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Killer Headlines You Can Use For Your Blog Posts

  • December 20 , 2013

killer headlines

Having a great headline is essential for any post throughout your content marketing strategy. It’s the title that makes the reader decide to click through to read more, to open that email or post instead of opting for the many others. Magazine publishers spend millions of dollars trying to perfect their content strategy and the headline will be a big part in that.

Next time you are at a magazine stand try and see which magazines your eyes are drawn too (careful, try not to drift up to the top….) and then check out some of the headlines on the front cover. They will have on the front cover titles of articles that are included in that edition.

It is these headlines that will essentially make you decide if you are going to buy it or not. Was it intriguing enough? Did it leave you wanting to know the answer?

People say you should not judge a book by its cover – but essentially people do, whether we like it or not. It’s the same with magazines for the first time buyer. You see the magazine company hopes you will become a new regular reader obviously. But its winning you over from all the other competing magazines that matters the most. Once they have converted you the hard part is done…..

So How Do They Do It?

Well, like with any successful blog post or actually any successful content marketing strategy online or offline they use great, captivating titles; or headlines.

Lets take some examples. If you were a Gardener and just discovered a great way to double the size of your tomatoes, which headline would captivate you the most?

  • How To Grow Bigger Tomatoes
  • How I Doubled The Size of My Tomatoes With One Simple Trick!

Sure in some ways both are fairly captivating, but in my view and hopefully most of yours the 2nd headline seems more appealing.

It gives the reader an understanding of what they are going to get from the article. The first one is a little vague and does not really say too much. The next headline draws people in and also gives a promise that by reading the article you will learn something simple that you can apply with your own tomato growth!

Here is a presentation from We Are Visual showing you 12 killer headlines you are free to use and adapt in your own content marketing strategies:

The best thing about these titles is they are already proven – these are taken from some of the top magazines around the world. The publishing houses spend millions of dollars on advertising and making sure they get the best hook from their audience.

They are all everygreen and you can apply them to virtually any niche.

For some more ideas on specifically blog posts – check out Matt’s post: 15 Blog Post Ideas When You Are Stuck For Blog Post Ideas

3 Ways To Help You Remember Those Million Dollar Ideas

  • December 16 , 2013

The brain is an incredible machine, while you are busy doing stuff it is quietly whirring away mulling over all of the information you have been feeding it such as your wants and desires and then without warning while you are right in the middle of something it throws an idea right into your mind’s eye.

You can see it clear as day and it knocks you back, ‘oooh that is a good idea’ you think to yourself, ‘I gotta remember that’ and then you carry on doing what you were doing. Here lies the problem, you do not remember it because you get busy doing other things and these flashes of genius inspiration are fleeting and hey go as quickly as they come unless you take 5 minutes to seriously think about them. If you do not take note of them they become buried under the other thousands of thoughts you have that day.

While you are busy working you probably do not have much spare time to get thinking about the idea deeply and all that it entails so it is important that you take note of these ideas as they come. Believe it or not these ideas are often the big multi-million dollar winners that can change your life forever.

Many of the most successful people listen out for these ideas, they take note of them and then they think about them until they grow and evolve into a plan of action which when followed creates projects and businesses that changes their lives for the better.

1 The Traditional Note Book And Pen

This is the oldest and one of the easiest ways of taking note of the things you need to remember. Successful people of the past wouldn’t leave the house without a note pad and pen. Way before smart phones or laptops were invented people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and millions more would always carry a pocket size notepad around with them wherever they went so they could take notes of any flashes of inspiration they received from deep within their sub consciousnesses.

Ideally you need a small notebook that fits nicely into a pocket but I personally find it hard to write well in small notebooks however they are not for doing full articles or stories but more for general ideas and brainstorming so small is good. When I worked and lived in Surrey I occasionally had to catch a train when visiting family in Lincolnshire so I had a medium sized notepad which I kept in my bag and I would get it out and do brainstorming sessions. I could rest on my bag or on a table if there was a table seat available.

notebook brainstorming

The image above shows a brainstorming session I had from ideas I had previously written down when they flashed across my mind.

2 Using A Dictaphone

I have one of these and I spent quite a few days using it when I was thinking up content for a book I was writing. The great thing about using a Dictaphone was that I could hold it with one hand and talk while I carried on doing other work. It was ideal for the job I was doing at the time; if you needed both hands then it could be a bit more difficult unless you can stand/hang it close to where you are working. I would simply talk through my ideas and it would record them as an audio file that I could upload to my computer.

Dictaphones are great if you are writing a fictional book especially if you want to create the story and pay someone to do the actual writing. While sitting in a quiet room or somewhere where you will not be disturbed like a wood or sand dunes where you can relax and simply allow your mind to see the story happening speak it out loud in detail. Say everything that you are imagining and record it as audio files which you can then pop into a shareable folder like DropBox or Google Drive or email to your ghost writer.

These days you do not need to buy a Dictaphone if you own a smartphone as these usually come with a voice recorder so you can easily create short notes about any ideas you have by simply hitting record and speaking into your phones mouth piece. If you intend to write a fictional book then a Dictaphone is probably better than a smartphone as it will have more space for longer recordings.

