Change Is Good

Afternoon Everyone,

Firstly, my apologies for missing our regular Monday post yesterday, but there have been a few things happening in our Bee HQ which meant we wasn’t able to hit our schedule yesterday.

Today’s post, you will be pleased to know, is going to be more informational, and explaining some changes that we are making with both Bizzebee the blog and also The Hive.

Change Is Good Change Is Good | Bizzebee

I’ll start by letting you know that the team is changing dynamic, and we are moving from a 6 to a 5, but for the short term you will only be seeing updates and posts from just 4 of the team. Sometimes, external factors in the real world need to take precedent, which is what has been happening for some of our team at Bizzebee. However, rest assured we are as dedicated to our readers and followers as always, and will continue to over deliver on our content, information and training.

With that change in mind, we have decided to alter the weekly posting schedule from Mon | Weds | Friday down to Tues | Thurs of each week (hence this Tuesday slot filled by yours truly) – We tossed about the idea of keeping the 3 x a week posts, but moving forwards we need to focus our attentions in slightly different areas to fit the business needs to take this project to the next level.

Alongside that, our weekly round up, which features the best of the web in 5 posts is being moved to a monthly round up (so the competition is fierce!!!) but whilst we are in a transitional period, this is going to be put on hold (it doesn’t mean we won’t share posts across our social channels we read and like, because we will do)

Lastly, but by no means least, We’re changing the concept of “The Hive” – we all spend a lot of time online, talking to people and seeing whats going on, and it’s become apparent that as a team we can cover pretty much everything and help you all in so many ways, but we might not have been presenting it in the right format with the Hive.

So, we are going to put together individual courses and learning that we will be advertising and selling within The Hive – so effectively we are turning it into a market place for our products, and rather than offering the one product with a membership site, we will be offering several which you can pick and choose from dependant upon your needs, which in some cases will be free training, and some will be a one time payment (rather than a monthly membership subscription)

Some of the areas we will be covering will be

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Graphics
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation & Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • Affiliate Marketing

Of course this isn’t a finalised list, but just some of  areas in which we will be putting together online training courses that you will be able to enrol and learn about.

This means, we are giving ourselves more work to redevelop the Hive to fit this need, and of course we need to work on putting together course materials for you, so the change in blogging pattern and losing the weekly / monthly round up in the interim is to help us have more time to develop our product library for you.

Whilst we are waiting on this to happen, we will be releasing some of our training into other online market places, such as Udemy, and focusing on creating a great affiliate programme for anyone who wants to resell our products and earn commission for doing so!

All in all, a very exciting time for Bizzebee, and one that we are 100% committed too, and excited to deliver to you – change is always inevitable, especially in the online business world, but we believe in the power of our new HIVE market place, and the cogs are already in motion.

I shall leave you with a quote from the infamous Jim Rohn – which is kind of apt for this post today I believe

“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree”

Stay tuned, we’ve not even scratched the surface yet!

Queen Bee ….. Clair 🙂

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