Twitter Networking Hashtags

Twitter Networking Hashtags

Twitter is a thriving online business community, with networking events / hours and live chats happening all around you, but if you are a business how on earth do you know what / when and where these are taking place?

Business opportunities happen during these hours, online relationships are formed and you have a way of tapping into people you would have NEVER known existed without these hashtag keywords that are fully clickable, opening up a live feed of people all wanting the same thing.

To promote their business and meet new potential people to do business with.

You can insert a hashtag anywhere within the 140 characters of your tweet, infact I am thinking of starting our own one #askabee or something like that in the not too distant future as some kind of online help clinic (I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this matter too, or do you have a better hashtag we could utilize)

If a hashtag is powerful enough, then it can end up trending, and if your lucky enough to be involved in a live chat / networking hour that is trending then think of the potential audience you are in front of.

With that said, and seeing as I am UK based, it made a lot of sense for me to compile a daily list of some of the most popular networking hashtags here.


  • #UKBizLunch 12PM-1PM GMT (for those people lucky enough to take a lunch break)
  • #BizHour – Mon-Fri 2-3PM GMT – a great place for businesses to meet
  • #B2BHour – Everyday 3-4PM GMT – general business networking
  • #WarksHour – Mon-Fri 1-2PM GMT – daily Warwickshire business promoting
  • #WomanInBiz – Mon-Fri 6-7PM GMT – daily networking hour for all the women in business


  • #BizMumFollow     Monday 9am-9pm – All day networking for entrepreneurial Mums
  • #BiziScots     Monday 8-9pm – Networking Hour for anyone who wants to connect with Scottish based people
  • #UDoNetwork     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for UDoNetwork
  • #MondayMadness     Monday 830-930pm – General UK Businesses
  • #TwitterBrothers     Monday 9-10pm – Networking for Men on Twitter
  • #MumpreneurHour     Monday 9-10pm – Networking hour for Mumpreneurs


  • #MallowMummies     Tuesday 830-930pm – Networking hour supporting Small Businesses
  • #SmallBizHour     Tuesday 9-10pm – Promoting UK small businesses
  • #BNIHour     Tuesday 9-10pm – BNI Networking Hour


  • #HRHour     Wednesday 11am-12noon – HR Networking hour
  • #UDoNetwork     Wednesday 12-1pm – Networking hour for UDoNetwork
  • #FlutterBiz     Wednesday 6-7pm – Twitter networking for the UK
  • #MenMeanBiz     Wednesday 7-8pm – Networking Hour for Men in Business
  • #BuyBritishBrands     Wednesday 830-930pm – Promoting all things British
  • #WedChat     Wednesday 830-930pm – Wedding chat and networking
  • #WeddingHour     Wednesday 9-10pm – Wedding chat for wedding related businesses


  • #TwitterSisters     Thursday 830-930pm – Networking for women led businesses
  • #WelshIntroBiz     Thursday 830-930pm – Networking hour for Welsh businesses
  • #MumpreneurHour     Thursday 9-10pm – Networking for entrepreneurial Mums
  • #SWChat     Thursday 9-10pm – Networking hour re Social Workplace
  • #FreegleHour     1st Thursday of everymonth 9-10pm – Networking hour to discuss reuse, recycling & freegling


  • #ConnectFriday     Friday 10-11am – Informal networking for green businesses
  • #EcoHour     Friday 12noon-1pm – Eco Friendly Chat
  • #PartyBizHour     Friday 1-2pm – Networking hour for the Party and Fancy Dress Industry
  • #GBHour     Friday 4-5pm – get involved with some Great British Networking every Friday


  • #SatChat     Saturday 8-915am – Networking for Saturday mornings

    Twitter Networking Hashtags - Blog | Bizzebee
    Example of a Hootsuite feed for #ConnectingEssex
  • #Speednetworking     Saturday 6-7pm – Networking for UK Businesses


  • #WomaninBiz     Sunday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Women in Business