Having a Dictaphone close to hand is great when those flashes of inspiration and ideas just pop right into your head, you pull it out of your pocket, hit record and say what the idea was. Now you have it saved ready to work on later.

Some Dictaphones come with software which should convert the audio into text so you can simply edit the information in a text file however my experience is that it really isn’t that reliable. For it to work properly you need to set the software to your voice and it doesn’t convert words well if there was a lot of background noise. Personally I would simply playback the ideas as a recording and type or write them up to work through.

3 Send Yourself A Text

I like this one, it saves carrying a notebook and pen around and let’s be honest, pens/pencils are very easy to lose and if you do lose them then you have no way of writing down your ideas. Sending yourself a text can quickly and easily create a note of any ideas you may have. Smartphones also allow you to create notes and some come with software like Evernote or MS Word for creating documents of ideas but I find that it is often easier to open up the text editor, write out a message and simply send it to myself.

When I return home and go to my office I open up my text message folder and there are my ideas ready for me to write down in a proper ideas book that I have and I can start to brainstorm these ideas and watch them grow.

text message

Because I have my phone with me all the time I should never forget any ideas I have, if I do forget I have no real excuse, it is my own fault for not making note of them with the technology and tools I have with me each and every day .

So there you go, 3 simple ways to make a record of any ideas that you may have that flash into your mind when you are busy. Remember these fleeting ideas we get are the ones that can turn people into big successes so to not take note of them could be financial suicide. I am sure you do not want that do you?

Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online

  • December 13 , 2013

Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online
I am sure many of you have heard of the world famous Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, I wouldn’t be surprised if you many of you have read it. The books are collections of inspiring stories that have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and now has around 200 titles in the series.

What I like about this story is that the book itself is a collection of other people stories and not a book that had to be ‘thought about’ in the traditional sense. The information was there in front of the writers, they did not have to go the rough the character or story development that fiction writers normally need to do or the incredible amount of creative writing that a fiction writer would do.

chicken soup
Yes they needed an outline on how they wanted the book and they had to write the book, they couldn’t just copy and paste vast chunks of stuff from papers, they needed to write it out in their own way (I believe it was written by ghost-writer!) but most of the work is done for them.

A car accident attorney is a legally trained attorney, who assists people by advocating for them when they have been in a car accident. Car accidents are the biggest causes of personal injury in the United States. As a result there are many personal injury claims. When you have been in a car accident that resulted from another person’s negligence, you are entitled to get compensation from that person.  You can visit here If you are on probation, you are expected to be in compliance with all of the terms of your probation. The compensation will come in the form of a settlement. You can be compensated for a variety of things that resulted from the accident, and these include; medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages. Federal rules regulate car accidents and their settlements. But each state also has its own laws and regulations. This is why, it is important that you hire a car accident attorney who is qualified and licensed to practice in your state. Car accident attorneys are trained in all areas of the law, but then they go on to specialize in this particular area of the law. Even on news you can get information about car accident attorney.

Another excellent and popular book is the Darwin Awards, a collection of strange deaths and accidents by stupid people, things that could have been avoided and would have been avoid by normal sane people but those who clearly were short of a few sandwiches of a full picnic did some extraordinary things to create their own demise. French scientists have recently announced that driving under the influence of cannabis can double your chances of causing a fatal car accident. Researchers from the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research (INRETS) carried out a study of 10,748 drivers who were involved in fatal car accidents between 2001 and 2003. 7 percent of the drivers tested positive for cannabis and 21.4 percent for alcohol use.  According to recent government statistics a third of people have taken drugs at one point in their lives and 10% have tried them in the past year. Whilst the use of non prescription drugs is illegal in the UK, for many people smoking a joint is as natural as having a pint of beer. Unfortunately, a large proportion of drug users still drive after taking drugs, as they don’t appreciate the danger they pose. Drink driving, whilst still an issue in the UK, is becoming a taboo subject among those who partake in a tipple. However, because drug use is against the law, many people who use drugs are unaware of, or not concerned about the risks of drug driving. Connecticut bail bond firm’s lawyers said that, we can help you out with bail for any drug related crimes no problem. Criminal defense attorneys аrе specialists іn managing criminal cases оf various scopes. Thеѕе аrе lawyers whоѕе vocation іѕ established оn supplying vital services tо thе individuals whо аrе accused аѕ criminal bу thе court оf law. Thе fundamental intention оf acquiring thе service оf a criminal defense attorney іѕ thаt, thіѕ lawyer wіll dispute thе positions wіth respect tо numerous laws аnd sections produced tо serve thе people іn opposition tо thе criminal cases. Criminal lawyers аrе classified undеr diverse classifications аnd sections.
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The book gets its name from Charles Darwin’s theory that a species gets stronger as the weaker genes die out. The people in the book are the weaker part to humanity and when you read it you can see why. Here is one such example…

(15 July 1999, Tennessee) Seven firefighters from the Sequoyah Volunteer Fire Department, located in rural Hamilton County north of Chattanooga, decided to impress their Chief by surreptitiously setting fire to a house, then heroically extinguishing the blaze. The men apparently hatched the plan in order to help Daniel, a former firefighter, return to duty.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s career plans were irreversibly snuffed when he became trapped while pouring gasoline inside the house. Surrounded by smoke and flames, he was unable to escape, and died inside the burning house on June 26.

