Weekly Round Up

The Best Of The Web. 15/02/2014

  • February 15 , 2014

Weekly Roundup

Where does the time fly? This week’s roundup is a few hours late which I (Andi) apologise for that and yes we did miss one out last week due to everyone being so damn busy we didn’t get to read anything so we collectively apologise for that too. When you have so many tasks on the go as we do sitting down to read stuff sometimes just doesn’t happen.

Anyway, this week we did manage to read a few posts and here are this week’s offerings for you to read this weekend.  We have some interesting ones this week and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Why Podcasting Is a Trend Marketers Need to Follow

The first article was put forward by Clair and is an incredible article about Podcasting. Mike Stelzner interviews Mike Wolf all about podcasting for marketers and also business owners. We all know podcasting is something we should all do, but getting round to it is a problem for most. Having listened to the points this article / podcast raised it has motivated Clair to want to get on with working this out into our own bizzebee schedules.

There is also a great reference to our friend Pat Flynn too who is a legend in the Podcasting world. Podcasting can be pretty cheap and easy to do too so get over and give this great post a read.

25 Ideas For Blog Posts To Kick-Start Your Content Marketing In 2014

This next post suggestion comes from Matt and it is a fantastic list of 25 blog post ideas for the content marketer by John Paul Aguiar. If you run a blog like we do and try to keep adding content regularly it can sometimes become hard to think of what to write about next.

You can get a kind of writers block and blindness, having this list of ideas at hand can help to set those creative juices and ideas flowing again. All 25 ideas are great and you should know them, trust me, it will make your life as a content creator and writer a lot easier.

The Best Way to Suck at Marketing – Whiteboard Friday

This post was put forward by John and is by Rand Fishkin over at his excellent Moz Blog. Rand is famous for his Whiteboard Friday sessions and today he discusses that we as marketers and business owners need to move away from thinking about transactions and conversions and focus more on long term marketing plans.

Instead of just simply seeing each person as a transaction worth a few dollars we should be nurturing relationships with them to create long term loyal customers who will have far more benefit to our businesses than a short term one off buyer.

Not Just Male And Female Anymore: Facebook Introduces Custom Genders

This post has been out forward by Clair our social media lover and is on the AllFacebook.com site which is, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is all about Facebook. 🙂

Today they report on the decision by Facebook to allow people to assign a custom gender to their profiles. They want people to be their authentic self and we live in a different world these days, we may be born male or female but some are born both and some chose to live differently to others.

Take the Ladyboy phenomenon in Thailand, physically they were born one way but mentally they are leaning towards another way and sometime not enough to be the complete opposite so they are often happy to be both. Life is not about judging but living and Facebook has recognised that and decided people should be able to say they are something which is not simply male or female. A controversial move maybe, but a very interesting one.

The One Secret to Growing a Blog Quickly (Really Quickly)

The last post of the week comes from Ramsay over at his excellent blog BlogTyrant.com. I love Ramsay’s blog and I love his approach to blogging and writing. He writes epic posts and I don’t just mean seriously long and epic I mean they are full of great content and information. It is all epic really.

In this post Ramsay talks about the best way to grow your blog quickly… I was going to copy and paste the sub heading which gave away that one secret but I decided not to, you need to go over and read his post yourself and while you are there keep looking round and reading. It is a great site and Ramsay is living proof of what the one secret to growing a blog quickly is all about. He has a huge following and a lot of respect within the industry.

So that is it for this week, 5 very interesting articles covering several different topics and today we also have an interesting wildcard bonus post.

An artist has been recreating popular children’s cartoon and TV characters as evil people. I think TinTin is my favourite, this tintinversion would have made a big difference to the books I read as a child, there would have been a different ending if he was a gun carrying and petrol bomb throwing Tintin in Tibet!

These images are pretty special and I love them. 🙂 You can see more of those brilliant images by clicking the link below.

What If Your Childhood Characters Were Evil Villains?

The Best Of The Web. 01/02/2014

  • February 1 , 2014

Weekly Roundup

Another week has flown past and boy was it fast. Another weekend is about to start and it feels like the last one has only just finished. When I was employed working in a joiners workshop I couldn’t wait for the weekend but now that I work for myself and enjoying what I do the weekend comes around way too fast. I still have soooooo much to do. 🙂

Still I am going to kick back a bit and do some reading I think, and talking about reading here are our five best articles on the web this week (or ones we have read this week 🙂 )

But just before I get into the list I want to quickly say that if you missed yesterday’s post please take a read of it now “Win Lifetime Membership To The Hive! GIVEAWAY”  We are giving away 3 lifetime memberships to the Hive worth $399.99 each so if you want to learn how to build a website, manage social media better and a whole lot more please enter our fantastic competition HERE. The closing date is 8th February which is two weeks from now, good luck folks.

Ok so let’s get right into it.

How 3 Guys Made $10,000,000 Last Year Without A Single Backlink

I do love a headline that gets your attention, I also love an article that stops you in your tracks and gets you thinking. This is exactly what this article does, Glen Allsopp of ViperChill fame has interviewed the 3 men behind the StackThatMoney forum who made an impressive $10 million last year without using any SEO.

These guys are paid advertising specialists and they are still very young, reading their background stories, their failures and euphoria moments is truly inspiring! Pop over and take a read of this badboy of an article. Trust me when I say you will need a brew, not just for while you read but for the several hours of thinking and contemplation that this article will evoke.

Niche Site Duel 2.5.0 – An Update on FoodTruckr (After 2 Months!)

I love Pat Flynn, if you do not know who he is let me quickly tell you that he is a blogging legend, a very transparent and open fella who is also a very nice guy.  His blog is similar to Glen’s ViperChill site where he will tell you stuff that works or doesn’t work in epic length posts. He does not scrimp on information as you will see when you watch or listen to his videos and podcasts.

In this post Pat gives us an update on how his new website is doing after two months since its inception. Pat has started a website in the food truck niche and he is recording its progress as he goes along in a kind of ‘learn as we go along case study’ This post is full of useful information and ideas too. Who would have thought a podcast about food trucks would be so popular? Well I guess Pat did! 🙂

How to Create and use Custom Page Template in WordPress to Create a Sales Page

This post was put forward by one of our more technical minded bees Mizanur and I am happy to say that he is on the road to a full recovery after his horrific accident last year as well as becoming a dad, so big welcome back and congratulations to you Mizanur.

