How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?


One question that comes up time and time again when talking to new bloggers is “How often should you post on your blog?”  It’s a valid question, I mean how many times should you post?  I’m sure everyone will have their own opinion, but I thought I would share my views and explain why I view them like this.

Every Blog Needs Regular Content

In order for your website to even stand a chance of being a success, you will need to produce and publish regular content.

Search engines absolutely love sites that are regularly updated as they will view it as being active.  This is VITAL as if your site isn’t seen to be active; you are much less likely to be sent traffic from them.  Active sites generally get much higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), which leads to more traffic.  It’s not quite as simple as that, as search engines also take a lot of other factors into consideration about a site, but regular content does help a lot.

Your site visitors will also appreciate regular content on your site, as it encourages them to keep coming back for more.  At the end of the day that is what you are after – more traffic to your site.  Think about it, if you found a site that you liked and then came back in a couple of weeks to find that nothing had changed, would you keep revisiting the site?  Probably not!

So updating your site regularly with new content will help to encourage new (and returning) traffic.  But when we say “regularly update your site”, how regularly do we mean?

How Often Can YOU Post On Your Blog?

Before I give my views – how often can YOU post on your site?  I only ask this as it’s important to think about how much time you can give to your site.  You may have; other work commitments, other sites that need your attention, a family, etc.  After all, you are the one that is going to need to put in the work into updating and publishing new content your site, so only you can judge how often you can post.

If you are just starting out in the world of blogging, it can often be good to start by publishing only a few (maybe 1 a week) and then work your way up.  This way, you can get a feel for what you are doing and learn about all the other aspects that go with it along the way.

Quality not Quantity

Ideally, you want to post as often as possible.  HOWEVER, when I say that, I mean you want to publish as many “high quality posts” as possible.  Posting 4,5, even 10 posts a day is just ridiculous as you can’t hope to publish anything of “quality”.

If you want to build a successful site, you will need to publish quality content that people actually want to read and share with their friends.  Anything less and you won’t last very long online!

So… How Often Should I Post?

If it’s just you running your site, then I would aim to publish 1-2 posts a week.  When I first started ‘Online Income Teacher’, I published 2 a week (every Tuesday and Thursday).  This was great as it allowed me to work on the other aspects of my site (monetizing, email list, branding, social media, guest blogging, etc.) for the rest of the week.

I’ve since switched to 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) as I am a much faster writer now and can manage my time much better.

Here on Bizzebee, we also publish 3 times a week.  Whilst we could publish every day (and did for a bit to get the site up and running), we all have individual work that keeps us busy, as well as creating content for ‘The Hive‘ – the Bizzebee membership area.

It’s important that you pick a posting schedule that you are happy with.  If you feel that you can produce a quality post every day, then go for it!  But like I say, you may be better off starting at a slower pace and working your way up.

Post On Your Blog Like Clockwork

Whatever your schedule is, make sure that you stick with it.  If you decide to publish twice a week, publish 2 posts a week – every week!  There is nothing more frustrating for a reader than their favourite blogger running out of steam.  You would be quite disappointed if you found a blogger that you liked, only to find that they went from publishing every day to now only 1 a month (if that).

Similarly, if you write 5 posts one week, then 1 post the next, then disappear for a month, etc. people aren’t going to stay very loyal.  Readers like to know where they stand.  They will only keep visiting your site if they can expect to find something new.  We are all creatures of habit, if we know that you publish once a week, we will come to expect that.


There is no magic number of how often you should post on a site.  Publish as often as you can, but make sure that what you are publishing is of the highest quality.  Consistently publishing quality content (however often) will always attract traffic.

How often do you post on your blog?  Have you changed how often you post?  If so, why?  Please let us know in the comment section below!

16 thoughts on “How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

    1. That is very true! Though when running a site, you do have to publish something on a regular basis as otherwise your site could appear inactive (both to viewers & search engines).

      Do agree though that whatever you do post should be of quality. No point posting just for the sake of it, but if someone is struggling for ideas for something to write about, they may be in the wrong niche. Have literally hundreds of ideas for posts that I could write about. Just a case on putting them together.

      1. I agree that if you have no content than you are in the wrong niche as it should not be hard to create quality content if you know what you are talking about.

        1. Definitely!

          I’ll admit that when I first started I struggled for ideas, but that was more due to lack of experience writing regularly. Once your into the swing of it, you begin to see more topic/subjects to cover. There is literally endless subjects that you can talk about.

  1. Hey, this was just what i was after. Just started my first blog and was wonderin this. Was gonna post everyday but might start with a couple a week to get started. Thanks

    1. Hi Dereck,

      If you are just starting out, I would recommend only posting a couple of times a week. That way, you can get into the habit of writing regularly without jumping in at the deep end and needing to post something everyday.

      There is a lot of work outside of writing that you’ll need to work on (social media, web design, monetization, etc.), so it’s best to take your time and learn about these different aspects as you go along. If you try to do everything at once, you can get overwhelmed.

      If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with me, or any of the other Bizzebee’s. 🙂

  2. Hi Matt,

    You are absolutely right on this post – blogs need a schedule and the readers need the familiarity – there is a LOT to take on board when moving / starting your business online so people need to ensure they aren’t overdoing the whole blogging and running out of steam.

    Once Clair Trebes Online has been revamped i’ll be adhering to a posting schedule simliar to what you’ve mentioned in this post.


    1. Hi Clair,

      Am a firm believer in having some sort of schedule. Not only does it help make sure you publish something regularly (even 1 a week), but I find that it encourages/focuses you to get things done. Don’t think I would get nearly as much done if I didn’t have a schedule to stick to.

      Looking forward to seeing the revamped site Clair. You any idea when that will be up?

      1. Probably in the next 2/3 weeks, don’t think the blog layout will change but the main part is in the making now …..

  3. Thanks for your share….yes 1 a week is enough i think….posting wrong articles which make no sense and doesn’t target your users won’t better post something which will have audience interact…

    1. Hi Sonal,

      Think it comes down to the old saying – “If you haven’t got anything interesting to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

      Posting for the sake of it is pointless. You may as well use the time that you would have use creating something useless and put all your efforts into a really great piece of content. Quality not quantity!

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for including this post in your list. Just checked it out and you have collected some great advice from lots of different people. Think the overall picture from everyone looks fairly similar (quality not quantity, no “right” number, etc.), so at least we’re on the same wavelength.

      Let us know if you want to feature any of our other posts. 🙂

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