His six accomplices are facing 87 years in prison for conspiracy, arson, and burglary. –

What struck me is how successful these two books and many others are and how many similar sites online are popular, sites that are full of other peoples stuff whether it is inspiring stories, quotes, public domain books or even pictures.

There is a huge business here using other people’s stuff, probably one of the fastest ways to make money online is to become a collector and editor of other people’s stories or work. Much of this can be niche specific, for example, if you love graffiti art, you could create a book or series of books full of photos documenting different countries or cities on your travels.

OK so you need a camera to take the pictures but this is the digital age, a picture can be taken and shared there and then. The artwork itself is the main interest to others and that is already done for you. You are not writing or painting for several hours are you?

There are websites where people share their own graffiti pictures, saving the site owners a lot of work, they focus on the maintenance and running of the site. There are also sites where people upload their own written stories again leaving the site owners to focus on running the site.

There are so many different ways that you can create books, eBooks or websites using other people’s content or stories. You might need to send out the odd email asking for permission to use things if they have not be sent to you by willing people but I tend to work on a rule of thumb, if something has been published in a newspaper and it is factual then you are good to go.

You might need to send a courtesy email to make sure it is ok to use someone’s name but generally you cannot copyright fact and if you wanted to write a book about serial killers you would not need to ask permission to use the facts or details as they are well documented in all of the press and in now part of the history of society.

Books on true crime have always been best sellers; again the reason is that the information is there in front of you to take and re package in your own way. It is factual and cannot be copyrighted by anyone. Even writing book about celebrities can be lucrative, look at how many unofficial books are out, if they stick to the facts of what is already known then they are usually safe.

If however you started writing about possible affairs with no true facts then you are touching upon slanders ground and then you can be liable. Simply stick to the facts.

Compiling information for your website has never been easier, we have the internet crammed full of great stories that we can search for, we search from our smart phones, we can copy and paste information into word documents ready to edit and re write.

We can access the internet with our phones and tablets and can do research while sat on the train or bus, we can book mark websites to go back to when we are ready. We have T.V. that can be recorded onto hard drive, paused live or rewound, if you missed shows you can re watch them online with things like the BBC iPlayer and then if that isn’t enough there is the good old newspaper.

An old fashioned pen and paper can be handy to have on you to write down reminders of where you saw stories so you can go back to them later or ideas that you have had for your website.

With the book The Chicken Soup For The Soul, money was made by selling the book, there is still opportunities to sell books, but things have changed these days, you can still sell physical books but there is a big slant to eBooks with the growing popularity of the Amazon Kindle and similar devices. I even have a Kindle app on my phone allowing me to read eBooks and PDFs anywhere anytime.

EBooks can still be sold for a regular price even though many are being sold cheaper than physical books and to be honest it makes sense, physical books need to be made and distributed, eBooks do not and they also allow many people the freedom to become author and publisher without the need of the big publishing companies.

If you decide that eBooks are not for you and wanted to focus on a website instead, money can be generated by selling advertising space, growing an email list and promoting products that might be of interest to the people who regularly visit your site. It is possible that you could create a club and charge for a subscription creating an online membership site. People love being part of a network of like-minded people and they well pay to be part of what they love.

If people will pay to buy magazines about model railways or hairdressing each month then why won’t they pay for a similar online magazine? The main thing that I wanted to get across today that is very possible to create a business and generate huge profits from using other people’s work and stories while making it that little bit easier for you, it has worked beautifully for Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and many others so why cannot it work for you?

Blog Post Length – How Long Should I Make My Blog Post?

  • December 9 , 2013

Blog post length is something that many bloggers think about and is one question that I get asked a lot online.  So exactly how long should a blog post be?  Well this is what I’ll be discussing in this post.

Short Blog Posts vs Long Blog Posts

If you read online about this subject you will see that there are generally two viewpoints as to which is the best approach – short blog posts or long blog posts.

Of course another BIG factor is the subject matter that you are writing about.  Certain content (i.e. tutorials) will naturally be longer as you would need to explain in greater detail, whereas other content (i.e. news) may only need to be brief.

Now, both long and short posts have their advantages and disadvantages, which makes it a complicated decision to make. On the long run, it might be best to consider hiring PlacementSEO and have them do a complete competitor analysis and determine what the length of your blog post should be.

Short Blog Posts


Short blog posts are obviously much quicker to write.  This is a major benefit if you have a site that needs to publish lots of content, perhaps daily or even multiple times a day.  In comparison, it is much harder to write out a really long blog post (i.e. 1000+ words) on a daily basis, as that can take its toll on the writer.

Short blog posts can encourage visitors to read the entire post.  People don’t have long attention spans online, so short, quick to read posts are a great way to get the information that they want.  This is particularly noticeable on news or magazine based websites as they publish a lot (not all) of bite sized content for their readers.