This post is for those who are more technically minded and do not mind tinkering around with the WordPress coding. This article will show you how to create a useable page template without sidebars ideal for those all-important sales pages.

For those who are not really up on WordPress it might seem a bit complicated but read it and you will see that WordPress really isn’t as big or scary as you might think. We all once thought it was frightening but now we duck in and out of WordPress with no problems.

You can do it too, remember we have a full video course on WordPress in the Hive so if you want to master WordPress we are giving away 3 life time memberships HERE.

So You Think You Know How to Write a WordPress Theme?

Sticking with the technical and WordPress side of things we have another post put forward by Mizanur our WordPress developing specialist. This post on the SitePoint.com website is written by Kerry Butters and talks about the things you need to know before you even attempt to start writing the code.

With over 65 million websites now using WordPress which is an impressive 52% of the world market being able to create your own WordPress themes to sell is a great way to make money. This great article is like a ‘before you start’ check list all potential WordPress theme developers should read.

Key Points To Take Away From Matt Cutts Recent Post On Guest Blogging For SEO

The last post of the week comes from one of our close blogging friends. Fabrizio Van Marciano over at his excellent blog Magnet4Marketing.com. In this post Fabrizio discusses the latest SEO announcement by Google’s head of spam Matt Cutts about guest blogging.

Google are planning to tackle the amount of bad and poor guest blogging that has been happening recently for the SEO method of generating backlinks. Google does not allow the exchange of links to simply manipulate their search results and since the recent Google updates more and more people have been forced to generate links by doing guest blogging.

Unfortunately this has led to a lot of low quality content being offered in exchange for a backlink. Google are going to tackle this head on and Fabrizio has some strong advice to help you make the right decision when it comes to accepting guest posts for your site.

So that is it for this week, 5 very interesting articles covering several different topics.

But Before You go: This week I wanted to bring back the fun wildcard post and share this with you.

An artist in San Francisco called Andres Amador does some seriously amazing beach art with just a rake. The pictures are unbelievable, you have to see them. That is all I will say. 🙂 You can see more of those images by clicking the link below.

A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… Mind BLOWN.

sand art

The Best Of The Web. 25/01/2014

  • January 25 , 2014

Weekly Roundup

Welcome one and all back to the Weekly Round Up. We have had a couple of weeks off due to us all being serious bizzebees. Well we are back and we have 5 great posts for you this week, we have dropped the number to five for a couple of good reasons.

  1. 10 seems like a lot for you to read in one sitting and it could bore you and we certainly do not want that.
  2. We have realised that we are so busy crafting content like blog posts, videos building websites and generally learning new stuff we do not read the same amount of blog post as we used to.

I know myself and John have probably not read one business related post this week due to focusing our time on creating content and as we often encourage people to focus what is important it would seem wrong for us to not do the same and just sit around in our under crackers reading all week. 🙂

I hope you still enjoy the more streamlined weekly round up and if we do read a lot of great posts one week that we feel needs sharing then we will share more. 🙂

Social Networking: Use It Effectively

Today’s first post comes from our friend Catherine Holt, Catherine runs a successful blogsite dealing with all things parties and cakes for children of all ages, even those over 40 🙂 Recently she has branched out and started a blogging website where she shares all she has learned and knows about blogging and social media.

Today we share with you a great post she has written highlighting 5 important tips to help you use social media effectively. Pop over, say hello and leave a comment. Oh and tell her Andi @bizzebee sent you. 🙂

Why You Need To Consider Editorial Design On Your Blog

The next post is offered up from Clair and comes from Koozai.com. The post was written by Cat Fyson and is an epic post about how to create a better looking blog post. She covers all the important things like font format, image placement including, as she calls it, ‘pimping your visuals’ as well as the alignment of your content.

Anyone wanting to create eye catching content and great looking blog posts you really need to give this article a read. 

5 Questions that Always Make Bloggers Smile before Answering

This post was put forward by Matt and is a fun but serious article written by Has San Khan over at the popular BloggingMatters website.

Most bloggers experience these types of questions when they tell people what they do. I still get funny looks when I tell people that I get paid to write and they just cannot understand it. It is about education and this post aims to do that.

Why Guest Posting and Blogging is a Slippery Slope

We have the second of our three offerings this week by Matt our resident SEO specialist. This post is one of Rand Fishkin’s popular Whiteboard Friday sessions and today he discusses why he thinks guest posting is a slippery slope for many bloggers and marketers.

Guest blogging is a popular way for bloggers and websites to get natural looking backlinks but recently Google have discussed their dislike for the practice and Rand discusses what he thinks the future is for guest blogging. If guest blogging is something you do or plan to do then you should pop over and watch this video.

Online Marketing News: Facebook Trending, Got Jelly?, Twitter Targeting, Mobile Explodes (Again)

Our final post and the third one from Matt’s offerings is this excellent article by Nicolette Beard over at the popular TopRankBlog.

This is a great round up of news from the internet including short summaries and links to articles cover topics like Google’s $3 Billion Nest which talks about their acquisition of a company that makes smoke alarms!?!?!? And the article Online Content Videos Hit 52 Billion Monthly Views! If there was ever a reason to start creating online videos today is the day.

Anyway this post on the TopRankBlog has links to around twenty great articles. Showing that content curation is where it’s at these days. 🙂

So that is it for this week, we didn’t have a wild card post for you either but if you missed it please leave a comment below and we will make sure we have one for next week. All there is left now is for me to say enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead.

The Best Of The Web. 28/12/2013

  • December 28 , 2013

Weekly Roundup

Bizzebee New Year Special

Happy Saturday everyone, I say happy Saturday as it seems every weekend in December is a happy something so why not have a happy Saturday between Christmas and New Year. We hope you have had a great Christmas and prepared for 2014 which is just upon us. I hope you are looking forward to the New Year as much as we are here at bizzebee.com

We hope you will join us to make 2014 the best year yet. This is our year; say it out loud to yourselves… “2014 is my year!” Yes it is, it is going to be our year and it is going to be your year. We the bizzebee team are going to be with you every 365 days of it 🙂

So let’s get back to this week’s New Year special round up with 6 articles as written by or featuring members of the bizzebee team.

