Yes! You Need To Do Some Work!

Yes! You Need To Do Some Work!

That’s right, we are not going to lie to you, we will leave that to the big ‘Clickbank Gurus’ who are trying to sell you their new product that promises you the world, a secret system that they discovered after a chance meeting with some Lamborghini driving surf dudes in a car lot in downtown L.A. who are now making an absolute killing on the internet using nothing but…. Hmmmm… we are not really sure.

do some work

Anyhow, what we will tell you is that you can make good money using the internet, the lifestyle can be fantastic, the return on investment can be astronomical compared to most offline businesses but, like all businesses, success is dependent on what you put in. You might have been fooled into believing that you can click one or two buttons and the money will come flooding in but it won’t.

Well not at first, the internet is awash with genuine successes by people who have had a great idea and allowed it to run or who have put in a lot of hard work to eventually reap the rewards. And those rewards can be huge. Pat Flynn regularly gets $40,000 a month from his websites… $40,000 a month! Wouldn’t you like a slice of that? Of course you would but let’s get real clear about this. Pat has put in a lot of work.

Pat was made redundant from work and had to find a way to support himself, his wife and their child. He had a website that he was working on and now had more time to focus his efforts on this site. Within one year his site had generated a six figure income, this was more than what he would have earned had he stayed at work. For him being laid off was the best thing to happen to him.

Pat had created a site that had a lot of value and he also created an eBook that was for sale from the same site. He had monetized a site which had become very popular. A lot of its popularity had happened by accident.

There are many ways that you can make money online quickly, membership sites can be great and they have been for many people.If you know something that others would like to learn and you can show them via a series of video tutorials that are released each month for a monthly fee then you could be onto a big winner. You can upload some high quality tutorials on YouTube type video submission sites to build your audience initially. If your audience likes your tutorials, they will be happy to pay you for more content.

Imagine you knew how to make a lot of money on the Forex markets and you could teach people a new method each month by simply recording a series of video tutorials that take one or two days to make, you can quite easily generate a nice monthly passive income. We all have the technology available to us; video tutorials can easily be recorded on a laptop using screen capture software like Camtasia.

If you cannot afford to buy Camtasia, it is pricey but if you were a successful Forex trader I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue, there are seriously good free software available like that will do an excellent job.

Membership sites do not need to be video based or educational, I remember once hearing on the radio about a gardening enthusiast who created a website all about gardening where members would often share information and advice which meant they created a lot of the content on the site. The site owner charged $5 a quarter or a one off payment of $15 for the year. After around 7 years membership had grown to nearly 75,000 people. That is over $1million a year in subscriptions!

Could your day job grow to provide an income over $1million in 7 years? I doubt it.

Ok so we know that it is possible to make money online and that it can become a substantial amount but let’s get back to reality, you cannot make money from nothing.  A simple website can cost as little as $70 to host for a full year, and that site could house a lot of videos and PDF documents that you use as part of your membership tutorial site, and if you charged $37 a month and had 200 subscribers you could earn $7400 a month, sounds nice doesn’t it… however, you will not earn that if you do not sit down and spend the time creating the videos.

You will need to create the site, you will need to create the sales page as well as all of the membership content. It won’t create itself. You could pay someone to do it for you but they will need to know what to do so you will need to create a plan. You have to do some work. It won’t happen by simply clicking buttons.

The Clickbank Gurus that make you think it does are selling you either software or tutorials that they created or had created. They make their huge fortunes by selling them to lots of people and not by using some magic pushbutton formula that they say they do.

If you could release 5 tutorial videos a month and each video was around 20 minutes long, a years worth of videos would only take 20 hours to record. Add another 20 for editing them then a full years membership course that could bring in thousands of dollars in a passive income could be created in a week. Now you can see why the rewards for online businesses can be huge compared to the amount of effort put in.

Yes there is other work involved such as creating the site but again the rewards can be far greater than any other form of business, but that is what you need to know, this is a business, it should be run like a business, you need to put in the initial work like a business before any rewards are seen.

If your niche or tutorial series is not popular, has a lot of competition or is poor in comparison then you may not succeed and get the rewards you hoped, again this is no different to any other business. Success is not guaranteed, your success is down to the effort you put in, the research you do, the quality of the product you create and the value of your product is down to you and they can also make or break you.

So before you go buying a new amazing magic push button software or programme that guarantees you millions just stop and take a long hard think. There will be work involved and you will need to do that work to become successful. You cannot sit around on your sofa un your underpants hoping to become extremely wealthy by clicking your mouse occasionally, it just doesn’t happen like that.

You will probably be better off choosing carefully what you spend your money on. It might be more beneficial if you use it to create your own unique website, product and business that you can grow and call your own.

2 thoughts on “Yes! You Need To Do Some Work!

  1. Excellent post Sam, it really does not matter which industry you work in; without hard work there are no benefits. I know plenty of people shy away of hard work, but envy those who succeed.

  2. Hi Sam, Late on the catch ups – with the last of the holidays for 2013 for me! This is a great post, and actually breaks down and makes such an excellent point with the whole getting your business working. There is SO much work involved, something I think as the Bizzebee team we are all learning – this is a powerful big machine and I for one didn’t realise exactly how much work we would all have to do before we so much as earned $1 – so it’s great there is a big team involved of similar work ethic. What is has done for me is really highlight how MUCH those “earn $39975 in 30 days” schemes really are a con! Sharing now 🙂

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