There are also regional networking hour hashtags as follows


  • #SouthWestHour     Monday 2-3pm  – Networking hour for South West of England
  • #CumbriaHour     Monday 7-8pm – Networking hour for the Lake District
  • #BrandYorkshire     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Yorkshire
  • #BiziScots     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour to meet great Scottish businesses
  • #CheshireHour     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Cheshire
  • #ConnectingEssex     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Essex
  • #HarrogateHour     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Harrogate
  • #LincsHour     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Lincolnshire
  • #NorthEastHour     Monday 8-9pm – Networking hour for the North East


  • #NorthEastHour     Tuesday 2-3pm- Networking hour for the North East
  • #AvYourSay     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Amber Valley in Derbyshire
  • #CalderdaleHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Calderdale
  • #ChesterHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Chester
  • #DiscoverRipon     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Ripon
  • #DoncasterHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Doncaster
  • #HampshireHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Hampshire
  • #KingsLynnHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for KingsLynn
  • #MerseyBiz     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Merseyside
  • #SheffieldHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Sheffield
  • #WestMidsHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for the West Midlands
  • #WetherbyHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Wetherby
  • #WyreFyldeHour     Tuesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Wyre & Flyde
  • #WiltshireHour     Tuesday 830-930pm – Networking hour for Wiltshire
  • #KentHour Tuesday 830-930pm – Networking hour for Kent
  • #SouthEastHour     Tuesday 830-930pm – Networking hour for businesses in the South East
  • #BathHour     Tuesday 9-10pm – Networking hour for Bath
  • #BrizzleHour     Tuesday 9-10pm – Networking hour for Bristol


  • #EssexHour     Wednesday 2-3pm – Networking hour for Essex
  • #DGHour     Wednesday 7-8pm – Networking for Dumfries & Galloway
  • #StirlingHour     Wednesday 7-8pm – Networking hour for Stirling
  • #AndoverHour     Wednesday 730-830pm – Networking hour for Andover
  • #CambsHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Cambridgeshire
  • #CardiffHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Cardiff
  • #CornwallHour     Wednesday 8-9pm –  Networking hour for Cornwall
  • #DevonHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Devon
  • #EastMidlandsHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for East Midlands
  • #MidlandsHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for the Midlands
  • #NorthWestHour     Wednesday 8- 9pm – Networking for the North West of England
  • #OxHour     Wednesdays 8-9pm – Networking hour for Oxfordshire
  • #SalisburyHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Salisbury
  • #StaffordshireHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Staffordshire
  • #WolverhamptonHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking for Wolverhampton
  • #YorkBizHour     Wednesday 8-9pm – Networking hour for York
  • #YorkshireHour     Wednesdays 8-9pm – Networking hour for Yorkshire
  • #OxfordshireHour     Wednesday 830-930pm – Networking for Oxfordshire
  • #ShropshireHour     Wednesday 830-930pm – Networking hour for Shropshire
  • #ScotlandHour     Wednesday 9-10pm – Networking hour for Scotland
  • #StirlingHour     Wednesday 9-10pm – Networking hour for Stirling
  • #IrishBizParty     Wednesday 9-11pm – Networking party for Irish businesses


  • #TeesTime     Thursday 2-3pm – Networking for Teeside
  • #BlackpoolHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Blackpool
  • #BradfordHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Bradford
  • #DerbyshireHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Derbyshire
  • #EastAngliaHour     Thursday  8-9pm – Networking hour for East Anglia
  • #HuddersfieldHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking for Huddersfield
  • #HullHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Hull
  • #KirkleesHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking for Kirklees
  • #LancashireHour    Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Lancashire
  • #LeedsHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Leeds
  • #LiverpoolHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking for Liverpool
  • #ManchesterHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Manchester
  • #NorthantsHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Northamptonshire
  • #NorthwichHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Northwich
  • #NottsNatter     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Nottingham
  • #NWalesHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for North Wales
  • #SomersetHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Somerset
  • #SouthWestHour     Thursday8-9pm – Networking hour for the South West of England
  • #WakefieldHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Wakefield
  • #WarringtonHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Warrington
  • #WirralHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for the Wirral
  • #YorkHour     Thursday 8-9pm – Networking hour for York
  • #SussexHour     Thursday 830-930pm – Networking hour for Sussex