Why Multimedia Blog Content Is Good For Your Site

Today’s first article is by Matt Smith and this is one of his epic posts which was published on the excellent benchMarkEmail.com website.

Matt discusses what forms of content you should use on your website and gives excellent examples of the different types and why you should be using more than just written content.

This is an epic and fantastic post so I suggest you make a coffee or tea and sit back and give this post a good read. You will be glad that you did.

How To Create Facebook Fan Pages And Make Money From Them

This next post comes from John Banks and is on his own excellent blog. John is not only a dabbler he is a doer, he plans his ideas out, implements them and works with them until they are working nicely.

He locks himself away in his little bunker and doesn’t emerge back into the daylight until he can happily say in a Gordon Ramsay fashion ‘DONE’. In this post John will show you how he created a Facebook page and made it into a money spinner. To make it a lot easier to understand he has created a video for you to watch.

This is not just a good post but it is one that could have you making some extra pocket money from Facebook once you have finished reading it. That would be a great start to the New Year wouldn’t it?

You Only Have TODAY!

This excellent motivational post comes from Clair and I here on our bizzebee site. Clair has written an excellent motivational post here about the choices and decisions we all have each day. Clair has pointed out that many of us live life taking each day for granted

This is a powerful post and should hopefully create that light bulb moment you need, not everyone realises the truth, we can only live today. We need to make each day worthwhile and special.

People act from habit, habits they have learned from their parents, the people around them and what they see on TV. Apathy and taking today for granted can be learned behaviours and once you understand this they can be changed.

If you want change in your life then you really need to read this post and become more aware of the choices you have and the decisions you make.

Cox’s Bazar World’s Longest Natural Sandy Sea beach

I Andi Leeman chose this post by Mizanur, it might not be the post he would have wanted but I think it is brilliant because I love travel, I love to learn new things and this post not only tells me all about the area not far from where Mizanur lives in Bangladesh it also shows another side to his creative writing.

There is 125KM of unbroken sandy beach at the Cox’s Bazar and in this post Mizanur lists many of the must visit local attractions and islands, Mizanur also gives a few addresses for accommodation should you decide to visit.

As a lover of Buddhist philosophy I fancy taking a trip to the Buddhist village or Ramu just one of the many tourist places to visit in that area. This is an informative post and I suggest you pop over and take a look.

The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

This post is by me Andi, I have been a huge fan of the spiritual style books like Napolean Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and Wallace D. Wattles ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’. These books are about making money but they are more to do with the spiritual side of life, your thoughts and attitudes to life.

I love them and in this post which I wrote over at TimsMinions.com I discuss the history, science and philosophy behind these books and I have also included an eBook version of the book that readers can download for free.

Many if not all of the wealthy people in the world will tell you that making lots of money has more to do with the way you think and your attitude to life and work than the work itself. I have read this book many times, I love it and I love the message behind them. I would love it if you read this post and took away the same message and philosophy that I did. I hope you enjoy the article. 🙂

Want to Know How to Sell?

The last article this week comes from Sam our own marketing and sales expert. Sam has been involved in the corporate world of selling for a few years and knows a thing or two about it.

This article is over at his own ‘TheSocialYeti’ blogger site and he discusses what you need to know in order to become a good salesperson. Sam used the IFNOC principle when he was selling and you can get to understand what it means here.

If you need to become a better salesperson or just want to know some powerful sales tips then I suggest you pop over to this post and have a read.

Ok so that is our final 6 posts that we wanted to share with you and we at bizzebee would like to wish each and every one of you a great New Year and we all look forward to working with you in 2014. – Andi Leeman & the bizzebee team. 🙂

The Best Of The Web. 21/12/2013

  • December 21 , 2013

Weekly Roundup

Bizzebee Christmas Special

We hope you have had a great week and we would also like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. It soon comes around to it, I hope you are ready for it. For the next two weeks we decided to do something a little different. Instead of giving you 10 articles from around the web we will be sharing 6 of our own favourite articles from either our bizzebee site, our personal websites or websites we have been fortunate to have had work publish.

We will do 6 this week and 6 next week as a Christmas and New Year special to show you that we do work on other projects and have other interests. We want you to get to know us more and understand that we are not new to this. These posts are chosen by ourselves as posts and articles we are proud of or by other team members who have chosen articles they have enjoyed that were written by fellow bizzebees.

So here are this week’s 6 articles as written by or featuring members of the bizzebee team.

Cadenza Celebrates 10 Years

The first article we have was written by our own Ambassador to Ibiza  Clair ‘Queen Bee’ Trebes. She wrote this article for Darren Candy’s excellent Ibiza based blog AddictedToIbiza.com which covers all things Ibiza from the music scene to living there.

Ibiza pulls clubbers, D.J.s and music from around the world but that doesn’t mean that the best parties and music can only be found on the White Island. In this post Clair travels to Romania to experience the 10 year Cadenza Records celebration party.

Cadenza is a Romanian Record label who has been producing quality dance music for 10 years and to celebrate they threw a party which did not disappoint Clair and her friends.  Pop over and take a read of Clair’s review and while you are there take a look around Darren’s excellent site. You might just find other articles written by Clair and myself. 🙂

All Hail The 303! The Birth Of Acid and The Start Of The Rave Revolution

Keeping with the music vibe the next article is written by me Andi for Clair’s own music site CrossTheLine.co.uk and was put forward by Clair as well as being chosen by myself. I love all things electronic and Acid House is a passion of mine so when I was asked to write a piece about the history of the music I love I was delighted.

This is one of those posts that you love to write. I certainly did and was lost in it, I didn’t really want to stop and could have gone on for ever. I am sure Clair is glad that I did stop, it is long enough as it is. I was also fortunate to be able to share a mix I did many moons ago so if you love the old Acid House music of 1988 you will love this article. If you do not know what it is then all I can say is pop over, take a read and I hope you enjoy.

You might also notice a link in this article taking the reader to an article I wrote for AddictedToIbiza.com which you will know all about by now 🙂 I am sure another article for Darren’s site is long overdue.

My Lost Weekend, Feminax & A Bit of Product Creation

It is always hard trying to choose one of John’s posts but I decided to go with this one. I love John’s style of no BS writing and he has many to choose from but I went with this one because it is informative but also shows his sense of humour and his realism.

