Sharing On Facebook – Best Practices

During the course of me running my own Facebook business page, I’ve seen a lot of changes from Facebook HQ with regard to its algorithm (known as Edgerank) that calculates who see’s what when you are posting from your business page.

Some “experts” believe that Edgerank is pretty much null and void now with the introduction of promoted posts / boost post on Facebook, and to a degree I make them right.

The essence of this post is to highlight the best ways in which you should post updates from your Facebook page in order to reach the most amounts of people organically (without parting with your hard earned pennies)

Since the introduction of promoted posts / boost post irrespective of how many likes your Facebook page has, you will only ever reach around 12% of your audience for free, and that is being generous!

Facebook “weight” posts and they de-value many posts for a number of different factors, and if you don’t understand this, you could be potentially reaching far less people than the 12%.

It’s NO LONGER good practice to “share” updates from page to page!  Not so long ago, as a page owner working through the newsfeed and connecting with other pages you liked, it was good Facebook ethic to “share” a post with your likes from somewhere else inside Facebook.

** Newsflash ** 

Facebook have completely DE VALUED this function, and it receives the lowest organic reach out of ALL the updates you can make as your business page.  I’ve personally found this one a bit of a blow to be honest, and I know so many of you reading this will too.

Facebook encouraged sharing, infact it was the biggest trigger and the most heavily weighted in the Edgerank algorithm – but on a page-to-page level it is no longer the thing to do!

If you don’t believe me, then you need to go and take a look at one of the posts you have shared from another page to your own – I think you will be quite shocked at its organic reach.

I am not so sure of the whys and where’s of Facebook making this decision or quite where it leaves their whole “sharing” mantra, but I am telling you now you are wasting your efforts in making those kinds of updates page to page.

I now make a lot of effort to share information from a page to my personal profile because that does work. A post is still seen to be popular if it has a lot of shares – and yeah of course that makes sense, but to those people who are sharing the posts, they just won’t be reaching the level of people they think they are.

Sharing On Facebook – Best Practices 

If you REALLY want to get the most visibility on your 12% organic reach (and actually reach a little further) then you need to be sharing TEXT only updates.

I know what you are thinking here “but I have a link to my website I want to share” – that’s FINE, there is always a loophole, and I’m about to let you into a little secret!

If you make a post that is only text, and you include a URL, if you “Remove Preview” from the URL Facebook treats it like a text only update – the link is still FULLY clickable and you will reach even more people organically (within the approximate 12% I mean)

This is an image direct from my own Facebook insights, my latest post contained a URL, which I removed the preview from, and Facebook thinks that the post is only text, thus pushing it out further organically than if it contained the preview which showed it was a link to somewhere outside of Facebook.

Sharing On Facebook - Best Practices | Bizzebee

The next image shows a post that Facebook clearly sees as a link – and you can see the reach is FAR lower

Sharing On Facebook - Best Practices | Bizzebee

In order to help my own cause (and believe me I don’t like paying for Facebook Ads) I make sure I share ALL my website links via my Facebook page to my personal profile – it helps with the reach, if you got 5 people / friends to share your page post on their own timeline you would see your reach jump up to as many as 1000 FOR FREE.

Combine that tactic with some well placed hashtags inside your text only post and you will also find that more people are in with a chance of discovering your post, and more importantly YOUR BUSINESS!

Photos used to be the single most shared and seen thing inside of Facebook, but again, unless you have a VERY compelling image that actually has a purpose, rather than just for the sake of it, and you are teaming it up with quality text and the right keywords for the hashtag search, then it really is a pointless exercise.

Facebook are making it tough, with no direct word over the changes to do with Edgerank weight, a lot of people out there (like myself) who are constantly analysing their insights and running different kinds of tests, are making these discoveries to try and help the people like YOU.

If you don’t have the budget to pay for those likes to see your posts, then don’t – you can speak to any member of the Bizzebee team who would be happy to help you find some more innovative ways to be “seen”

Engagement is WAY more important than total likes NOW – there is no point in having 1500 Facebook likes and only 2 people talking about your page. Those 1498 likes might as well not even exist, and that is why we are here to try and help you make sense of how this works, and you learn from the benefit of our experience.

Clair  🙂

4 thoughts on “Sharing On Facebook – Best Practices

  1. Hi Clair,

    Think you told me about the “Text only” updates a few weeks ago and I have found that they do reach significantly more people than regular updates. Have been using them a lot more on my FB page, which has helped me just pass the 1,000 like mark.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love the fact that there are so many people on there and have met a ton of great contact for my business, however I get quite frustrated by all the ongoing changes. Was kind of hopeful when Edgerank was announced, but if you’re right and that is dead in the water, then that is another thing that they have messed us around on. Wish they would just stick to one thing.

    Great post Clair

    1. Hi Matt, thats brill on the 1000 barrier, its an achievement for sure! Personally i’ve struggled to hit the 2K barrier for the last 9 months – get there one day I expect!

      Yes I’m with you on the whole love/hate – theres a VERY fine line for me too – its hard because its such a powerful platform people REALLY can make a HUGE business benefit – which in turn would mean more revenue for Facebook …. If only they would let us!

      Thankfully other sites offer different things, which is why people tend to hang around in more than one place!

  2. As you know I am on the fence with Facebook. I do earn revenue from it (not really directly, but it is a player with it) – it can been seen as a bit spammy sometimes. But businesses should definitely still have a presence on there. Simply put there are too many people on there and active not to get your page online. I do not promote my blog page at all, but I have ran experiments in other niches and got many thousand “fans” in a relatively short space of time…. so, for me whether people like it or not its too big a platform to ignore.

  3. Hi Clair I seem to echo to the points raised from Matt and John. I too have a love hate relationship with Facebook and often with the people using it in such a spammy way. I believe it is possible that Facebook can be used very well by people who are celebrities or in some kind of entertainment business because people love to share things they love and interact with celebs and as Facebook is a social platform it is right for that. For business it can be a touch harder so it is important that you do it right.

    Not sure why Facebook have now decided to add weight to simple Text only status updates as people are visual by nature and loved sharing video and images. Text is so dull, uninspiring and can look no different to hundreds of others.

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