Get 100% Approved Adsense Account : 2013 Working Tricks

  • September 2 , 2013

All new bloggers or semi seasoned bloggers know that Google Adsense is one of the best programmes to earn money through advertising on your blog or website. But recently, it has become quite  hard to get a 100% approved Adsense account because of the numerous new Google Adsense policies. Google like to update their policies regularly and this can cause many issues to bloggers.

Many bloggers or website owners would like an Adsense account but most of them are not successful in getting one. There are many people online who sell their Adsense account to the non successful website owners. We recommend that you do not to buy a Google Adsense account from any resellers online because it is against Google’s Adsense Terms of Services. If you have gained an Adsense account by buying it, then it could be banned any time without warning.

If you want a Google Adsense account and fear you may not get one then, don’t get upset! There is no need to worry at all. I am going to share with you the best way to get an approved  Adsense account with a simple method which is 100% legal and working in 2013 -the method has been tested by myself and many others.


Steps to Get Approved Adsense Account :

I believe you already know that YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on which users can share, upload, download and view videos by different users or channels. You can easily get an approved Adsense account with YouTube simply by sharing your own videos online.

This is by far the best method to get an approved Adsense account within 24-48hrs maximum (Of course you have to do some work).

1. First step, Let’s go to and create a Youtube account (I recommend to create the account with your Gmail ID). If you do not have a Gmail account then we recommend you get one first.

2. Upload some videos to your account (Say at least 3), You can use  a video converter for cutting different parts of a movie up or use Windows Movie Maker for creating some basic videos. (It is the best idea to upload trending videos for getting more views).

3. Increase your video views by sharing on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , and  Google+ etc.

4. Now when your YouTube account reaches 300+ views in total from all  the videos combined you will get an email invitation sent to your Gmail inbox or a message in your YouTube inbox to  monetize your videos. ( If you haven’t got the invitation don’t worry. You can simply apply for an Adsense account in your YouTube Settings.)

5. Now after applying to Adsense for an account you will get an email within the next 24hrs saying that, your account is now enabled for monetization.

6. Hurray! You now have a fully working Adsense account. Make sure to use it properly and stay within the TOS and you will be fine. ‘Do No Evil’ as Google say, Google will hunt you down and kick you out of the service if you do illegal activities.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple trick that I have shared with you so you too  can get a Google Adsense account. Please share with us any other easier methods that you know by commenting below.

Enjoy the new account that you have created by reading our  “Get 100% Approved Adsense Account” article. 🙂

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