In this article over at his blog JohnBanksBlog.com John reviews a product creation seminar/workshop that he went to and discusses who he met, what he learned and what the future holds for our champion product creator.

He also dabbled in drugs at the event, drugs specifically for period pains, it sounds like it was one seriously wild event!

If product creation is the thing you want to get involved in then I suggest you read this post and also take a longer look around John’s site.

12 Ways To Increase Exposure For Your New Blog Post

This is an epic article by Sam over on Matt’s fantastic website OnlineIncomeTeacher.com. Sam lists 12 very important and powerful ways to get your blog seen by more people and increase the traffic to it.

Traffic is important if your business is web based and you need to be seen so you must incorporate keywords, RSS Feeds blog commenting and a whole host of methods to help your blog grow.

Even if you have a website but rely on local offline custom you still need the people in your area to find you and implementing the methods Sam has listed here will help new customers find you and increase your sales. For future bloggers this a must read too.

15 Blog Post Ideas To Use When You Are Stuck For Ideas

This next post is here on the bizzebee site and is by Matt Smith. Matt loves to write epic posts and if you have your own blog where you need to write content for it I am sure there are times when you struggle to think of anything to write about.

It happens to all of us, we can be stuck for ideas but it is generally harder when people are first starting out on the journey of creating content. These days we find it easier because we have lists of ideas and suggestions of what we can write about if we are struggling. Matt has compiled 15 of the best ideas that can help when writers block strikes.

It is advised to print it off and place it close where you can see it so that you never waste much time trying to find ideas, I have printed this off and think it is one of the most useful posts we have here on bizzebee.com

Steps to move your Website – Beginners Guide

The last article this week comes from our resident techy and coder Mizanur. Mizanur owns a blog which covers virtually anything under the sun. His speciality though is the technical side of the internet and computing.

He writes a lot of WordPress posts and creates great tutorials. In this post Mizanur explains in a step by step guide how to move your website from one hosting provider to another. While there though take a look around the site, I am sure you will find plenty of other interesting articles.

That is it for this week, we have 6 more of our own articles taken from around the web for you next Saturday before returning to the usual 10 best articles from around the webosphere. I and the rest of the bizzebee team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we hope you all have a good one and for those of you out there who do not celebrate we  wish you a great week instead. 🙂

The Best Of The Web 14/12/2013

  • December 14 , 2013

Weekly Roundup

Hello Bee’s, Matt again here with this week’s roundup from around the web.  We have a great selection for you that I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s just over a week to Christmas now, so not long left to go to get any last minute presents that you still need to buy.  I still haven’t found time to put up any decorations yet, though I’m determined to do that at some point this weekend.  Never quite feels like Christmas until the tree is up with all the lights on.

Just another reminder that you can sign up for a FREE trial to our brand new membership site ‘The Hive’.  This offer won’t be around for long as we are officially launching on the 6th January 2014, so get in quick.  I’d also like to add that we have a very special Christmas offer planned for our subscribers.  I can’t reveal anything just yet (everything’s a bit hush, hush at the moment), but we are very excited about it, so if you want to learn more, subscribe and we’ll send you info about it in the next couple of days.

Anyway, here is this week’s pick of the bunch from around the web to take a look at.

1. The 12 Cyber-Scams Of Christmas

Sticking with the Christmas theme, however not everything is quite so jolly this time of year.  Online shopping is increasing in popularity, but there are some cyber criminals making the most of this who are looking to scam you out of money.

This post (from the BBC) looks at 12 cyber scams to watch out for online so that you don’t get duped.

2. Staying Ahead of the Curve

This great post was suggested by Clair, mainly because it features Gary Vaynerchuk and she is a HUGE fan of his, but also because it gives great insight into how to stay on top of the competition.

Gary explains some of the things he and his team have done to “stay ahead of the curve”, which is great advice for many businesses (whether online or offline).

3. The Hootlet: Social Sharing for Lazy Professionals

Good friend of the site and former Bizzebee Kapil Jekishan talks about the incredibly useful ‘Hootlet’.

Hootlet is an add-on extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows you to share content via HootSuite.  All of the Bizzebee team use HootSuite, so this little add-on is of great help.

4. How to Harness the Power of the Pause

John offers up a great slideshare presentation from ‘WeAreVisual.com’ that looks at speaking.  Many online content creators use video to get across their message, but one issue with that is that it is easy to tell when someone is inexperienced at speaking in front of camera.  Lots of “erm’s” and “err’s” doesn’t come across very well.

In fact this doesn’t just apply to video, anyone that does (or is planning to do) public speaking can learn from this as well.

5. The Purple Cow that’s Right Underneath Your Business’ Nose

This week’s award for best title goes to this post.  Here Marcus Sheridan suggests one of the best ways to make your business stand out amongst everyone else – much like a purple cow.

Every business wants to stand out in some way, as that helps you to get noticed and ultimately (or at least hopefully) leads to creating more sales.

6. 7 Superheroes Who Can Enlighten Entrepreneurs

One post now for the geek inside all of us.  Who doesn’t like a superhero, we all have our favourites (Radioactive Man is mine from the Simpsons) and Ronald Alexander (the writer) has put together a list of traits that can be applied to entrepreneurs.

It’s a bit of fun, but still highlights some of the important characteristics that make up great entrepreneurs.   Which characteristics do you have?

7. 10 Writing Tips for More Engaging Content

This awesome post by David Aston looks at some great tips to help improve your content and make it more engaging for your readers.  He argues that people are a lot more interested in how you present your content rather than what it is actually saying.

All online websites need content, so this post will help you make the most of  it to try and keep your readers on your site for longer.

8. Blog Growth: How to Build a Mega-Following

This post is quite unique as it includes both an interview with Syed Balkhi (founder of WPBeginner.com & List25.com) and information about how he managed to grow his sites to be so popular.

Not only do they talk about the popularity of Syed’s site’s, but they also look at the types of content that they use to create a site that people want to read.

9. Optimize The Top Mobile Tasks On Your Site

This new video by the Google Webmasters team looks at which aspects of your website you should be optimizing for mobile users.

If you haven’t watched any of the Google Webmasters video’s before, I suggest you subscribe to them and spend some time learning from them.  They publish some vital information that can really make a difference to the success of your site.

