The Importance of a Good Quality and Useful Timeline Cover Design

Any respectable business these days has a social media presence online. Some will have just the one social media profile while others will have the full bag. Either way if you have just one or have many there is one thing that you must do from the outset.

The value of a good timeline cover design is vitally important and will go a long way in getting a Facebook Like, or a Twitter Follower or being added to a circle in Google Plus.

As with all your branding for your business, you should obviously keep a running theme throughout all your profiles. So, if your website’s primary colour scheme is green do the same for your Facebook timeline cover etc. This rule should also apply to all other accounts. People get familiar with a brand and the logo. Colour schemes, as well as fonts, will all be on the readers/fans/followers eyes. They will expect familiarity here, so give it to them. Hire an expert branding company like getgoosebumps to build your brand face. 

What should you include in your Timeline Cover Design?

The rules change all the time with the social media giants, for a while up until recently Facebook used to have a 20% rule, meaning no more than 20% of the timeline cover could have text on it. There are some reports of peoples covers getting rejected with very little text on them.

I am pleased to announce that they have now relaxed those rules and companies are allowed and should be encouraged to put their details on their timeline cover designs.

I would advise to put at least the following basic details on any design cover where applicable:

·         Name (Company or personal)

·         Website URL

·         Email and Telephone Number

Although Facebook have relaxed the rules, I would still edge on the side of caution with it. Nothing major is going to happen if they do not like it – they will just tell you to remove it, or remove it themselves. Don’t fill your covers with text. I personally would avoid large brash “Calls To Action” like “Buy My Latest Book Here” – they look too desperate.

Remember branding – try to include a snapshot of what your business is all about. For example, if it is a restaurant try and use a picture that shows the buzz and atmosphere of the restaurant. Include the logo where applicable and use high resolution pictures/photos where you can for your covers.

The thing in the past that has been a problem for marketers and company owners is that the sizes of the various social media timeline covers has been a little bit unknown. It can be a little annoying if you get a great cover picture made up and when you go to install it on the page it does not fit or half of it is cut off.

Well, the simple Infographic below shows the sizes of the more popular social media networks so you no longer have to worry. Also included are the sizes of the profile pictures. Keep to this and you will be fine. All sizes are in pixels. Not to scale.

timeline cover design infographic

So, there we go. A handy little guide to getting the best form your timeline covers. Please share it if you think it is helpful.

Have you experienced any difficulty or rejection in getting your timeline covers set up? If so, get in touch and we can help you. Please drop a comment in below.

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