YouTube – Friend or Foe?

Youtube is BIG business, and before I started working on this Bizzebee project, especially The Hive, YouTube actually scared me. But as I started to get the hang of videos and started to Pay for YouTube Views, I felt more in my element. My business is to educate people with Social Media, and for a VERY long time I avoided utilising Youtube like the plague, which is kind of my motivation for writing and sharing this post with you all today.

It has taken a LOT for me to get over the whole ‘how do I look, how do I sound’ scenario, which without a doubt is the single most common problem I think as humans we all face when putting ourselves on the internet in video format.  However, YouTube is SO  powerful for marketing yourself and products that anyone who is serious about taking their business online, can’t afford to not get involved.

As consumers we all love Youtube, how many times have you been sent a video clip of something funny via email? Or listened to a song that brings back memories of summer holidays? Or how many times have you shared a video on your Facebook timeline or your Twitter feed? And how often have you wanted to find out HOW to do something – that after a few minutes of watching a video, you’ve found the answer? EXACTLY ….. we all know and love YouTube!

Each and every one of us can use YouTube to market our businesses …. Yes that’s right I said OUR business’s (it’s not just for the big corporate, branded companies) We can all take advantage of this hugely powerful platform and incorporate video into our company marketing / branding strategies.

BUT you need a good video in order to draw traffic (people) to your website after they have finished watching. Don’t panic (I’m saying this because I was panicking when I realised this but had no idea how to make a GOOD video or what even constitutes a good video)

Creativity and Professionalism – these are probably the 2 most obvious, but there are some other factors should probable be taken into consideration also!

Friend or Foe? Queen Bee’s Top 5 YouTube Tips For A Newbie

 1. Someone once said to me ‘It’s Better To Stand Out Than To Fit In’ and this saying has stuck with me for a LONG time because of how apt it is across life in general!  With all of the videos out there, yours needs to stand out in the crowd so don’t be afraid to be creative!!! Use fun music, great shots, and try to find an angle that hasn’t already been done. People generally turn on to You Tube to be entertained and your video needs to be able to do this.

2. Show off your knowledge! I know that nobody likes a show off, BUT people are searching for your product / service so it’s vitally important that you are giving out THE best knowledge, or wealth of your experience! Give some tips or solutions to common problems that are associated with your particular product, business, or services. This is an informative video and the audience will like the fact that they are learning something. Try to make the tips unique enough that most people can use them but haven’t necessarily heard of them before.

3. Make your video educational. People like to learn things when they watch a video. Your perfect You Tube marketing video doesn’t have to be all about how to find your website and what the cost of your product is, you do not need to over-sell (that’s what your website is for) you need one call to action from the video, and that is to get them to click on your website!

For example, if you are advertising your car mechanics business then why not give a demonstration on how to change a tire? Or Top up the oil?! People will watch your video, learn something, and then visit your website. These how-to videos are a lot less threatening than standard commercials or advertisement that you see on television. Plus, they are entertaining.

4. Make it REAL; try adding “behind the scenes” footage in your video. You can do this by introducing your staff, introducing some customers, or even giving the audience a “behind the scenes” tour of the office, factory, or place of work. People appreciate this and it gives your product or business some authenticity. I think this is a crucial element in the whole ‘Trust Building’ between prospects and businesses. Remember PEOPLE BUY INTO PEOPLE (I know I say this a lot, but it’s true, it’s like my mantra! Ha-ha) something like this element is what could turn a prospect into a customer. Seeing really is believing after all

5. Add closed-captions to your video. Keep in mind that not everyone is able to hear and that those audience members might be the very ones that want to order your product. It’s very thoughtful to keep the hearing impaired in mind when creating a video, even a marketing video, because most people rarely do, and the last thing you want to do is alienate any prospects.

I found YouTube extremely scary when I first starting looking at it from a business marketing perspective and stopped using it to watch funny clips and listen to music. But the reality is, it’s no scarier than anything else you’ve never used before! But it can be daunting with knowing where to start.

I’m still no YouTube guru or expert – well infact even if I was on the level of Casey Zeman, I still wouldn’t call myself an expert – however, I am learning more and more each day with it, and in the end I had to get over my own insecurities, have a little faith and take the plunge! 

The team here at Bizzebee have some VERY good video marketing experts in the team – so if you have any questions or just want to talk to someone to help you with your first steps, then I would suggest you drop us a line – because thats what we are here for!

Clair – aka Queen Bee 🙂

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