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Tips For Your Business Facebook Page

  • August 8 , 2013

Every business worth their salt these days has a business Facebook page. Why? Because times are changing or rather times have changed! Facebook has over 900 Million users worldwide so to ignore this platform would be unwise and just plain silly. You have the potential to reach an audience and spread your message in a way you never had before.

You can loosen the tie with your Facebook page – you do not have to be so “business” if you know what I mean. Have a bit of fun with it.

Facebook users are more of a “share and like” type – they love the interaction. Remember it’s a social media site, the keyword there being social.

It can be a great way to run competitions and if your message goes viral then you will be attracting a lot of extra potential customers but more importantly your brand will be getting more exposure. Great for the long game.

With a business Facebook page your potential reach to people comes directly from your “likes” to start with, but then what they like and share also appears on their friends timelines – further increasing your exposure. Sort of like a ripple effect – although Google will probably tell us off for using that term so, as Facebook calls it – insights.

Although the difference between a successful, vibrant, interactive page and one that just sits there gathering dust with nobody to talk to comes down to a few things.

If your page is brand new you should probably start by sending your page out to your friends, you can do this straight away from the invite friends link.

Whatever you do – DO NOT BUY LIKES – these will be fake, offer no interaction and be a waste of money. A page with 100 interactive fans holds much more value than one with 1000 fake fans. All these sites do is fuel peoples egos. They will get found out soon.

Do try to keep your content relevant to your audience but do not be afraid to test the water with something that you would not ordinarily be associated with. Consistency is also key with these pages, try to post at least once per day – this will give your audience the thought they are on your mind. Which they should be.

You could also add some personal touches to your Facebook business page, how about some pictures from the office, a staff party or perhaps a video of the production areas? Think a little outside the box (if your required video production services visit this website) – it can be a great way to show your human side. Things that you may want to keep away from your main website for example. They key to great outsourced videos is a strong relationship between you and your video production company. Whether you need a video to enhance your virtual event, a production team to live stream, a creative post-production team to level up your video (or a comprehensive strategy that encompasses everything), imaginationcreations are available worldwide even at the last minute.

The 10 Tips Infographic below will give you an insight into improving your Facebook business page.

Facebook Tips Infographic

So, go ahead – get your Facebook business page online now and start to take action on the steps outlined above. You will soon see your captive audience grow.

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