Meet The BizzeBee Team

Matt Smith

Matt is a WordPress specialist, professional blogger, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant, social media addict and is one of those great ‘all-rounders’ who you become envious of. He is a great writer and creates great tutorial/informational content for his own site and has worked on many websites for his clients from around the world.

Matt is a lover of all things sport, loves watching movies and lives near Sheffield, UK (the best city in England).

You can find out more about Matt and his services over at his excellent site

John Banks

John is a successful blogger and innovator. He specializes in affiliate marketing, product creation and coming up with great new ideas to generate traffic and money. John is often found selling his own digital products on JVZoo and other affiliate sites. John is the author of the ‘Free and Easy Traffic’ eBook.

As much as John would love to go raving like the good old days he prefers to enjoy the calmer pursuits these days like playing darts for the local pub team. John is a dedicated father to two girls and lives in the seaside town of Southampton in England.

You can learn more about John over at his excellent blog

Clair Trebes

Clair is the Queen Bee of bizzebee community and the Queen of Social Media. She is the author of the popular eBook ‘The Easy Twitter Guide’ and has the best understanding of all of the social media networks and social media advertising. She is very proficient of WordPress and has built many sites for clients. Clair is an excellent writer and writes for several blogs as well as her own, she runs her own successful social media management and consultancy company.

Clair is passionate about all things nature and considers herself to be an earth buddy who plans to live out her days on the island of Ibiza with her crazy little dog with a bigger than life personality!

You can learn more about Clair at her blog

Mizanur Rahaman Mizan

Mizanur Rahaman Mizan is an entrepreneur, blogger, innovator, life-long student of technology, marketing and sales, and in most occasion – a teacher of these subjects. By profession, he is dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving growth through new initiatives and the design and execution of innovative marketing and business development programs.

Mizan became a full time lecturer of Computer Science in the University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS) in Chittagong, Bangladesh where he worked for an year. After this he started his own venture named TechnoCrews to help business with IT enabled services.

You can get learn more about Mizanur over at


I. H. Rahi

I. H. Rahi is an entrepreneur, Professional blogger . He is also a successful financial trader and financial service company’s Business Development Manager.

He became Strategy Director of Techno Crews. Based on its specialization and experience in the financial world. He offers a tailor-made approach that combines consulting, training and coaching, FOREX, Binary, Technology, Compliance, Media he has got you covered.

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