Killer Headlines You Can Use For Your Blog Posts

killer headlines

Having a great headline is essential for any post throughout your content marketing strategy. It’s the title that makes the reader decide to click through to read more, to open that email or post instead of opting for the many others. Magazine publishers spend millions of dollars trying to perfect their content strategy and the headline will be a big part in that.

Next time you are at a magazine stand try and see which magazines your eyes are drawn too (careful, try not to drift up to the top….) and then check out some of the headlines on the front cover. They will have on the front cover titles of articles that are included in that edition.

It is these headlines that will essentially make you decide if you are going to buy it or not. Was it intriguing enough? Did it leave you wanting to know the answer?

People say you should not judge a book by its cover – but essentially people do, whether we like it or not. It’s the same with magazines for the first time buyer. You see the magazine company hopes you will become a new regular reader obviously. But its winning you over from all the other competing magazines that matters the most. Once they have converted you the hard part is done…..

So How Do They Do It?

Well, like with any successful blog post or actually any successful content marketing strategy online or offline they use great, captivating titles; or headlines.

Lets take some examples. If you were a Gardener and just discovered a great way to double the size of your tomatoes, which headline would captivate you the most?

  • How To Grow Bigger Tomatoes
  • How I Doubled The Size of My Tomatoes With One Simple Trick!

Sure in some ways both are fairly captivating, but in my view and hopefully most of yours the 2nd headline seems more appealing.

It gives the reader an understanding of what they are going to get from the article. The first one is a little vague and does not really say too much. The next headline draws people in and also gives a promise that by reading the article you will learn something simple that you can apply with your own tomato growth!

Here is a presentation from We Are Visual showing you 12 killer headlines you are free to use and adapt in your own content marketing strategies:

The best thing about these titles is they are already proven – these are taken from some of the top magazines around the world. The publishing houses spend millions of dollars on advertising and making sure they get the best hook from their audience.

They are all everygreen and you can apply them to virtually any niche.

For some more ideas on specifically blog posts – check out Matt’s post: 15 Blog Post Ideas When You Are Stuck For Blog Post Ideas

10 thoughts on “Killer Headlines You Can Use For Your Blog Posts

  1. Excellent post John! some bloody awesome headlines people can really make use of (myself included!!!)

    Love the slideshare, such a fab way of repurposing content in an eye catching manner too! 🙂

  2. I’ve tried a few of these at different points of time and have found that those headlines that have numbers or are ‘how to do it’ get more readership, even if there are no comments. Vive Le Google Analytics! 🙂

  3. Hi John! Killer Bee headlines, for sure. I’ve noticed that the headlines which have numbers or how to tips seem to get a lot readership, even if visitors don’t leave comments. Vive Le Google Analytics!

    1. Hi Vatsala, thank you for dropping by. Yes, it really does start with the headline doesn’t it. Something I think we all notice but don’t really think is such a big deal – but it is so important, especially with so much competition nowadays. You have to stand out…

  4. Nice post John!

    Post titles are SO important to a blogs success. Get that right and they stand a much better chance of being seen and clicked on by visitors. It’s not easy to do, if anything it’s a bit of an art form, but it’s worth putting in the effort to getting those titles just right.

  5. Hey there John! Awesome write up and image and truly an awesome slideshare. [Parenthesis] seems to draw in the clicks as well. Just so you know – I found #2 to be a better headline as well.

      1. Doing well, thanks John. Hope you are too. Haven’t received an email from you in quite awhile. I like the Bizzeebee team and community. Clair seems to be quite the dynamo on the facebook circuit. Because of her share this morning my page got nine new likes in an hour. So thanks Clair! And thank you John.

        1. Yes Donald – she is quite the dynamo! Been flat out with this site bud. Loads of great stuff happening. What out for some new exciting stuff coming soon, great news on the Facebook likes man!

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