How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

In the modern age mobile phones and tablets are quickly replacing regular desktop and laptop computers and this is something YouTube have noticed. Posting and sharing video clips online  using YouTube has just got a lot more simpler. YouTube, the popular Video sharing site, now lets us upload videos to their servers using email instead of their the web based video up-loader. Other than this, To know more about hotjar alternatives free for website then visit sprout24 website. By making your dynamic video advertising content more relevant to prospects, you can humanize your overall brand while simultaneously creating a more timely ad experience. Contextual data is the present and future of marketing, and companies that have realized this are reaping the rewards. You can achieve success in this regard by creating dynamic video ads that use multiple levels of copy and creative, which are mixed and matched according to your audience segments.

How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones
How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

YouTube has added a new feature to upload video using mobile phones, we will use this to upload videos to YouTube by email, and you can use the Creative Kiwi services to create and personalize your own videos. The trick is to create a Mobile profile on Youtube and you receive the email address to which you can send the videos. You can either order random comments or customized Youtube comments. Just select a customized package and you will be asked to write the comments one by one on the order form and exactly these comments will be delivered for your video, this article has the details.

If you are familiar with YouTube then you are familiar with the domain. Just kidding!

To find the email address that is fully associated with your YouTube profile go to:

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There you will see email address as shown in the following image:

How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones
How To Upload Videos To Youtube Using Email or Mobile Phones

The options I have marked as 1-3 denotes:

  1. It is your regular email address associated with the YouTube profile. It is not the one that we are talking about.
  2. This is the customized email address for your profile to upload video via email. You can upload .avi, .mpg and .mov via email.
  3. If you don’t like the look of this email address or your email address being compromised click the option to change to a different email address.

That’s it! Now all you need to do is compose an email message, attach the video and send it to a special email address assigned by Youtube. You will soon find your video on Youtube servers. No mobile phone required. Even from modern mobile phones you can do it! You have to edit the video description from the main site whenever you login to the website. The next challenge would be increasing your video’s youtube views. For that, you can ultimately rely on

Just make sure the length and size of the video attachment is within YouTube’s limit and the format is either .AVI, .MOV, or .MPG.

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