Short blog posts don’t tend to include a lot of information.  Whilst they may be good for news related items, anything else really requires more info for readers.  You couldn’t hope to explain the inner workings of a subject in 300 words or less.  If anything, trying to do that would just end up frustrating your readers and encouraging them to go elsewhere to find what they were looking for.

Short blog posts can be harder to rank in the search engines.  Now I’m not saying that they can’t because plenty of short posts can rank well, but I do believe it is harder for them to do so.  This is because of the way SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works.  For search engines to determine what your content is about, they look at different aspects of it.  These are referred to as on-page SEO techniques, so obviously the sorter your post is, the less of these you can include to help you rank.

Long Blog Posts

The advantages and disadvantages of long blog posts are basically just the reverse of short posts, so to make it easier I’ll just list these as bullet points.


  • Can contain much more information for people to read,
  • Can include more on-page SEO techniques and keywords to help it rank well in the search engines.


  • Long blog posts take much longer to write,
  • People won’t generally read the whole post, instead preferring to scan through it for the information that they are after.

So Which Is Better – Short Blog Posts or Long Blog Posts?

A lot will depend on the subject that you are writing about, but if I had to choose I would lean towards longer posts.  This is simply for the fact that they are easier (not guaranteed) to rank in the search engines.  That is something that you should really focus on doing as search engines can send you a lot of traffic if you can rank well.

Essentially though, there is no “better” type.  As we have discussed, both have their pros and cons.  If anything, people should try to stop thinking about blog post length all together and just focus on producing the best quality content that they can.  Try mixing it up a bit on your site and produce both long and short posts – long posts to help rank well and explain topics on greater detail and shorter ones to keep your readers interested and up-to-date on news in your industry.

What is your opinion on blog post length?  Do you prefer to write/read short blog posts or long blog posts?  We want to hear your opinions, so please let us know via the comment section below.

bizzebee manifesto title

The BizzeBee Manifesto!

  • December 6 , 2013

The BizzeBee Manifesto!

The post is going to be very short – well, in terms of word quantity but not in terms of word power and quality! It’s time to present The BizzeBee Manifesto! This is a collection of thoughts, quotes, sayings and statements that we all live by here on BizzeBee. Feel free to distribute this, print it off, hang it in your rooms, offices, bathroom doors – where ever!

We do ask that if you share it on your site please credit us with a link back here. There is an auto-embed code generator at the bottom!

BizzeBee Manifesto

You can download a PDF copy of the manifesto here (right-click, save as): DOWNLOAD MANIFESTO!

If you like it and do decide to print it off, send us the pictures of it hanging with pride. Post your pictures over to our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.

The Dangers Of Using Solo Ads & List Swaps

  • November 29 , 2013

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business, traffic = people, they are the footfall of the cyber high street and you want as much as you can to visit your website and join your email lists.

solo ad1

But you don’t just want any traffic you want plenty of good traffic, you want what we called highly targeted traffic, this is people who are looking for the exact same stuff you have on your website and selling.

It makes sense really, you wouldn’t want to build a website and email list about cooking meat and butchery and have your site visited by vegetarians, you know they will not sign up for your newsletters or buy your products.

There are plenty of different ways to generate traffic to your site, from SEO to paid advertising. The one I want to discuss with you should in theory be a great one and that is the method called solo ads.

A solo ad is where you pay someone who has an established list to send out an email with your details in it. It could be an advert or a written email recommending your site, product or newsletter. Prices vary from person to person and normally you pay with a guaranteed click rate. The bigger list owners can charge more especially if their list is a good quality list.

You would buy a solo ad from someone who is in the same market as you so for the example above with the butchery website you would look for someone who was also in the meat industry, but someone who was in a slightly different yet complimentary sub niche like BBQ lovers and specialists. Sometimes list owners will not offer solo ads to someone in the exact same niche to prevent losing subscribers.

Again it makes sense, a person can subscribe to a newsletter for BBQ techniques and equipment as well as list about how to cook and prepare meat but if they subscribed to two newsletters about BBQ techniques and equipment the day may come when they decide that they do not need both and chose one over the other. Email list owners do not want to risk that so they may not sell you a solo ad if you are in direct competition.

A list swap is like a solo ad but you do it for free because you also send an email to your list recommending the other persons site, product or newsletter. You would do a list swap of same numbers, for example, if you already had a list of 200 people you would do a swap with a list owner who also had 200 people. Sometimes bigger list owners will do a swap and send an email to only 200 people on their list but usually it is like for like.

List swaps and solo ads can be arranged by joining sites like, &

solo 2

Now this sounds really good but you do have to be very careful, like all industries there can be some very unscrupulous people about. Some people will knowingly sell you a solo ad or do a list swap with you using a really rubbish list. In the past some people have built up huge lists very fast by using companies like AdFly which, in all honesty, dupes people into signing up.

AdFly places ads between a link and its destination, when someone clicks the link and expects to see a video but a big ‘Click Here’ button or ‘sign up’ form appears they often do what they are told thinking it is part of getting to the video or page. It usually isn’t.

