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how to verify NETELLER account

  • June 1 , 2016

Today, I would like to share with you about “how to verify NETELLER account”. As we already know, how to open a NETELLER account. If you still don’t have a NETELLER account please go to my earlier post about ”How to Open a NETELLER Account” and to read the post , please “CLICK HERE”

Why do I have to verify my NETELLER account? NETELLER is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As a regulated financial institution, they should know that using your system. This makes things safer for all users by helping to prevent fraud or identity theft.

NETELLER approval is required to achieve higher transaction limits and be able to withdraw money at ATMs or to send money to your bank. Confirming your identity with NETELLER will not only ensure the security of your account, but you will be provided much higher limits, as well as access to and the ability to withdraw funds Net + Prepaid MasterCard plastic actions is provided.

How do I verify my NETELLER account?  When you going to verify your account, Neteller will ask you to provide proof of identification and proof of address.

You will need to provide government issued photo ID , Passport or Driving license to verify your identity.

This is done by either scanning the document with a scanner or by taking a high-resolution digital photograph.When sending in your government issued identification documents, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • Use “jpg”, “jpeg”, “bmp”, “gif”, or “pdf”
  • Ensure that all four edges are clearly visible
  • Address on the document MUST match the registered address on the NETELLER Account
  • Must be a Valid ID (Do not send in expired ID cards)
  • Document must be in high definition quality, please make sure that it is readable and easy to look at
  • Maximum file size is 5 mb

Where do I verify my NETELLER Account? To begin the verification process, click on “Verifying your account” That we can see below.

Verifying youraccount


You will then be able to see 3 different stages that you need to complete the following steps will be there.

STEP 1 : Deposit funds ,You will need to deposit money into the NETELLER Account So as i already discuss in the earlier post about how to deposit money into NETELLER account. to read the post , please “CLICK HERE” Or you can get help from your friends or family member who has NETELLER account with some funds, So that You can ask them to send some money into your account.

STEP 2 :you asked to choose three security questions.So make sure you pick questions that you can remember. As NETELLER may require you to answer these to confirm details of your account. So click on Step 2



After clicking step 2 Popup window will show that asks you to answer security question to access your account. and you can not use the same security question twice. So write down the 3 answers and click on “Save questions”

Protect Your Private Keys: Safeguard your private key?

There are far too many cases of illegitimate code being signed by a stolen private key for legitimately signed code-signing certificates. In these cases, the owners of the private keys have not secured the keys.The problem with code-signing is that many developers may need to sign their code.

If there is no controlled signing process, then the signing private key, password and code-signing certificate are readily distributed among developers. The thinking? “Since more than one developer is using the private key, let’s make the password simple, so that everyone remembers it.”




And here we go , we have successfully create 3 security answer and make sure the answer has recorded somewhere in safe place for your own safety




STEP 3 : You need to submit your identity documents so click on “Submit identity verification documents”



As you see from above screenshot that i have some balance that’s why i can click over “Submit identity verification documents”



Select one of the three (3) document types to upload – Passport, Driver’s License or government-issued ID card.
Make sure you have your ID of choice ready.
Enter the identification number located on the identity document
Enter the expiry date or select the check box indicating that the document does not have an expiry date

Click the “Continue” button




Click on the Continue button will start streaming upload the document.

Click on “Start Verification” button to start the process of uploading.




1. Choose the issuing country in the list
2. Select the ID type of the document you want to send




Next, you will be presented with two options to upload your ID documents.

1. Use your webcam to scan your document
2. Upload an existing image stored on your computer

Note: These next steps will show you how to upload an existing image that is stored on your computer.




To upload the stored image, click “Choose file” Please note: The maximum file size of your ID document cannot exceed 5MB.The accepted file type is either JPG or PNG.




Click on “Confirm” after your document has been uploaded.




*Note: Documents are reviewed in the order that they were received. You will be notified by email once your documents have been processed.




Once your account has been verified successfully, the word “Verified” will appear after your NETELLER account ID on the top Right-hand side of the window. You’ll also receive a confirmation email at this point.




Once all requirements have been met, you can sign in to your verified account to enjoy the full benefits, including access to withdrawal options such as the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, and higher transaction limits!

Please let me know if there might be any questions or problems with your NETELLER verification. I am there to help you. So Write a comment below, I will answer you according to your request.

How to Open a NETELLER Account- NETELLER » Join for free

  • May 21 , 2016

NETELLER is an electronic wallet , Which provides fast and simple way transferring money. Neteller is safe and secure and it offers a variety of payment methods depending on your country of residence. NETELLER online payment account is a free account that you can use to deposit and pay for goods at thousands of sites. You can also use your eWallet to accept payments from other sites or individuals.

Let’s get started by creating own free Neteller account!

First you need to go NETELLER registration page. so click here (Neteller sign up form) and You will see new popup window. Then You need to enter your email address and Write down your password with confirmation of your password once again, it’s wise to use a password that is different from any other password that you are using online.You need to  enter the account currency, which you wish to use. And then you need to provide some personal details,here you will enter your name , your date of birth , select your gender the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones), your address and the telephone number.



Fill in all details correctly and double check that you make no typographical error.When details are not correct (wrong date of birth, wrong address etc.) you will come in a process of correcting these details afterward by phone! Don’t forget to write down your password.

Click  on “Join Now”

And Just so you know By clicking “Join now” I accept the NETELLER Terms of Use, the Net+ Terms of Use and the NETELLER Privacy Policy.

Here we go,You are done creating your NETELLER account!
Finally you will come to this page which shows that your Neteller account has been created. And a confirmation email has been sent to your account, which you should check and here you can see your Neteller account credentials, it is very important that you print the screen or else taken a note of this account details.

NETELLER Account- » Join for free

Your account ID(email ID) is used to sign into your account and you’re secure ID is necessary to complete certain amount of Neteller  transactions.

NETELLER allows a variety of different funding methods,

NETELLER funding methods

as you can see from this list, these includes : local bank deposits, MasterCard, bank transfers and Visa Card.

When you want to take money out again there are a variety of different withdrawal options
for example back draft or bank transfers cheque, bank wires , payments to merchant sites money transfers and in some countries you can apply for a net plus prepaid MasterCard.

So you have successfully open an  account and you might  want to put money into your account. But your NETELLER Account will be unverified, meaning you have limits on the amount of transactions you can make, max balance . The process of getting your account is verified is very easy and enables you to apply for a Net+ Mastercard which is a prepaid MasterCard which can be used at almost all stores, online shops or just getting money out of the ATM!

To verify your account I will write a post shortly , So stay connected with