How To Increase Your Facebook Photo Comments

In late June, Facebook commenced their introduction of photo comments, a new feature which allows you to comment on posts through images as opposed to text. So now users have the opportunity to tell us how they feel via an image using a quick snapshot. I sense this update is bigger than most are making it out to be as it alters the way you engage with friends/fans on a post.

The bigger question is, how can businesses leverage Facebook photo comments when it comes to their social media strategy?

1. Make Your Fans Share Relevant Images

I don’t think it matters too much which industry your business sits in as there is always a way to make your fans share an image if you just ask them. For example, if you run a a dessert cafe, with this new commenting feature, you could reach out to your fans to share an image of a ricotta cheese cake they’ve liked. Your post could simply be “We’ve just introduced our home baked ricotta cheese cake, what’s your favourite? Show us a photo”. Asking your fans to share images can work for a digital marketing agency also. For example, you could ask your fans to share an infographic they’ve seen which explains the ins and outs of an optimised blog post.

There are numerous opportunites to take advantage of this particular element and it truly comes down to what aspects of your business are meaningful to you and whether they would generate more engagement in the form of likes and shares from your fans.

2. Discover How Your Fans Spend Their Day

So the common rule we’ve all been preached on Facebook is that 70% of your content should provide value and develop your brand, 20% should be attributed to sharing what others have posted and the last 10% goes to self promoting your business or your own brand.

So I realise the hardest part is hitting the 20% sharing mark, but it really shouldn’t as photo comments make it easy to share other people’s ideas. I would also recommend posing the the following question to your fans “How’s it going today, Show us via a photo of what you’re up to today!”

facebook 70/20/10 rule


If you work in the finance industry there is a strong possibility that the team heads out for lunch on a Friday. This is a good opportunity to share a photo of the team having a feed on the company page as it shows the team building element and fun culture which exists in the organisation. To take it one step further, they could ask their fans to share images of what they plan to have for lunch on a Friday (generally unhealthy so could make for a few interesting pics).

3. Commenting Milestones

There might come a time where you want to push your fans to reach certain milestones of sociability e.g. when this post gets 100 likes ot 50 shares we will release the next installment of our video series. As a business you could look into using photo comments to establish specific milestones in order to encourage your fans to spread the social love.

4. Ask Fans To Share Photos Of Them Using Your Product

Reach out to your fans and ask them to photograph themselves using your product in a unique manner and share these images as comments. This is an excellent method to get the creative juices flowing of your audience and also free marketing for your product to audiences who may not have seen your product in a particular way, but now they have.

Perhaps Mario Balotelli (pictured below) might be a perfect candidate for sharing a photo of himself to the manufacturer of those bright acqua earphones.

balotelli headphones facebook photo comment

Facebook’s photo comment feature opens up a new avenue for business owners to engage with their end customer. It allows creativity and fun by asking your followers to respond with a photo as opposed to text (the caveat being to ensure the images aren’t explicit). When you interact with each comment, I would recommend tagging the fan in the comment which expands the reach across Facebook as a whole

How do you plan to use Facebook’s photo comments feature as part of your business? Let us know but sharing your comments below.

9 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Facebook Photo Comments

  1. Hi Kapil, great first post here 🙂 You’ve raised some excellent points and ideas that will really help the readers get a grip on their photo sharing, I’m a big fan of the photo comment introduction from Facebook, I can see a lot of people having fun and making use of the feature extremely well!

    1. Hey Clair, thanks for landing the first comment and it feels good to be part
      Of the bizzebee family 🙂 Photo comments will really change the way businesses can engage with their fans so I’m looking forward
      To showing a few examples in the near future on who’s been doing it well.

  2. This is a great post Kapil and I see a lot of potential here for businesses to have some fun and create a lot of interaction. 🙂

  3. Hi Kapil and Bizzebee !
    First time here … about the post, I think point no 2 is really time consuming. I guess commenting milestone is much better than it.

    1. Hey Okto, welcome to our new community 🙂 Yeah no.2 requires a little more effort but the rewards are certainly better as you’ll get better engagement from your fans. Once one fan starts with a photo comment there is a good chance someone else will follow on. Look forward to seeing you here more often.

  4. Hi Kapil and Bizzebee, I do request folks to post pictures on my Facebook Page but many are too shy. Just getting a comment or Like is good. I’m sure it will catch on though.

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