These lists are often full of people from the Asian continent who are not interested in your offers, the reason many come from certain parts of the world over others is that it is a lot cheaper to advertise there so building a big list very fast is also very cheap.

It is also very fair to say that some nationalities are less cynical than the Western world and may not understand the art of Copywriting and also have far worse living conditions then the rest of us so when they are sent an email offering them life changing riches or products they are more willing to click the links and sign up. When they see your offers, they are very unlikely to buy, some countries do not use PayPal or issue credit/ debit cards like ours, many cannot even afford the product so the decision is made for them whether they wanted to buy or not. In truth, these lists are useless.

So I think you know where I am going with this, dodgy marketers will sell you a solo ad for say $60 to a list of people who may click and sign up for your newsletter or promotion but will hardly buy. In the long run this will cost you more than your initial purchase price as you will increase your monthly costs with Aweber or whichever autoresponder company you use.

There is also ‘List abuse’, it sounds harsh but that is what it is called and it is seriously frowned upon in the industry but it still happens, normally in the make money niche but there could be others in different niches who do it. List abuse is where someone who wants to build a good quality list fast and cheaply will create a list using the same method as mentioned above, they will then go to the list swapping sites and offer to do a list swap.

They know that their list is crap, this is often referred to as the extreme list, but they offer it up anyway and when they do a list swap with someone who has spent a lot of time and money cultivating a list they then take people away from that list to join their ‘new list’ that they are building via a different opt-in form.

While they are now building a new clean list the other list owner is now having his list polluted with people who really are not interested in his products or are not likely to ever buy. The practice is really disliked but it can happen so you should be very careful who you do your swaps with.

The problem is how do you tell? Some list swap sites will have feedback and reviews but these can be unreliable, after a swap, a list owner may get 200 new sign ups, write a positive review but not realise for a few weeks or months that all of his new leads are rubbish.

The reason they build a big list cheaply is that it gives them the edge, if you are just starting out and have only a list of 50 you are restricted to who you can swap with and what you can charge for sending out a solo ad, it can take time to get up to big list using normal list building methods. If you build a dodgy extreme list quickly you can be in and out with a new clean list or a few extra dollars fairly quickly.

The other thing to be aware of is how many solo ads and swaps has a list owner done, a list owner might have a few thousand subscribers on his list but if he send out a recommendation to other peoples products, newsletters or offers every day or week and nothing else useful they can soon destroy their list. People will get fed up of the adverts and simply stop clicking through and many will just not open the emails. Doing a list swap or paying for a solo ad is a very daunting thing, it is recommended that you do your research and go in with your eyes open!

How To Build An Authority Site Using a Co Operative

  • November 27 , 2013

Many years ago, the Co-Operative was a common way people built businesses, in the UK the Co-Op group became a household name, it is owned by its members and has over 6 million of them.Insulation4US is the premier insulation merchant for the world’s leading brands. Our longstanding relationships with key manufacturers such as Owens Corning, Rockwool, Rmax, Hunter, ICP Adhesives and many more allows us to provide unrivalled value for money, while our many years of industry experience mean we can source and deliver the best insulation products for less.If you are looking for the where to buy insulation then go through this, you will get the best insulation for your home. The roofing companies Indianapolis IN offer the first-class solutions for your roofer problem.

The group comprises a family of businesses, including: food shops, travel, financial services, healthcare, funeralcare, legal services, motors and online op 1

The organisation grew from a small unit of tradesmen during the industrial revolution who were struggling to buy food; they were being pushed into poverty thanks to the new developments and advancements in technology which was taking away their work.

They came together to open up a shop to sell food and supplies at affordable prices to people who were struggling. Every member put in money and then they took out their share of the ‘Divi’. The ‘Divi’ short for dividends is the profit, the money that is left after all the expenses are paid for.

There have been many different types of co-operative set ups, in the building trade, companies have been created where several different trades have joined together, each putting in the same amount at the beginning and then taking out an equal share of the dividends of the business.

co op 2

This idea is a great one because a building firm that wants to build houses will require many different trades and can growing your company. A house build will include bricklaying, woodwork, plastering, electrics, plumbing and roofing with Gryphon roofing phoenix  so it would be ideal if at least one person from each of these trades came together to create a co-operative group meaning they are able to build a house quickly and with ease without needing to bring other people. These trades are very different from each other yet they compliment themselves beautifully. Next Wave Roofing (for commercial roofing) company provide you with a guarantee and warranty for the services they offer.

So how does this relate to building an authority site? Well, there is big money to be made with websites, John Chow makes an average $40k a month from his sites and who wouldn’t want a slice of that? But before you get too excited, there is also a lot of work involved in creating a successful website.

Bloggers will spend a lot of time creating content whether it be written posts, videos or infographs. Then there is the technical side of having a website, keeping the site secure and keeping on top of any hosting or broadband issues that will one day arise.

A successful website needs traffic, without traffic a website will fail so there are the traffic generation methods to be worked on which includes running social media campaigns, guest posting campaigns and even advertising campaigns.

