Guest Posts to Guest Post For SEO Link Love.

As blogger or online business you will no doubt have heard about the need to write guest posts and to have these articles shared across the web on other high ranked websites and blogs. The idea is that you get…

  1. Links back to your site, Pro SEO Group Buy and a WordPress consultant can help improve your site traffic very quick.
  2. Exposure in the eyes of new people
  3. People clicking through to your site there and then and hopefully becoming new regular readers.

seo link love

What a lot of people do is when they write a Big Guest Posting they generally link back to the home page and/or use an anchor text which is also linked to the homepage. After some recent updates, a very well known Pheonix SEO Agency discovered that Google does not love the anchor text system as they once did, they are now looking for a more mixed up natural looking link web.

The anchor text used to be the keyword that you wanted your site to be ranked for. For example if you wanted to be ranked for the keyword social media expert advice, that keyword phrase would be added to the bottom of every guest post that was published and then hyperlinked back to your home page. You may have already seen some answers to this question on our about as page, but if not, please do have a quick read, In seo mastermind sessions, it explains our approach and gives details of our experience, discover answers some vital questions about SEO.

It is highly recommended that you now mix up your keywords so that you were being rewarded for other relevant keywords and a natural looking link web, in fact Google would now penalise you for trying to rank for the same one anchor text especially if you tried to do it by posting loads of guest posts around the same time.

In Google’s eyes you are not being natural, and when we say natural we mean that the average Joe Blogs internet user who wanted to link to an article on your site would not put a link in those exact same keywords, and you certainly wouldn’t expect 30 or 40 different sites to do the same! Google would instantly know that you were engaged in some form of link exchange which is against their terms and conditions.

Guest posting does fall under the bracket of link exchange, you are offering content to another site that is looking for content in exchange for links back to your site. It is unnatural and Google do not like it, they have tolerated it as it is a lot better than normal link exchanges and practices.

The other issue is that if you just link back to your home page again it will not look natural, for example, if you wrote an article about mental health issues in teenagers yet your site covered modern life, someone who read your article and wanted to share its message would link directly to that article and not your home page. They wouldn’t want to send their friends to your site and leave them guessing would they? No they would send them to the post itself and that is what you should do too.

When you write a guest post write it about a similar topic to one you have written about on your site and then link to that article. As this post is about link building, guest posting and SEO I could now link to one of several articles and pages instead of my home page. Makes sense right? That is what a normal reader would do. So why wouldn’t you do the same?

Not only does the article have a relevant topic it would have similar keywords and by linking to your article on your site you are strengthening that keyword on your site and strengthening your position in the eyes of Google.

So now you have more natural looking links pointing back to pages on your site from your guest posts, you have relevant topics using similar keywords and a variation of anchor texts including words like ‘To read more go to…’ as opposed to just the generic keyword based anchor text.

Now you can strengthen your links even more, and make them look even more natural in the eyes of Google. So let’s say that your article about mental health issues in teenagers has now been linked to by a teenage blogger concerned about similar issues, a reader of their blog reads their post which links to your article and decides that they want to link to that article from their own blog by writing a short post about the mental health issues teenagers worry about.

Their link which links to the post that links to you has now created a natural link tier; your original article now has a link that is 2 websites deep relating to the same topic. With a bit of luck they will have used very similar keywords and possibly linked using the same exact phrase.

Whether they have or not doesn’t matter a lot as you now still have a natural link tier of a relevant topic. This is much better than having a just a link on some link farm or directory pointing at your site or guest posts. Relevancy is the key to natural looking link webs and mixing up the way it is linked through is very important too.

So as the title says Guest Posts to Guest Post For SEO Link Love you might have guessed where I am going with this.  When you are creating your guest post campaign and start writing a lot of articles to be published on other high PR sites, you write some shorter similar and less detailed posts which you get posted on some further sites which will link not to your site but to the guest posts you have written.

You can offer these to some lower PR sites a few days or weeks our main guest post has been published and by doing so you are now creating a traceable natural looking link web that goes at least 2 websites deep. If you wish you can do another level by writing another few posts that link to your guest posts, even add some shorter posts to the web 2.0 properties which are free to create.

The idea is that you create a simple natural looking link web by doing exactly what Google is wanting. You are mimicking the behaviour of ordinary internet users and using it to your advantage.

Some marketers like to set up special funnels to funnel readers to a chosen ending, for example, a guest post about Facebook marketing will be linked to a bigger and better guest post on Facebook marketing that leads directly to a page on their website that has either a better article which then recommends a Facebook marketing product they are promoting from places like Clickbank or a squeeze page of their own.

Not only are there SEO benefits for creating 2 tier guest post links but using the ‘to read more…’ or ‘to learn more go to…’ incentives they can lead interested people to a potential sale.

So do you think it sounds like a good idea to send a Guest Post to a Guest Post?

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  1. Nice post Sam, you have written a great post that is much more valuable for the bloggers to get the benefit of this post and guest blogging is a good way to get the chance of having the audience that you never have before but be careful in selecting the right blog for writing a guest post because if you submit your post on a low quality or low ranked site you will be in a big trouble.

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