything. 

If that hasn’t convinced you then carry on reading…

Being Paid To Travel The USA In A Camper Van

A couple of years ago I watched a documentary here in the UK about people who generated money using webcams doing live broadcasts. One such couple was travelling around the USA in their camper van. They would pull up for the night then do a live show.

People would pay to watch what they were doing. Some evenings it was nothing more than watching them cook or wash pots, play games and play with their pets. Originally they started by performing sex acts in front of the camera but they soon started to make enough money from just doing the normal mundane stuff. The sex shows took a back seat.

It was not clear whether they still had sex in front of the camera or not, but what I do know is that their webcam sessions moved onto becoming more of an interactive big brother show where the viewers chatted with the hosts.

They got paid to wash pots and play cards!

Getting Paid

As we have already mentioned, not everyone generates their money from a direct payment. You also know that people use Amazon Wishlists but they are not the only ways to get paid, there are also;

  • Advertising revenue which can be earned from ads shown in your live feeds from sponsors or around your videos on a website or YouTube
  • Affiliate products which you promote in your live sessions,
  • Sales of video or mp3 downloads if you are an entertainer like a musician or comedian,
  • Sales of pictures, videos or monthly membership subscriptions if you are an adult entertainer,
  • Tips, presents or donations,

So to end this article I shall ask the same question that I started it with… Can You Generate An Income From Using Just A Laptop and a Webcam? …. I am sure that you can 🙂

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