If you are planning to generate money from your website by selling advertising space then you will need to organise advertising for clients and invoicing them each month. If you were thinking of making money from any form of affiliate marketing you will need to source good products to promote and keep changing them if the products are no longer available or they are not generating you any money.

If you decide to create your own eBooks and products then again there is plenty of work involved in getting these things made and ready to sell. Shall I go on? I don’t think I need to say much more to make you realise that there is a lot of work involved in building a website.

I haven’t even touched on things like keyword research but what I will say is that Google loves content, and the more quality content you post on your website and put out onto the internet will be seen by the search engines. The more people that share your posts and link to them the faster your site will grow.

This is really good for you but guess what? Creating content is not easy, even if you really love the subject matter with a passion, doing it for months on end can get hard. This article could take me well over an hour to write or maybe two. Some posts have taken me up to 5 hours to write especially if I have plenty of images to modify or screenshots to make and add relevant links.

Creating content can take a big chunk of your time so imagine trying to create all of that yourself as well as doing all of the other jobs I mentioned that comes with having your own blog/website. This is where the co-operative comes in to play.

As we know a website can grow faster when more content is added and when that content is shared, when a website grows faster than normal it will get results quicker. Makes sense really, the faster you drive your car the faster you will get to your chosen destination.

So with that in mind, if you want to grow a website quickly and start getting results fast then maybe you should consider creating your very own co-operative team. This team would include people who have expertise and skills that you do not, but which compliments yours perfectly.

For example, if you were a writer like me, and knew that you could create a lot of good articles but were not a big fan of meddling with WordPress themes and plugins, it would be a great idea to join forces with a person who loved tinkering with WordPress.

Add to the mix someone who was great at creating videos and slideshows, someone who was great at social media postings and viral marketing campaigns and maybe another writer or two, you would have built up a team that would churn out great content for the website without getting burnt out, the social media networking will be going on while you were writing, and the WordPress/ website issues were being dealt with and worked on by one of the team.

In many cases, lone bloggers will work on the website maintenance and issues late at night, lone blogging can rob you of a lot of time. With a team you can get a lot of that time back. The main important thing to get clear at the beginning is to get everyone to agree that you all put in the equal amount of time, effort and investment and that you all take out an equal share of the profits when they start rolling in.

If Pat Flynn can generate over $50,000 a month from doing most of the work himself, imagine what a good team of friends can do when they put their minds to it. It would be a bonus if everyone lived near to one another; you could have a great time meeting up once a month to discuss workload, growth and ideas, failing that, a group Skype chat. This itself can help alleviate some of the issues of loneliness that can come about from being a lone blogger.

People are proud and want to achieve things on their own merit, maybe for the glory or just to have the spoils all to themselves but do not go thinking that this will be easy, it might take a while and while you are at it, don’t go overlooking the possibilities and results that can come about by creating a co-operative with likeminded people.

It could be just what you need to grow that site, give you more freedom, reduce the stress and achieve the results you desire a lot faster. Now doesn’t that sound like something worth considering?

Where Are My Website Visitors Coming From?

  • November 25 , 2013


Traffic is something that is talked a lot about online, and with good reason as it is vital for all sites.  That being said, people tend to focus heavily on “how many” and often overlook “where” your website visitors are coming from.  I feel that this is a mistake, which is what I want to talk about in this post.

So Where Are My Website Visitors Coming From?

Many experienced website owners will agree that one of the most important pieces of information you should learn (and keep an eye on) is where your website visitors are coming from.  If you can tell where your website traffic is coming from, you have a better overall understanding of your site as a whole.

Key information that you will want to learn about your site includes;

  • Where in the world your website visitors are coming from,
  • What websites are sending you traffic (known as referrers),
  • Which social media sites send you the most traffic,
  • Which keywords & keyphrases are sending you the most traffic,
  • Which type of device (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc) are people viewing your site with,
  • Which browsers (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are people viewing your site with,

This information will give you a MUCH greater picture of how your website is performing online, as well as allowing you to see key areas that you can improve upon.

By far the easiest and most effective way of learning this information is by setting up Google Analytics for your site.  A vital tool for any site, it allows you to monitor all the above mentioned info, as well as statistics like; number of visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, average time spent on a page and much, much more!

Where In The World Are Your Website Visitors From?

This is by far my favourite piece of information to take a look at for a site.  I find it amazing to learn just how far reaching a website can be, as you can often be blind to that when sat at a desk all day.  Seeing that your site is getting lots of hits from other countries from all around the world can really inspire you to push on and create an even better site.

With Google Analytics, not only can use see your site traffic statistics from each individual country, but you can also view continental traffic, sub-continental region traffic and even traffic from individual cities!


So, why is this information important?  Well, not only does it give you a more accurate representation of who your site visitors are but it allows you to tailor content to a more targeted audience.

For example, let’s say that you ran a sports blog.  You may tend to write a lot of posts on Football as that is what interests you, but having checked your Analytics and found that the majority of your visitors were from India, you may want to focus more on sports that they like (i.e. Cricket).