  • #ClevelandHour     Friday 10-11am – Networking hour for Cleveland
  • #YorkBizHour     Friday 11am-12noon – Networking hour for York
  • #NorthWestHour     Fridays 9-10pm – Networking for the North West of England


  • #BrandYorkshire     Saturday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Yorkshire


  • #WalesHour     Sunday 8-9pm –  Networking for Wales
  • #England Hour     Sunday 9pm-10pm – Networking for businesses in England


Competition Hashtags

  • #FPSBS Everyday – all day – #FPSBS is run by @TeamFreddiePig – use the #FPSBS on your tweets and Freddie Pig and his followers will retweet your tweets – you are also entered into a competition to be the ‘Showcase of the Day’ and if you win will be featured on Freddie’s homepage
  • #PurpleBiz Everyday – all day – PurpleBiz is run by @PurpleDogNet – everyday of the week #PurpleBiz is awarded to a UK Business by @PurpleDogNet – The #PurpleBiz competition is won by tweeters retweeting the #PurpleBiz tweets.
  • #SBS Sundays 5pm-730pm – Small Business Sunday competition run by @TheoPaphitis – send Theo a tweet about your small business on a Sunday between 5-730pm using #SBS.  Theo will then pick his favorite 6 and will retweet their tweets to his followers as well as place them onto his website
  • #MOM Mondays 1-3pm – Men on Monday competition run by @Jacqueline_Gold – Jacqueline invites business men to send her a tweet about their small business on a Monday between 1-3pm using #MOM.  Jacqueline will then pick her favorite 3 and will retweet their tweets to her followers.
  • #WOW Wednesdays 1-3pm – Women on Wednesday competition run by @Jacqueline_Gold – Jacqueline invites business women to send her a tweet about their small business on a Wednesday between 1-3pm using #WOW.  Jacqueline will then pick her favorite 3 and will retweet their tweets to her followers.

Other useful Hashtags

  • #Bizitalk The #Bizitalk was started by @Bizitalk and is used by small businesses as a way to connect, engage and network. By simply adding #Bizitalk to your tweets you can find other small businesses to follow and engage with as well as receive retweets from fellow Bizitalkers and @Bizitalk/@Bizitweet.
  • #FF or #FollowFriday Fridays – All day – #FF or #FollowFriday is used on a Friday for users to recommend other users for their followers to follow – some people send tweets starting with #FF and then a list of usernames for people to follow – other people will start their tweets with #FF and then a user’s name and then a reason why you should follow them ie “#FF @bizzebee1 – a reliable source for boosting your business online”.

There is an AWFUL lot to take in on this post, and I hope you can see a lot of opportunity to find new contacts and leads. For anyone embarking on a Twitter sales / marketing campaign I would highly recommend / suggest you bookmark this post (heck bookmark and add to Feedly our whole site) as I guarantee this will be an awesome tool in your online business arsenal!

To your Twitter success!

Clair 🙂 otherwise known as Queen Bee!

9 thoughts on “Twitter Networking Hashtags

  1. Wow my god! I had no idea this post was going to be such a huge resource of excellent #tag networks. I kind of expected a few and a post about what they are and what they do but this is epic Clair.

    This needs sharing and people need to bookmark this post. Excellent work 🙂

    1. Hi Matt, Yes there are a few out there that will really wet your appetite … i was amazed when i came across so many, a useful tool for many no doubt!

  2. Hi Clair, A great article, hashtags are really fantastic networking tools. i have edited this post three times as I couldn’t find the hashtags I promote. C ould you alphabetise it please?

    1. Hi Carole, I will endeavour to put this together for you in alphabetical order, and will make sure this is added into our free downloads section of the website.

  3. Hi clair could you possibly add #DudleyHour 6-7PM every Wednesday. We help to connect people and promote their business in and around Dudley (West Midlands)

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