Introducing The Fun Way To Make Money While You Travel The World… Or Stay At Home!

Imagine travelling around the world relaxing in all kinds of cool places and not needing to find work to fund your trip.

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Imagine earning money but not having a boss calling the shots telling you what to do.

Imagine earning money but not having to get up and go to work at silly times of the day like 6:42 am.

Imagine not having to use an alarm clock dictating what time you start work, you simply work when you want and still earn money during the times you don’t.

Well it is possible.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who are earning money yet they do not have and probably never have had a real day job.

They work from home and they work at times which suit them best. What is even better is that they can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

You might be wondering what is it that they do.

Well I am going to tell you.

Firstly I can tell you that it isn’t complicated, in fact it can be very simple. Some people basically copy their money making ideas from other people. Some can do something as simple as finding diy guides on sites like Reddit and just start their own workshop at home, selling custom built items. They eventually evolve into their own builds that they also provide to buyers looking for custom builds. Depending on what type of builds we are talking about it could be a great and steady source of income, and fun as well.

What they do is they create very simple viral content which they share on social media. This viral content drives people to visit their websites where they make money from advertising or promoting affiliate products.

That is it!

They do not offer services nor do they sell any products of their own. It is a case of creating simple content which is shared. When these articles or videos go viral they drive people back to these viral content websites for years after they were first published.

I’m sure you’ve seen them…

The video’s, jokes, posts and articles that go viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, and quickly spread to thousands and then millions of people.

Well what you might not realise are two things:

  • Someone, somewhere is making a fortune out of these ideas, and they make even more money every time someone shares them.
  • These viral posts are usually created by ordinary men and women on their phone or laptop, with absolutely zero special equipment, knowledge or skills
  • Just one simple viral idea can give you a residual income for months…and sometimes years.

 …And most of the time, you don’t even need to come up with the idea yourself…you just need to find them!

Viral articles which are made once can be earning money for many years after. Imagine creating regular content which is shared over and over again driving people back to your website generating money.

Every new article or post is a potential new mini income stream.

The great thing about these potential money making viral articles is that they are incredible easy to do and take very little time to create.

I once wrote an article about the Canadian band Rush, it was something like The 10 Facts Only Real Rush Fans Would Know or something like that, that article took no longer than 2 hours to create yet it generated more money than what most people earn in several months.

It is probably still generating money now, it was so long ago I no longer check it. But that was only one article. Imagine having loads of those kinds of articles earning you money as well as creating new money making articles regularly.

Now imagine having one or two of these viral websites generating you money each month while travelling the world.

The money you earn would take away the pressures which come with travelling long periods of time without a job.

Your important expenses like rent and food costs would be covered.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Wouldn’t that be a huge relief to someone travelling the world?

You Do Not Need To Travel. Why Not Enjoy Life At Home Without A Job?

You most certainly don’t have to be a global traveller to enjoy the benefits of a money generating viral website. You might be a person who would rather not want to work a day job opting to work at times which suit you best.

How would a money making viral website help you on a monthly basis? As in the example of the person travelling the world you too could cover your monthly living costs… and more.

What if I told you that one guy set up a viral content website which was generating over $500,000 per month within a year and that after two years he sold it for an incredible $100 million… would you believe me?

Well it’s true and it is well documented online. What is important to realise is that he wasn’t the first person to generate a lot of money from viral content and he won’t be the last either.

I too have and do make money from viral content websites. One month I nearly hit $1000 in just T-Shirt sales… and none of them were my T-Shirts. That was alongside all of the advertising revenue the sites were earning.

not my circus not my monkeys

It is for this reason why I teamed up with the guys at Streetwise Publishing to create an online course all about building profitable viral content websites.

The course is called The Viral Code.

In the course I show you:

  • The key ‘hot buttons’ to creating lucrative viral websites, and why they work.
  • The key types of viral content, and which is most ‘contagious’.
  • How to create a niche viral website from scratch…four minutes will have your site primed for profit.
  • How to create a fun viral website using other people’s content.
  • How to create posts and articles that people will feel compelled to share.
  • How to spot the videos that will go viral and make thousands of pounds.
  • Where to find content you can steal, adapt and share for big profits.
  • The type of jokes which get shared like crazy and those that get nothing but tumbleweed.
  • How to create a satirical news site that just grows and grows.
  • How to cash in on mistakes and mistypes.
  • How to get £4 back for every 0.50p invested…year after year after year.

You will get access to a members only website with 53 videos including the Viral Code Handbook and related articles. You will also receive a physical copy of the Viral Code Handook through the post.

Inside the Viral Code Programme members area you will also learn:

  • How to build your own viral website in just four minutes that will act like a magnet to social media junkies.
  • How to build a series of ‘pocket money sites’…again, started in just four minutes…that will build into a life changing residual income.
  • How to create simple sites for other people and develop yet another income stream. How long will each take you to get a site started? You guessed it – just four minutes!
  • How to build a site to sell on – one really basic one recently sold for $15,000 and it was a site made up of parrot cage reviews…reckon you could come up with something more interesting?

Not only do you learn how to profit from Viral Content and Viral Websites but you will also get a FREE report worth $235 called The Fat Cat Loophole. You will be loaded with money making information.

You can learn more about it here. The Viral Code Course + FREE The Fat Cat Loophole Report Worth $235

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