10. 12 Killer Social Media & Content Marketing Blog Posts from 2013

Lastly, we have a link to a post with some absolutely great social media and content marketing tips for you to take a look at.  The ‘TopRankBlog’ site lists their very best posts from the last year for you to read through again.  I’m a big reader of their site, but there was a couple that I had totally missed.  Make sure you don’t miss out either.

…and finally

To round off this post, we have a sweet and quite amusing letter to Santa from a ten month old for you to check out.

A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa

There is no need to buy this kid any expensive presents as he seems pretty keen on stuff that you wouldn’t have thought of (makes sense when you read the post).

I’m now off to put my Christmas tree up and wrap up some presents.  Make sure to check back next week for another ‘Bizzebee – Best Of The Web’. 🙂

The Best Of The Web 07/12/2013

  • December 7 , 2013

Weekly Roundup

Hello Bees!  It’s Saturday and you have me, Matt, writing up the ‘Best Of The Web’ post this week.  Andi is off on his holidays to somewhere nice and sunny for a couple of weeks so I will be taking the reins whilst he is away.

Well I can’t quite believe that it is December already.  The last few months seem to have flown by, though I’m really looking forward to putting my feet up with the family over Christmas.  Thankfully I managed to get all my Xmas shopping done last month, leaving me free to carry on working on The Hive (and other stuff), which is due to launch on 6th January 2014.

Anyway, here is this week’s pick of the bunch from around the web to take a look at.

1. How to Get an Edge and Stand out in the Networking World

To kick off this week’s roundup we have a post suggested by Clair over at BusinessNetworking.com.  Here Ivan Misner explains why it is important for you to try and do something differently when networking so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Networking is SO important for bloggers and online businesses, so anyway to gain an advantage or make your efforts more effective is well worth learning about.

2. How to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

John spotted this great post about Pinterest and how it can be used to help grow your blog.  The great thing about this article is that Jenna (the writer) not only explains “why” you should be using it, but also “how” you can with some great tips about the types of images that get shared.

There is even a mini tutorial explaining how you can create your own great looking images for your site that people will want to share on their own Pinterest boards.

3. Shocking Facts About Steve Jobs (10 Pictures)

Steve Jobs has become an iconic figure to many people all around the world, not only because of his immense success with Apple, but also because he never gave in and overcame adversity in his life.

You may think you know a lot about the man, but this post proves that there were a few things that you probably didn’t.

4. The No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Financial Goals

Over to FreshRag.com now for a post about financial planning for your business.  This was a post that John found via a connection on SlideShare.

In order for your business to succeed you NEED to plan it out.  Putting it off until next week or next month is just like sticking your head in the sand.  Stop wasting time and make a start now.  Set yourself goals and targets to reach for and work to meet them.

5. How To Measure Social Media Engagement

This fantastic post was shared by Andi and if I’m totally honest, I was blown away by it!

Social media is obviously a vital tool to help market your business, but how can you effectively measure it usefulness?  Well this is what Russ (the writer) talks about in his article.  In it, he goes on to explain why conventional methods of measuring engagement can be hard to understand and shows you a better method to use.

6. A Peek at To-Do Lists of the Wealthy

It can be easy at times to look at successful people and think “I could never be like that.”  It doesn’t have to be like that though.  Most successful people are just better at managing their time that’s all.

This post looks at some of the positive habits successful people get into and how you can do the same.  Of course the hard bit is actually getting into those habits yourself though.

7. The Latest SEO Scam: If You Don’t Rank, You Don’t Have To Pay Us (anymore)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an extremely important part of getting your site seen online.  That is why many companies turn to ‘SEO Agencies’ to help them.  Whilst there are many legitimate SEO Agencies around, there are some equally bad ones that you should avoid.

This post, suggested by Sam, talks about a scam that some of these bad agencies use to get your money.  The problem is that many are falling for it simply because they don’t know any better.  Well check out this post first.

8. 3 Conversion Optimization Tips You Can Implement on Your Website Right Now

Your business website can have all the bells and whistles on it to make it look good, but if, at the end of the day, it isn’t converting visitors into customers then it’s a waste of time running it.

This post highlights some simple tips that you can use to help convert traffic into sales.  I thought these were great (especially the “Squint Test”) as they all follow the common sense principle.

9. How I Went from $15 to $450 per Article in Under 90 Days

One way to make money online is to become a freelance writer and produce articles for websites.  Businesses are always looking for content to help attract traffic and are willing to pay people to produce quality content.

In this post Dan Stelter (the writer) talks about his experience of being a freelance writer and how he managed to go from charging $15 to $450 per article!

10. Making Yourself Redundant

This great post by Paul Boag over at SmashingMagazine.com asks you to look at your role online.  We are only really just beginning the Digital Revolution, but that doesn’t mean that your online job will be around forever.

This post gets you to question what exactly your role is.  Know that and you will become better placed to see how long your online career will last (it makes sense after reading the post).

…and finally

Yes, it’s that time of year again that we dread.  The same songs are on loop for the next few weeks, you have to put up with distant family members that you wish would remain distant and the streets are full of Zombies, aimlessly wandering from shop to shop in search of “gifts” that you wouldn’t ever think of buying for yourself.  Hurray, it’s Christmas!

Despite that cheery description, I actually quite like Christmas – especially sitting round the table to tuck into Christmas dinner.  The only problem is that Christmas dinner seems to take forever to cook.  You spend all day preparing it, when you’d much rather be doing other things.  Enter…

Christmas Dinner In A Tin (AKA The Christmas Tinner)

Mmmmm Mmmmm. Yes, that’s right!  All the best bits of Christmas dinner condensed into one, easy to open, tin (gag).

A gaming retailer has launched the ‘Christmas Tinner’ for gamers who are too busy playing on their new PS4 or Xbox One to cook on Christmas day.  Everything is included in delicious layers to enjoy (wretch)…. Yummy!


The Best Of The Web. 30/11/2013

  • November 30 , 2013


Yes folks it is Saturday once again. We hope you have had a great week.

This week has been a bad week for one of the bizzebee team, Mizanur was involved in a traffic accident and was hospitalised. His injuries could have been bad but fortunately he was rushed to surgery where he underwent an operation which was successful and saved the movement in his hand.