Not only that but knowing where your visitors are from, you can work around national holidays and even work them into your site somehow.  Why not run a promotion around Thanksgiving for your American readers, mention the Chinese New Year for your Asian readers (which is on a different date that our New Year) or get into the spirit of Bonfire night for UK readers.  All that helps to reinforce your relationship with your global readers, not just the ones who you “think” are visiting your site.

Which Websites Are Sending You Traffic?

Take a look at your Analytics data to see which websites are sending you the most traffic.  You may find a new site that has linked to you, written a review about you or mentioned you in a post.

A good thing to look out for is “how” these sites as a whole are sending traffic to you.  Let’s say that you had 100 sites linking to you, but 99% of that traffic was coming from one single site.  That would tell you that;

  1. You need to get more links to try and diversify (as if that 1 link were to disappear, you’d lose out on a lot of traffic),
  2. The site sending you so much traffic is clearly a great site to try and get mentioned more on.

This is a great way to look at improving your linking strategy.  Find what is working and try to replicate that, and for what isn’t working try to concentrate on different methods.

Which Social Media Sites Send You The Most Traffic?

The Social Media Commitment | Bizzebee

Social media should be a key part in your marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you should be spending equal amounts of time on each.  Doing that would eat up a LOT of time, which could be better spent doing other things, such as creating content.

Depending on your site, you may find that despite your best efforts your Twitter campaign just isn’t sending you any traffic, whereas Facebook is.  If that’s the case, you may be better off spending more time on that instead.

Looking at it a different way, you may feel that you need to step up your efforts on the social sites that aren’t working so well.  Maybe try marketing yourself in a different way and switching up your daily routine.

Which Keywords & Keyphrases Are Sending You The Most Traffic?

Finding out what your most popular keywords & keyphrases are can really help you.  Not only will you see how people are finding you on the search engines, but it gives you a better idea of what you should be aiming for more of in the future.

For example, let’s say that you run a cooking blog.  You may write on a whole host of different cooking recipes, but learn that the keywords/keyphrases that are sending you the most traffic are ones about baking.  In that case, perhaps you should spend more time writing baking recipes as that is clearly what is bringing in the traffic.

Which Type Of Devices Are People Viewing Your Site With?

lovefilm mobile_opt

The internet is changing!  More and more people are browsing the web on their smart phones or tablets whilst on the go.  This means that it is VITAL that you site is responsive (mobile friendly) for people to access.

Checking your stats can help you see whether there is a problem with your site that you may not be aware of.  You may notice that your mobile visitors have significantly dropped in the last month, which could indicate there is an issue that needs fixing.  Alternatively, maybe you are only getting visitors from iPhone users, which may mean there is a problem for Android users getting on your site.

This information can be key if you can’t check your site manually.  Personally, I use an Android phone, so it’s good to check that iPhone users can access my site.

Which Browsers Are People Viewing Your Site With?

If you are like me, you tend to use the same browser most of the time.  There are lots of different browsers that people use, so it’s good to know that your site works across all of them.  Now, whilst you should check them yourself (especially when making design changes to your site), looking at your Analytics data can help you out.

For much the same reasons as checking different devices, it just helps you to see if there are any problems occurring on your site.  You may notice a significant drop in traffic for Internet Explorer users, which would probably indicate a problem.  The faster you can spot the problem, the faster you can get it fixed.


Learning exactly where your visitors are coming from is extremely important for your site’s success.  It gives you a much better understanding of who your overall audience is and, more importantly, areas that you can look to improve upon.

Always remember that a site is NEVER finished, it should always look to evolve and improve upon itself.  Only then will you continue to move forward and keep growing your site.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  If so, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

re-purpose content

Why You Should Re-purpose Content

  • November 22 , 2013

re-purpose content

Often we as writers or bloggers can sometimes hit a wall when it comes to creating fresh new content. Your content whether it be on your blog or on other sites should ultimately have a call to action, sometimes this can be a simple comment, maybe you are driving traffic to a landing page, a sales page or just a blog post you want further exposure. Either way everything you write should have an end goal, and you should want your audience to react in some way.

Quite often the content can already be staring you in the face. It’s just not everyone got the best out of it in its current medium. This content can be re-purposed content, or recycled could be another way of putting it.

Take a look at a post you have already written. Can you present this information in any other way?

This is the way of thinking you should get into. Here is an example of what I mean with a post here on BizzeBee.

This post 15 Blog Post Ideas was a post written by Matt Smith. It is a great post and offers tons of great value. I am sure each and every reader got something out of it. But – did they get absolutely everything out of it? Has it stuck in their minds to go back to now and again? Again, I am sure for some yes. But others as with every post on the internet would have read it once and may never return.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, this post is a great example as this information could be presented in many different ways. For example, you could break each of these tips down and talk about them on camera and upload it to YouTube.

Or, you could create a nice SlideShare presentation of the information. Alternatively you could create an Infographic of the information. This is what I have done below and I have not even included the whole post’s worth of information. The beauty of this is it enables us to share it across different platforms such as Pinterest for example. As you can see below the content is largely the same just presented differently.

