5 Benefits & Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

Following on from my last post I wrote, I kinda wanted to continue with some Facebook talk, especially as I am helping Brentwood Golf Club with their Social Profile setting up.

Anyone that starts out with their Social Media marketing needs to be fully aware of all their options available in order to make a go of their social media success.

Facebook is still a key player in all of this, but they have moved the goal posts, and unless you want to part with some money, it can be quite hard to really crack that nut these days.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Facebook Ads
I know A Large Global Business, But Never A Better Example Of Getting Facebook Marketing Right!

We all know in business that we need to speculate to accumulate so it comes as no surprise that I am going to tell you that it is worth considering paid adverts if you are serious about Facebook, because there is only so far you can go for free.

Setting up your Facebook page is exciting, and you instantly think its going to be an overnight success – and sometimes when it lacks momentum it can be a little bit de-motivating when it doesn’t quite happen how you think, and often people want to give up!

Believe it or not, this is more common that you think – to be the next big ‘viral’ hit on Facebook (or ANY Social Networking site) will NOT happen overnight, we really have to work hard to get people to see this page (and realize why they need to come back and visit time and time again because its packed full of great content yeah?!)

This page needs a bit of a kick start right?  This is where FACEBOOK ADS come into play …..

A lot (well pretty much all) of the information that we want to  share with you is about driving traffic to your blog, website, page – and generating those all important ‘Likes’ and followers with free methods available, but make no mistake those methods really do take a lot of time and effort to work ….. They do work, but like I said with time and effort, and if you don’t have a lot of time to put in that type of effort then Facebook Ads facility might just be the key to helping you out here.

Aside from making the world a more connected place for everyone who signs up to the platform, Facebook is a business and a powerful, profitable one at that. So it makes a lot of sense that they have built a successful advertising business that allows individuals the opportunity to connect with their target market / niche.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

My Top 5 Benefits / Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

  1. Fast Results – Once you have set up your advertising account, you can create a Facebook Ad within minutes. The ad then goes over to be approved (usually approved within a few hours) and then literally in minutes you will start to get impressions, and (hopefully) subsequent LIKES and clicks on your website and facebook page.
  2. Targeted Advertising – This is a great feature! With over 845 million users now CHOOSING to share their likes, interests, hobbies, personal data (relationship status, age, location) etc, you have the ability now to be even more specific in selecting the details of you ideal ‘prospects’ and then get your product / service right in front of their eyes on their screen!
  3. User Friendly Display Ads – These Ads are SO easy to put together!!!  One eye catching image, 135 characters of compelling copy and a killer headline or your page name and you are good to go!
  4. Real-Time Statistics *Almost * – There is a 15 minute delay on numbers, but this means that in pretty much no time at all you will know if the ad is a winner or not.
  5. Cost Effective * if done correctly * – As previously mentioned a lot of the free strategies do often take some time to get going with momentum and the subsequent ‘Likes’ If you traded time for money however for as little as $10 per day, you could potentially gain anywhere between 20-50 new visitors to your business page per day.

The long and the short of this is, Facebook Ads are a pretty quick and easy process for marketing, but like anything there is a risk involved with how successful this can be for anyone using it.

There are a LOT of people using Facebook in the same way as you, so you are competing with every other business out there doing the same with Ads. Whilst the ads can make you money, they can also lose you money just as quick!

The trick is to set up the ads correctly and then managing your daily balance effectively.

If you want to know more about how to go about setting up your first Facebook Ads campaign then I highly recommend that you check out our Bizzebee HIVE – because there is a wealth of experience in there and we will even be hosting webinars, along with lots of video training and downloads that will really help you unlock the enigma of Facebook Adverts.

In conclusion, There is absolutely no rules to say you can only be successful with a Facebook page or building an online following by going down the road of paid advertising, just as much as there is no rule to say it only works if you make use of all the free tools available. Both are equally as successful and relevant if done correctly.

Any questions or you want to learn more, then check out our HIVE for all you online business learning needs.

3 thoughts on “5 Benefits & Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

  1. Hi Clair,

    Have never really been a huge fan of Facebook but recently I have seen the advantages of using it, especially paid advertising, to create a buzz around a business. It can be tough to create the same amount of interaction purely through the free method (takes a lot longer), so paid ads can really help to get you seen quicker online. This can be great for product launches.

    1. Hi Matt, yes unfortunately we are now faced with having to use the ads rather than wanting to if we are serious about our FB missions! Getting it right can be tricky but overall REALLY worth it in the end….. 🙂

  2. Facebook ads have evolved into more than the simple ads we once saw down the side. Yes they are still their but now we have different types to suit different needs. If done right people can have huge results as I have been seeing with a new $1 in and $2+ out system many websites are now implementing. If these sites can do that, small businesses will most definitely benefit from using Facebook ads.

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