The Hive – Bizzebee’s Very Own Membership Site (Coming Soon)

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If you are a regular reader of Bizzebee then you will know that we try and provide you with the best information that we can on our blog.  Not content with that, all of the Bizzebee team is hard at work putting together a fantastic new membership site for you.

We want to help you, whether you are a small business just getting online or a more experienced website owner that needs to help reaching a new audience.  We are creating a fantastic site, full of video tutorials, audio posts and eBooks to help you out on all manner of subjects related to running a business online.

To top that, we will be offering subscribers one-on-one help with our team, regular hangouts, Q&A sessions and much, much more!

We are all very excited about this project and hope to open it up to a small group of 50 individuals for FREE very soon.  In order to get on of these limited places please signup here on this page and you will receive details about our planned launch date.

The early bird catches the worm (or Bee in this case).

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We are building up a library of video content, including; tutorial videos, informational videos, whiteboard presentations, recorded hangouts, Q&A sessions and more.  All these are aimed at guiding you through the related issues of running a website/business online.


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Love our posts but don’t have time to read them all?  Well members will gain access to audio versions of our content to listen to whenever you like.


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Detailed eBooks will introduce and guide you through different online subjects.  These are great to download and refer to when needed.

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Free limited access will be offered to the first 50 people, so signup quick!

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