10 Blog post Ideas

What Is The Main Benefit of Re-purposing Information?

Well, to put it bluntly. Traffic. This is one of the main benefits of doing this, as you will ultimately get a larger reach and more traffic if you share your content across different networks and in different ways.

Some people don’t like reading blog posts, they may prefer to watch a video or listen to a podcast on the way to work. Others may prefer to take snapshots of visual information or add PDF files to their Kindles’. Whatever the content, I am pretty sure in can be presented in many different ways.

Think about this next time you sit down to create content.

Do you have any examples of content re-purposing you would like to share with us?

Five Free Giveaways to Build An Email List

  • November 13 , 2013

If you intend to make money online one of the first things you should do is start to build an email list. You can get your customized email from and get started right away. If you have not yet heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’ then you have had your eyes and ears shut, it is probably the first thing all internet marketers will tell you.

When you have an email list of people who are seriously interested in your websites niche then you can promote to them similar products and generate money. The bigger the list the more earning potential you have. If your list is made up from highly targeted people who are interested in the same niche as your website then you again increase the chances of selling them relevant products. So it is important that you try and build an email list of people who are only interested in your niche. So how do you do that?

Creating an email list is a simple process really; you give away something of value in exchange for a person’s email address. The idea is simple; convincing the stranger to hand over the email address is the hardest part. To get your site visitor to hand over the details you need to give them something of real value. Here are five of the best freebies you can use to generate leads for your email list.

1 Free Reports/eBooks – For years people were giving away free reports & eBooks, at one point it seemed everyone was giving away a free report, they became pretty thin and useless. Many were re hashed material found in hundreds of other reports or simple off the shelf reports made from PLR content. PLR means Private Label Rights; you buy the content and can then re use it as your own or as you please.

Reports and eBooks can be written by outsourcing the work to writers on sites like Elance or for reasonable prices. Ideally you want to create the best eBook you can crammed full of useful information that makes it worth the lead handing over their email details. The bigger and the better is the way forward.


Free Video/ Video Series – This is an excellent give away, if you know something that people will find helpful like SEO then you can create a video or a series of videos that are very easy to make and then offer them as a freebie in exchange for email details.

Screencast video tutorials are made by using software like Camtasia, this is pretty expensive but there are free online software like that allows you to create 15 minutes of free video.

Normally 15 minutes is long enough for video tutorials, you could record a long one in two parts and use free software like Windows Movie Maker to stitch the two halves together to make a longer video if required or for the incredible price of $15 you can use the full version of ScreenCast-O-Matic that allows you to record longer videos and edit them in the editing suite.

3Sales Page Templates/Themes -This is another popular freebie, if you have created a sales page that converts well like Zac Johnson did with his CPA sales pages you can give away the HTML template with images and headlines that can be easily edited with free HTML editing software like NVU.

If you haven’t been using any sales pages yourself you can always pay someone to create some based  on other popular pages and give them away or even have a WordPress child Theme modified to your own specification and give that away for free in exchange for name and email details.

Sales pages, templates and Themes help the newbie to get started; do you think people would not give you their email details to take you up on that helpful offer?

5-7 Day eCourse/Online Course – This is similar to the video course and can in fact use video tutorials as part of the course. For this you offer a short trading course over a set period of 5 or 7 days and you send the new sign up an email with a new part of the course.

The email can contain the course material or you can set the course material on pages on your website and then each email will contain the link to the next part online 4allowing the new subscriber to study the next section.

There are for’s and against’s with both methods, I personally prefer to have the course online and send the new subscriber to the online pages, you can do so much more on a website page than you can within an email. It is more acceptable to put more content on your website than cramming it all into an email and you can add affiliate offers to the online page easier.

Competition – This one is a really good one but also a very tricky one to pull off, you create a competition like ‘Win a Free Website’ where people who want to try and win have to hand over their email details to enter.

5The prize has to be chosen carefully, if you offer an iPad as a prize but your website is about healthy eating, it is very possible that your email list will have people on it who are not interested in your website content and only entered to try and win an iPad. These people will cost you money by being on your list and you will not make any money from them. So it is advised that you carefully pick a prize that is congruent with your website niche and content.

I know I don’t have to tell you but people like quality and value so the better the free product is the greater chance you have of getting people’s emails. Most websites hire a Custom Newsletters Service which is a free weekly series of tips, ideas and advice.

People have been known to sign up to newsletters with ease because they do not feel like they were bribed, it could be worth offering your free eBook or video series as a ‘Thank You’ for people signing up to your newsletter, this way it feels like a bonus and not a bribe, people like that.

Internet marketing has developed many ingenious techniques to manipulate people into handing over their names and email addresses and this has in turn created a lot of cynical people. With marketers promising the world then giving away poor quality freebies after they received the email, it can leave a sour taste in the sign ups mouth, but getting an email address by a non bribed sign up and giving them a quality thank you gift can have a very powerful effect on them. That is something I think you should consider while you are developing your free gift.

Please feel free to share, pin and tweet out the infographic below!

5 Free Giveaways Infographic