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  • November 8 , 2013

Hello, John here and I just want to share quickly with you today a site I use fairly frequently for a number of reasons. I am sure you are aware of the video screen capture tools out there on the market today. The obvious candidates are Camtasia, Screencast-o-matic plus many more. These are all premium, even though Screencast is only $15 for the year, there are not that many quick and free options.

Today I want to share with you Screenr – this is a free tool which allows you to record up to 5 mins of on-screen footage. This is great and is useful if you want to record a short explanation video to a customer or maybe a client. Maybe you have some outsourcing work you need doing and want to explain the job you want done showing the look and feel of some online material. Maybe one of your customers has a query from an email you sent them and would like to be shown how to do something.

Well, all this can be done in a very professional and excellent way now using Screenr. The whole thing is done online and is very simple to use. I made a short video showing you the tool.


Thank you for watching, I hope you found it useful. Please head over to our YouTube channel for more tips like this.

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