Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online

Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online
I am sure many of you have heard of the world famous Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, I wouldn’t be surprised if you many of you have read it. The books are collections of inspiring stories that have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and now has around 200 titles in the series. For the best history of the recession you can view more here.

What I like about this story is that the book itself is a collection of other people stories and not a book that had to be ‘thought about’ in the traditional sense. The information was there in front of the writers, they did not have to go the rough the character or story development that fiction writers normally need to do or the incredible amount of creative writing that a fiction writer would do.

chicken soup
Yes they needed an outline on how they wanted the book and they had to write the book, they couldn’t just copy and paste vast chunks of stuff from papers, they needed to write it out in their own way (I believe it was written by ghost-writer!) but most of the work is done for them.

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Another excellent and popular book is the Darwin Awards, a collection of strange deaths and accidents by stupid people, things that could have been avoided and would have been avoid by normal sane people but those who clearly were short of a few sandwiches of a full picnic did some extraordinary things to create their own demise. French scientists have recently announced that driving under the influence of cannabis can double your chances of causing a fatal car accident. Researchers from the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research (INRETS) carried out a study of 10,748 drivers who were involved in fatal car accidents between 2001 and 2003. 7 percent of the drivers tested positive for cannabis and 21.4 percent for alcohol use.  According to recent government statistics a third of people have taken drugs at one point in their lives and 10% have tried them in the past year. Whilst the use of non prescription drugs is illegal in the UK, for many people smoking a joint is as natural as having a pint of beer. Unfortunately, a large proportion of drug users still drive after taking drugs, as they don’t appreciate the danger they pose. Drink driving, whilst still an issue in the UK, is becoming a taboo subject among those who partake in a tipple. However, because drug use is against the law, many people who use drugs are unaware of, or not concerned about the risks of drug driving. Connecticut bail bond firm’s lawyers said that, we can help you out with bail for any drug related crimes no problem. Criminal defense attorneys аrе specialists іn managing criminal cases оf various scopes. Thеѕе аrе lawyers whоѕе vocation іѕ established оn supplying vital services tо thе individuals whо аrе accused аѕ criminal bу thе court оf law. Thе fundamental intention оf acquiring thе service оf a criminal defense attorney іѕ thаt, thіѕ lawyer wіll dispute thе positions wіth respect tо numerous laws аnd sections produced tо serve thе people іn opposition tо thе criminal cases. Criminal lawyers аrе classified undеr diverse classifications аnd sections.
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The book gets its name from Charles Darwin’s theory that a species gets stronger as the weaker genes die out. The people in the book are the weaker part to humanity and when you read it you can see why. Here is one such example…

(15 July 1999, Tennessee) Seven firefighters from the Sequoyah Volunteer Fire Department, located in rural Hamilton County north of Chattanooga, decided to impress their Chief by surreptitiously setting fire to a house, then heroically extinguishing the blaze. The men apparently hatched the plan in order to help Daniel, a former firefighter, return to duty.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s career plans were irreversibly snuffed when he became trapped while pouring gasoline inside the house. Surrounded by smoke and flames, he was unable to escape, and died inside the burning house on June 26.

His six accomplices are facing 87 years in prison for conspiracy, arson, and burglary. –

What struck me is how successful these two books and many others are and how many similar sites online are popular, sites that are full of other peoples stuff whether it is inspiring stories, quotes, public domain books or even pictures.

There is a huge business here using other people’s stuff, probably one of the fastest ways to make money online is to become a collector and editor of other people’s stories or work. Much of this can be niche specific, for example, if you love graffiti art, you could create a book or series of books full of photos documenting different countries or cities on your travels.

OK so you need a camera to take the pictures but this is the digital age, a picture can be taken and shared there and then. The artwork itself is the main interest to others and that is already done for you. You are not writing or painting for several hours are you?

There are websites where people share their own graffiti pictures, saving the site owners a lot of work, they focus on the maintenance and running of the site. There are also sites where people upload their own written stories again leaving the site owners to focus on running the site.

There are so many different ways that you can create books, eBooks or websites using other people’s content or stories. You might need to send out the odd email asking for permission to use things if they have not be sent to you by willing people but I tend to work on a rule of thumb, if something has been published in a newspaper and it is factual then you are good to go.

You might need to send a courtesy email to make sure it is ok to use someone’s name but generally you cannot copyright fact and if you wanted to write a book about serial killers you would not need to ask permission to use the facts or details as they are well documented in all of the press and in now part of the history of society.

Books on true crime have always been best sellers; again the reason is that the information is there in front of you to take and re package in your own way. It is factual and cannot be copyrighted by anyone. Even writing book about celebrities can be lucrative, look at how many unofficial books are out, if they stick to the facts of what is already known then they are usually safe.

If however you started writing about possible affairs with no true facts then you are touching upon slanders ground and then you can be liable. Simply stick to the facts.

Compiling information for your website has never been easier, we have the internet crammed full of great stories that we can search for, we search from our smart phones, we can copy and paste information into word documents ready to edit and re write.

We can access the internet with our phones and tablets and can do research while sat on the train or bus, we can book mark websites to go back to when we are ready. We have T.V. that can be recorded onto hard drive, paused live or rewound, if you missed shows you can re watch them online with things like the BBC iPlayer and then if that isn’t enough there is the good old newspaper.

An old fashioned pen and paper can be handy to have on you to write down reminders of where you saw stories so you can go back to them later or ideas that you have had for your website.

With the book The Chicken Soup For The Soul, money was made by selling the book, there is still opportunities to sell books, but things have changed these days, you can still sell physical books but there is a big slant to eBooks with the growing popularity of the Amazon Kindle and similar devices. I even have a Kindle app on my phone allowing me to read eBooks and PDFs anywhere anytime.

EBooks can still be sold for a regular price even though many are being sold cheaper than physical books and to be honest it makes sense, physical books need to be made and distributed, eBooks do not and they also allow many people the freedom to become author and publisher without the need of the big publishing companies.

If you decide that eBooks are not for you and wanted to focus on a website instead, money can be generated by selling advertising space, growing an email list and promoting products that might be of interest to the people who regularly visit your site. It is possible that you could create a club and charge for a subscription creating an online membership site. People love being part of a network of like-minded people and they well pay to be part of what they love.

If people will pay to buy magazines about model railways or hairdressing each month then why won’t they pay for a similar online magazine? The main thing that I wanted to get across today that is very possible to create a business and generate huge profits from using other people’s work and stories while making it that little bit easier for you, it has worked beautifully for Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and many others so why cannot it work for you?

2 thoughts on “Compile, Publish & Profit. The Easier Way To Make Money Online

  1. Interesting post, and I am a HUGE fan of Jack Canfield, and I didn’t know he had penned these books! (tut tut at me!!!)

    I like reading this kind of posts, and I also think that it’s important for the average joe to read these sort of posts too, because its often those kinds of people who “wish they could change” things about their lives and earn a living out of stuff they love ….. These posts are informative to web business owners, but can often be the lightbulb moment for the average Joe too!

    1. Yeah he did the first few then sold the name/brand to a publishing company that now has over 200 new titles in the series, I am sure there is even a ‘Chicken Soup For Chicken Soup Lovers’ in there. It has become that popular and dare I say it watered down.

      As you say, Sam has made a good point here that people can change their circumstances by doing something new or different. they just have to make a start but many people do not realise that you can in fact make that start.

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