He will be out of action for a few weeks and hopefully back at his desk in a month, we are all grateful that there was a great outcome to this terrible accident and I hope you will join us as we wish him well and a speedy recovery.

As for the rest of us we have been busy getting the Hive ready for the pre-launch on Monday, to read more about the launch of the Hive Click Here.

I have compiled another list of 10 great posts and articles to share with you all this week which have been put forward by the team and here they are.

8 Things Businesses Need To Know About Timeline For Facebook Pages

OK so we start this week’s roundup by a post Sam offered up for sharing, it is an old one but a good one and also it has grown from 8 to 13 things businesses need to know about the Facebook pages Timeline.

We go once again over to Kim Castleberry’s excellent Just-Ask-Kim.com site. We are big fans of Kim here as she knows a lot and I do mean a lot about everything! J This post is all about what the Facebook Timeline can do for you as a business, all businesses need a Facebook page and if you haven’t got one yet you will have by the time you have read this post.

Network Exclusive: How To Thrive After Penguin 2.1

Another epic post from the SEO Sith Lord Glen Allsopp showing us what happened to sites after Google released their latest updates and he also tells us what we should do to help recover from them if our websites were affected by them.

Glen knows his stuff, he has been doing SEO for many years now and a lot of what he has realised is that many of the dark side methods to SEO work faster and better than the stuff Google would like us to do. This like all of Glen’s post is an epic and informative read. Make a brew, get sat down and get stuck in.

5 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Your Business

For those of you who do not know, SocialMediaExaminer.com is the home for all things social media and in this post Kristi Hines talks about Twitter chats and what hosting them can do for you and your business.

You might not know what a Twitter chat is but you might have noticed one night several of your friends on Twitter posting Tweets with hashtags like #bbmeetup (bizzebee meet up as an example) and wondered what it was that they were doing.

They were probably participating in a worldwide time scheduled chat and debate and they can be very powerful and also a lot of fun. To learn more pop over and read this excellent article.

Five of the Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns Ever

This is an excellent article by Chris Taylor talking about five real examples of great social media marketing campaigns that went viral. From large companies like Heinze and BodyForm these examples show what can happen when you think a little outside of the box.

Also having a large budget to implement some of these videos and market campaigns has helped but you can see how fast these things can spread when done right.

60 Experts Reveal Their Favourite Content Marketing Books

The content champion Loz James has written an epic post that asks 60 industry experts to reveal the books they read which has helped them become successful.

He has also included a big list of content marketing and marketing books that are available on Amazon for you to buy if you wish and websites for you to look at which offer a lot of great useful and inspirational content for free.

This is an epic post and well worth a read.

7 Reasons Why Hashtags are a MUST in Your Marketing

Kim Garst has written a great post giving us 7 reasons why we should use hashtags in our marketing campaigns when using social media. Love them or hate them they are being used more and more and they do have many great benefits.

I personally do not like them, I very rarely search social media with them and would be interested to know what the average Joe public thinks but many marketers do use them and to not use them can leave a lot of potential traffic and clients on the table as they say. Pop over and see what Kim has to say about them

9 Inspirational Lessons From Steve Jobs [Infographic]

John our graphics expert loves infographics and here he shares with us a great one from the HowToMakeMyBlog website giving us 9 inspirational lessons that we can learn from the late Apple founder.

It is fair to say, Steve Jobs built a big company that most people have heard of even if they do not associate the company with Steve Jobs so I think he is in a great position to share a lesson or two.

Thinking Of Giving Up? Read This.

This is an updated post by Tom Ewer over at LeavingWorkBehind.com originally written in 2011 but it is just as relevant and powerful today. As tom says “Leaving Work Behind Is a Hopeless Venture” if you quit that is.

In this post Tom discusses about how that perseverance will pay off if you plan what you do. Tom says… “From an objective perspective, if you do not succeed, you did not apply yourself properly and/or did not apply yourself for long enough”.

It’s that simple Too many people give up and thing that quitting the day job and working from home cannot be done, well it can and it is those who focus and plan what they need to do and go that extra mile eventually will make it..

15 Answers to Your Kindle Publishing Questions

As I am putting together a course on creating eBooks this post caught my eye, this is a great post over at the Steve Scott Site. I am certain this isn’t the same Steve Scott I used to work for as a bench joiner and shop fitter. No this Steve Scott is a writer and author who has several eBooks published on Amazon’s Kindle store.

We live in the digital age and eBooks are the future but they are also the present and there are a lot of benefits for having your own eBook written and published. In this excellent post Steve gives us 15 answers to the questions you and I have regarding publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

A must read I say.

28 and a ½ Ideas for Business Blog Posts

This is a great post written by Steff Green over at the fantastic blog Men With Pens. If you are finding it hard to think of things to write about on your site for your industry then Steff who is a content writer and creator has 28 great tips and ideas for creating content.

There is also a half idea and to know what that is you need to pop over and take a read of this great post. J

So that is it for the serious and useful articles, it is now time for something a bit leftfield and interesting. This is a great video showing the excavation of an ant colony.

Giant Ant Colony Excavated, You won’t believe what they build underground!

This video was put forward by Clair and is a really amazing video of an abandoned ant colony that was excavated so sciences could study it. It took 3 days to fill it with 10 tonnes of concrete and then weeks to dig away the soil around it.

I was going to share the original post however it was mainly video with less text than what is written here and a load of people fighting in the comments section!?!?! so instead I have added the video here for your ease and sanity.

This video shows an extraordinary structure that looks like an alien city from a TV sci-fi show. It is incredible to see what nature and something as small as an ant can achieve when it is part of a colony of like-minded thinkers. A bit like us all here at the bizzebee colony really J Enjoy the video.

The Best Of The Web. 23/11/2013

  • November 23 , 2013


Well there you have it, another week gone by it is Saturday once again. This week has been a productive one again with all of the bizzebee team getting together for a google Hangout on Wednesday night which was fun.

Poor old Mizanur probably didn’t enjoy it as much as us due to it being a 2am start for him over in Chittagong but he stayed until the end and didn’t fall asleep which is some going I can tell you!

For those of you who do not know this week sees the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, what was once a popular Sci Fi series for both its good story lines and very bad special effects and wobbly returned a few years back and has grown into a very popular show with quality effects for a new generation. And it is for that reason our final fun post of this weeks round up will be Dr Who related, yes, I am a bit of a fan myself.

