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Do you need help getting your business online?

Got an idea for a website but not sure how to get your site up and running?

Need some advice about what tools to use and what aspects to add to your site?

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place!  This FREE 7 Day Guide will help you to build your own website.  With simple, easy to follow steps, each day we will show you how to get up and running online.

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In 7 days, you will know how to; setup a website online, how to start a social media campaign for your business, how to create content that will attract visitors to your site and much, much more!

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Learn all about the different aspects involved when setting up your own website!

eCover-For-freebie-courseWhat Will You Get From This Guide

We will begin right from the start, looking at all the different aspects to getting your website online. That way, everyone (no matter your experience) can easily follow the guide and get started.

We will begin by looking at how to set up and get your site online. This will focus on finding a suitable domain name, picking a hosting provider and introducing you to WordPress (and some plugins to use), whilst explaining why they are important.

We will also look at some of the important pages that your site needs.  Every site needs certain pages, so being able to set them up from the start will help greatly.

Website content is what people want to find on your site, so it’s important that you know how to produce quality content. It’s not as simple as just writing a few paragraphs!  We’ll talk about writing your first posts and getting them ready for your site.

Social media is vital for any business thesedays, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never run a campaign before.  We’ll help you get started and guide you through

Email Marketing can be a great tool for your business.  We’ll show you how to get started with this and set it up on your site.  

Finally we will talk about what to do next after you have launched your site.  

The 7 Day Guide has links to useful information and website tools that will help you out, lots of useful tips that you can use and much, much more!

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Download the whole guide in PDF format at the end of the week and keep referring back to it when you need to.

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What Do You Get?

Each week you will receive advice and information covering things like;

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  • Business tips,
  • Web & graphic design help,
  • Regular tutorials
  • All our weekly posts from our site
  • and much, much more!!!

We won’t just leave you in the lurch; we will give you advice and tips on productivity and motivation. We know that it is hard to keep on top of things, especially if you are working the whole day doing your day job.  It can be very tiring at times and we want to be there to ‘pick you up’ and spur you on.

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