As usual I have compiled a list of 10 great posts and articles to share with you all this week which have been put forward by the team. We all do a fair amount of reading each week as this is how we keep up with what is new and interesting and these are the ones we think you will learn from and enjoy the most. So with that in mind let’s get started.

Facebook Helps One Man Build a French Fry Empire

The first article is written by Joshua Sophy over at the SmallBizTrends.com site and tells the story about the success one Canadian restaurant company has had using social media for growing its business.

As a small business you probably have heard about how using Facebook and Twitter is a great free way to grow your business and it is something we here at bizzebee talk about a lot and when you read this article you can see why.

Facebook and Twitter used properly can be a very powerful thing indeed and best of all it is free so do yourself a favour, read this article an become inspired!

10 Social Media Blunders Even the Big Brands Make

This article was put forward by John and I can see why it really is an excellent post explain the 10 biggest social media blunders that most people make including the big brand companies like Starbucks.

They cover Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn blunders and some of them are so simple that you can see why they are overlooked. If you use social media to grow and build your business then this is a must read.

Content Marketing With Microsites: Pros, Con, Examples & Best Practices

This post was shared with us by Matt our resident WordPress & website specialist and it is about microsites or as some would call them mini sites.

Written by Nicolette Beard over at the TopRankBlog.com she discusses the best practices and the pros and cons for having and using mini sites. They were very popular in the early 90s and some would say they gave the internet and online businesses a bad name.

Marketers would build loads of mini sites to promote dodgy make money schemes, it got so bad that Google stopped marketers advertising on their network and sending traffic to their thin mini sites but there are many reasons why they can and should be used today. This is a very interesting read indeed.

Not Provided, Frankly Google I Don’t Give A Damn

Written by Matt Williamson who is a specialist in Digital Marketing and SEO this article discusses how to get around the ‘Not Provided’ search result you get in Google Analytics by using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

It seems Google do not want people to know what they are ranking for or what terms are driving people to their site. Why? I hear you ask, I have an idea, Google are a business with share holders so it makes you think that what they are doing isn’t always good for the internet.

Matt works for an SEO company called SEOTrafficLab and he has some helpful insights here. Several of the SEOTrafficLad team are Google qualified and classed as Google partners whatever that means.

I wonder if they agree with me that Google are doing the ‘Not Provided’ results to ‘motivate and persuade’ people to use their AdWords system instead?

Did you know I don’t particularly trust Google? 🙂

The Importance of Content Curation

Content Curation is the art of re using other people’s content as part of your content marketing campaign.

“Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” – Eric Schmidt, Google CEO That is a lot of content to sieve through!

Whether you like the colours of this website and believe me when I tell you that it has been discussed within the bizzebee team but you will love the infographs they have shared from Uberflip.com

This infographs is a great breakdown as to why you should curate content and the best sources to go for your content. If you are not sure what content curation is, these weekly roundups could easily be consider as such. 🙂

21 Ridiculous Facts About Starting An Online Store

Has San Khan has compiled 21 great and ridiculous facts about starting an online store. You will be surprised when you read them at how inspiring it is. Starting an online shop sounds scary and costly but when you look at some of the positives like not needing a warehouse or shop premises suddenly things seem a whole lot easier.

An interesting read indeed.

Tips on Using Graphics in Online Business Material

As the saying goes “A picture can paint a thousand words” and we know that using images on social media can have a powerful impact on your traffic especially with the hugely popular Pinterest network.

Pictures on your website are important for several reasons, they break up posts and give your reader something more visual which is good but they can also appear in search results and become part of your SEO campaign.

This article discusses tips on using graphics in your website content and business material. Something all small and big businesses with websites and social media campaigns should really think about.

How to Write a Pitch and Get Noticed

This is a great post by Annabel Candy over at SuccessfulBlogging.com. Annabel is one of my favourite blogging experts and writers. She says it straight and gives serious quality and useful information when she writes.

In this article she gives tips and advice about how to write an email pitch without pitching. If you are trying to get an article as a guest post on someone else’s website or even trying to connect for other reasons there is a way to do things and a way to not.

Many people kill their opportunities by writing really bad emails, only today I received an email about a guest post on one of my websites and it was soon binned because it was just so embarrassingly bad. To make sure your emails do not get binned before they are even read please read this article and take note!

The Three Pillars of SEO

This post was put forward for those who are yet still not sure what SEO is, we talk about it a lot and we intend to bring you all you need to know within the Hive with tutorials by Mizanur but for now we have this short but interesting article to help you.

There are so many tricks and methods to getting your website onto the first page of Google but these all fall under 3 main pillars, on page, off page and under the bonnet. Read this article to understand what each pillar really means.

Got Support? Your Support Desk Plays A Key Role In Your Business Development

We have another post from Kim ‘WordPress Queen’ Castleberry. In this post she discusses installing a support system for your website. All good business based sites need a support desk to help their customers and clients when they have issues.

The idea behind a helpdesk like these is that it looks more professional, it saves you a lot of time messing around answering emails and you can lay out most asked questions upfront to prevent people constantly sending you emails asking you the same old questions.

Here Kim discusses a system she is using and intends to use when developing websites for her clients. If you develop websites for people then this could be a very useful system to know about, this is another tool to have in your tool box that you can charge for installing.

Ok so that is all of the serious stuff out of the way time for the fun stuff, well to be honest as a Sci Fi nut this is really serious stuff, who cares about SEO or Social Media when we have the Doctor to think about… Who? Did you say? Yes that is right… Dr Who! (Did you see what I did there?) 🙂

Daleks infiltrate Buckingham Palace as Doctor Who celebrates 50th anniversary

Ok so WHO used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks and the Cyber Men would appear in the earlier Dr Who shows? Only recently someone said “if your sofas were not up against the walls then how big were the rooms way back in the 80s?” A valid point, not only have houses, rooms and gardens become smaller these days but Dr Who has returned and is far bigger than anyone expected.

I myself love the new Dr Who’s and this article is about the celebrations at Buckingham Palace for today’s 50th anniversary episode of the show which is going to be shown simultaneously in 84 countries! Wow! Here are the trailers for the 50th anniversary episode of this classic and unique British drama. Enjoy!

The Best Of The Web 16.11.13

  • November 16 , 2013


Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s Mrs Queen Bee here taking the reigns this week! (That’s Clair for those of you who don’t know me!!)

Smack bang in the middle of November 2013 comes this week’s round up, and what a mighty week its been!  where has this year gone already! I can’t believe its heading into the holiday season, and the infamous “holidays are coming” from Coca-Cola is already on our screens!

So this week each of the Bee’s have been busy working on individual and group work (we had a successful team meeting via google hangout the other night – thrashing out more “HIVE” related stuff!)

So what’s tickled our fancy this week on the world wide web?

5 Ways To Ditch The Press Release & Reach Your Audience 

This article is over at one of my favourite social media places on the web Social Media Today, and written by Maggie Patterson.

It’s a really neat piece about how you can “repurpose” the traditional “Press Release” that invariably people have for their businesses and bring it in line and current in today’s web 2.0 world, so that will resonate with your audience.

With 5 great examples of how you can do so, and make your press release seen by the people who matter. Press releases are important for increasing your brand awareness and helping your public relations (PR). But if nobody sees your release, you won’t get very far. You need to distribute it effectively to get your story picked up by national newspapers, magazines, or blogs. NewswireJet is one of the best press release distribution services that for your news.

What Twitter’s New Rich Text Media Update Means For Your Business

It’s been a great week for content over at Social Media Today, with this post being written by Stephanie Frasco

Have you noticed a difference in your Twitter home feed? I certainly have, now with media being displayed in rich text format rather than third party links!

It certainly looks a lot prettier, but what does this mean for you as a business moving forwards? Stephanie touches on some great points with images and video and how it raises engagement with your customers and prospects.

How To Get Motivated To Write For Your Blog 

Because we all need a little motivation to work on our own stuff every now and then, none more so important than your own blog.

Daily Blog Tips is a firm favourite inside Bee HQ, a serious authority site that is forever sharing and helping bloggers of all kinds do better.

In this article DBT shares 5 really important tips to help you raise your own motivation levels – coming up with ideas in advance, planning your post before writing, set a timer, getting yourself into the right frame of mind, and lastly not worrying about the spelling and the grammar.

So, if like me (sometimes) you need a little kick to get going then check this post out!

Jamal Edwards – Amateur Film Maker Turned Millionaire 

This post was put forward by Matt this week, and I am really glad he did! Jamal Edwards is friends with a lot of my own personal group of friends, and he has made a big mark in the business world and a great name for himself, and is still only aged 23.

Starting out by creating videos and uploading them to Youtube Jamal, owner of SBTV has built himself an empire that most of your average business owners can only aspire to, even at the end of their working lives.

His story is inspirational and is proof that if you can “crack” online success then you really can change your life.

Read this article – it will motivate you.

3 Simple Email Marketing Tips That Are Often Overlooked

We have another fantastic post from Pro Blogging Success which is touching on some email marketing tips. People get so involved in email marketing campaigns and ensuring design is right, and its getting delivered to the right people, they often overlook / forget some simple yet, important points, which actually are very valid and count towards the success of an email marketing campaign

Jane Sheeba , owner of the site writes this article and actually points out the obvious, so to speak – testing your campaign before you start, make the emails personal, keep your opening texts short and sweet – like the excerpts, headlines, etc, be honest AND realistic, and ALWAYS give the option to unsubscribe.

This is worth a read if you are involved in email marketing in any way at all.

“Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me)

This post was submitted by John this week and is written by Tim Ferriss of The 4 Hour Working Week, the title itself is pretty cool – yet don’t be fooled by thinking “I’m none of those, so this post isn’t for me”

It gives an overview of what he’s accomplished, and also his very own 8 step process to being consistently productive (imagine that!!) and its having something like that in place that let him hit some real milestones in his personal/work life.

I think we can all do with help on being more productive, so this post is a must read!

A Veteran Died With Nobody To Attend His Funeral – What Happened Next Was Incredibly Moving 

This post really is the power of Social Media at it’s best!

Remembrance day has just been and gone again, and one Harold Jellicoe Percival died age 99 years old. He served in World War II and as he had no family to attend his funeral his obituary ended up on the internet, and thanks to Social Media it went viral.

This post written by Tom Phillips over at Buzzfeed pictures the story, which lead to over hundreds of people turning up to pay their last respects to a man who fought for his country and give us the freedom we have today.

A very touching story indeed (it actually puts a lump in my throat when I read about it)

Great Ad Copy: How To Outsmart A Millionaire

A great friend of the Bee HQ wrote this excellent post, Eugene Farber – and with a very clever heading you instantly want to go in and read this post! Which kind of is the point of this article I guess.

Copy writing is a skill, and Eugene takes a look at a great advert and dissects it for you to understand why the ad is so great and the elements that have been involved in this particular advert’s writing process.

Having read this myself I came away from it with some very clear insight about appealing to the nature of my own customers.

Are You Holding Back From Taking Action? Here’s How To Get Moving

This post was put forward by Mizan this week, and what a valid and clever post this one is! Daily Blog Tips again, only this time with a really actionable post to help those people who “know what they want to do” but can’t seem to get off the starting block.

Most of the time the problem is internal, ie – from you, you are the reason things don’t happen – sometimes we don’t even realise this, and this post gives a few basic examples of that, and how you can overcome those, so you can really start building the foundations to get where you want to be.

Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Privacy

Big fans of Infographics here, and when I saw this one over at insidefacebook.com I knew I wanted to share it.

Privacy is kind of a big deal for Facebook users, and the amount of data in this post is staggering. Justin Lafferty has compiled this post to help YOU manage the privacy and security of your account.

If it’s a worry for you, then this post is most definitely for you!

Ok so you have got to the bottom of the list and now it is time for our fun wildcard article.

Twins Were Born, But They Haven’t Realised That ….. 

Finishing off this week is a BEAUTIFUL video link, it’s been doing the rounds on social networking sites, so apologies if you’ve seen it, but in this incredible video you get to see a pair of twins who aren’t aware they have been born.

Life is an incredible thing, and this epitomises that, and also shows you exactly how strong a bond lies between them – a real insight to their connection!

Thanks for allowing me to write this for you this week! It’s been big fun taking charge and reading loads of additional posts!

Be inspired!

Clair 🙂